Paul McCartney - Full Discography
(in Date Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

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17/04/70LPApplePCS 7102McCartney
19/02/717"AppleR 5889Another Day
28/05/71LPApplePAS 10003Ram
13/08/717"AppleR 5914Back Seat Of My Car
7/12/71LPApplePCS 7142Wild Life
19727"AppleR 5932Love Is Strange
25/02/727"AppleR 5936Give Ireland Back To The Irish
12/05/727"AppleR 5949Mary Had A Little Lamb
1/12/727"AppleR 5973Hi Hi Hi
23/03/737"AppleR 5985My Love
4/05/73LPApplePCTC 251Red Rose Speedway
1/06/737"AppleR 5987Live And Let Die
26/10/737"AppleR 5993Helen Wheels
7/12/73LPApplePAS 10007Band On The Run
15/02/747"AppleR 5996Jet
28/06/747"AppleR 5997Band On The Run
18/10/747"E.M.I.EMI 2220Walking In The Park With Eloise
25/10/747"AppleR 5999Junior's Farm
16/05/757"CapitolR 6006Listen To What The Man Said
30/05/75LPCapitolPCTC 254Venus and Mars
5/09/757"CapitolR 6008Letting Go
28/11/757"CapitolR 6010Venus And Mars
9/04/76LPParlophonePAS 10010Wings At The Speed of Sound
30/04/767"ParlophoneR 6014Silly Love Songs
23/07/767"ParlophoneR 6015Let 'em In
10/12/76LPParlophonePCSP 720Wings Over America
4/02/777"ParlophoneR 6017Maybe I'm Amazed
4/777"Regal ZonophoneEMI 2594Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
29/04/77LPRegal ZonophoneEMC 3175Thrillington
11/11/777"CapitolR 6018Mull Of Kintyre
23/03/787"ParlophoneR 6019With A Little Luck
31/03/78LPParlophonePAS 10012London Town
16/06/787"ParlophoneR 6020I've Had Enough
26/08/787"ParlophoneR 6021London Town
1/12/78LPParlophonePCTC 256Wings Greatest
23/03/797"ParlophoneR 6023Goodnight Tonight
3/04/7912"Parlophone12 YR 6023Goodnight Tonight
1/06/797"ParlophoneR 6026Old Siam Sir
8/06/79LPParlophonePCTC 257Back to the Egg
16/08/797"ParlophoneR 6027Getting Closer
16/11/797"ParlophoneR 6029Wonderful Christmastime
11/04/807"ParlophoneR 6035Coming Up
16/05/80LPParlophonePCTC 258McCartney II
13/06/807"ParlophoneR 6037Waterfalls
19/09/8012"Parlophone12 R 6039Temporary Secretary
23/02/81LPParlophoneCHAT 1The McCartney Interview
29/03/827"ParlophoneR 6054Ebony And Ivory
29/03/8212"Parlophone12 R 6054Ebony and Ivory
26/04/82LPParlophonePCTC 259Tug of War
21/06/827"ParlophoneR 6056Take It Away
5/07/8212"Parlophone12 R 6056Take it away
20/09/827"ParlophoneR 6057Tug Of War
29/10/827"EpicEPC A2729The Girl Is Mine
3/10/837"ParlophoneR 6062Say Say Say
3/10/8312"Parlophone12 R 6062Say Say Say
17/10/83LPParlophonePCTC 1652301Pipes of Peace
5/12/837"ParlophoneR 6064Pipes Of Peace
19847"ParlophoneR 6066The Man
29/02/84CDParlophoneCDP 7 46018 2Pipes of Peace
24/09/847"ParlophoneR 6080No More Lonely Nights (Ballad)
24/09/8412"Parlophone12 R 6080No More Lonely Nights
22/10/84LPParlophonePCTC 2Give my Regards to Broad Street
22/10/84CDParlophoneCDP 7 46043 2Give my Regards to Broad Street
12/11/847"ParlophoneR 6086We All Stand Together
4/02/85CDParlophoneCDP 7 46055 2Band On The Run
4/02/85CDParlophoneCDP 7 46056 2Wings Greatest Hits
4/02/85CDParlophoneCDP 7 46057 2Tug Of War
19857"ParlophoneR 6089Ballroom Dancing
18/11/857"ParlophoneR 6118Spies Like Us
18/11/8512"Parlophone12 R 6118Spies Like Us
14/07/867"ParlophoneR 6133Press
14/07/8612"Parlophone12 R 6133Press
1/09/86LPParlophonePCSD 103Press to Play
1/09/86CDParlophoneCZ 28Press to Play
27/10/867"ParlophoneR 6145Pretty Little Head
27/10/8612"Parlophone12 R 6145Pretty Little Head
1/12/867"ParlophoneR 6148Only Love Remains
1/12/8612"Parlophone12 R 6148Only Love Remains
01/87LPBaktabakBAK 2003Paul McCartney Interview
24/04/877"A & MFREE 21Long Tall Sally
27/04/87CDParlophoneCDP 7 46611 2McCartney
27/04/87CDParlophoneCZ 29Ram
26/05/87CDParlophoneCDPCSP 720Wings Over America
5/10/87CDFameCD-FA 3101Wild Life
5/10/87CDFameCD-FA 3191McCartney II
5/10/87CDFameCD-FA 3193Red Rose Speedway
19/10/87CDFameCD-FA 3213Venus And Mars
2/11/87LPParlophonePMTV 1All The Best
2/11/87CDParlophoneCDPMTV 1All The Best
16/11/877"ParlophoneR 6170Once Upon A Long Ago
16/11/8712"Parlophone12 R 6170Once Upon a Long Ago
8/05/897"ParlophoneR 6213My Brave Face
8/05/8912"Parlophone12 R 6213My Brave Face
5/06/89LPParlophonePCSD 106Flowers in the Dirt
5/06/89CDParlophoneCDPCSD 106Flowers in the Dirt
10/07/89CDParlophoneCDPAS 10010Wings At The Speed Of Sound
17/07/897"ParlophoneR 6223This One
24/07/89CDParlophoneCDPCTC 257Back To The Egg
31/07/8912"Parlophone12 R 6223This One
29/08/89CDFameCD-FA 3223London Town
13/11/897"ParlophoneR 6235Figure Of Eight
13/11/8912"Parlophone12 R 6235Figure of Eight
23/11/897"ParlophoneR 6238Party Party
23/11/89CDParlophonePCSDX 106Flowers in the Dirt (World Tour Pack)
22/01/90CDWaxBANDONTHE 1London and Rome Press Conferences
5/02/907"ParlophoneR 6246Put It There
5/02/9012"Parlophone12 RS 6246Put it there
07/90LPWaxTUGA 4Press Conferences: Los Angeles and Madrid (and Detroit)
08/90LPWaxPM 10Rotterdam Press Conference
8/10/907"ParlophoneR 6271Birthday
8/10/9012"Parlophone12 R 6271Birthday
5/11/90LPParlophonePCST 7346Tripping the Live Fantastic
5/11/90CDParlophoneCDPCST 73461Tripping the Live Fantastic
19/11/90CDParlophoneCDPCSD 114Tripping the Live Fantastic (Highlights)
26/11/907"ParlophoneR 6278All My Trials
26/11/9012"Parlophone12 R 6278All My Trials
14/12/90CDWaxFORNO 1Liverpool Press Conference
20/05/91CDParlophoneCDPCSD 116Unplugged - The Official Bootleg
30/09/91CDParlophoneCDPCSD 117Choba B CCCP
7/10/91CDEMI ClassicsPAUL 1Liverpool Oratorio
12/91CDDiscussionLMW 281FPress Conferences: Tokyo/Chicago 1990
7/92CDDiscussionBROADS 003Press Conferences: London and New York
10/92CDEMI ClassicsCDC 7 54642 2Selections from Liverpool Oratorio
28/12/927"ParlophoneR 6330Hope Of Deliverance
5/01/9312"Parlophone12 R 6330Deliverance
2/02/93LPParlophonePCSD 125Off the Ground
2/02/93CDParlophoneCDPCSD 125Off the Ground
28/02/937"ParlophoneR 6338C'mon People
04/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 1McCartney
04/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 2Ram
04/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 3Wild Life
04/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 4Red Rose Speedway
04/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 5Band On The Run
04/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 6Venus And Mars
04/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 7Wings At The Speed Of Sound
04/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 8London Town
7/06/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 9Wings Greatest
7/06/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 10Back To The Egg
7/06/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 11McCartney II
7/06/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 12Tug Of War
7/06/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 13Pipes Of Peace
7/06/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 14Give My Regards To Broad Street
7/06/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 15Press To Play
7/06/93CDParlophoneCDPMCOL 16Flowers In The Dirt
15/11/93CDParlophoneCDPCSD 145Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest     (The Fireman)
15/11/93LPParlophonePCSD 147Paul Is Live
15/11/93CDParlophoneCDPCSD 147Paul Is Live
21/04/95CDEMI ClassicsCD LEAF 1A Leafb/w (CD Single)
1/06/96LPUFOPAUL 1Paul McCartney Interview
1/01/97CDMPLOOBU #5Oobu Joobu - Ecology
28/04/977"ParlophoneRP 6462Young Boy
5/05/97LPParlophonePCSD 171Flaming Pie
5/05/97CDParlophoneCDPCSD 171Flaming Pie
7/07/977"ParlophoneRP 6472The World Tonight
29/09/97CDEMI ClassicsCDC 5 56484 2Standing Stone
15/12/977"ParlophoneRP 6489Beautiful Night
21/09/98LPHydraHYDRA 4 97055 1Rushes     (The Fireman)
29/10/9812"HydraHYDRA 007Fluid
199912"HydraHYDRA 008Fluid - Nitin Sawhney Remixes
22/03/99CDParlophone499 1762Band On The Run (25th Anniversary)
4/10/99CDParlophone523 3042Run Devil Run
24/10/997"ParlophoneR 6527No Other Baby
2/11/99CDEMI ClassicsCDC 5 56897 2Working Classical
25/12/998x7"Parlophone523 2291Run Devil Run (7" Boxset)
14/02/00CDEMI ClassicsCDC 5 56961 2A Garland For Linda
21/08/00CDHydraHYDRA 5 28817 2Liverpool Sound Collage
7/05/01CDParlophone532 8762Wingspan
29/10/017"ParlophoneR 6567From A Lover To A Friend
5/11/017"ParlophoneRS 6567Freedom / From A Lover To A Friend
12/11/01CDParlophone535 5102Driving Rain
17/03/03CDParlophone583 0052Back In The World
14/06/04CDUncutUNCUT 2004 07Something For The Weekend
20/09/047"E.M.I.R 6649Tropic Island Hum
05/0512"GrazeGRAZE 010Really Love You
07/06/0512"GrazeGRAZE 012Really Love You
14/06/05LPParlophone311 3001Twin Freaks
29/08/057"ParlophoneR 6673Fine Line
12/09/05CDParlophone337 9612Chaos And Creation In The Backyard
21/11/057"ParlophoneR 6678Jenny Wren
25/09/06CDEMI Classics370 4242Ecce Cor Meum [Behold My Heart]
4/06/07CDHearmusic723 0358Memory Almost Full
18/06/07PDHearmusic723 0384Dance Tonight
5/11/07CDHearmusic723 0620Ever Present Past
13/11/0712"HearmusicHMLP 30607Amoeba's Secret     (U.S. Import)
24/11/08CDOne Little IndianTPLP1003CDElectric Arguments     (The Fireman)
14/12/094xCDMercury723 1884Good Evening New York City
24/01/10CDUpfrontUPPMCMOS01Live In Los Angeles
1/11/103xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 32565Archive Collection - Band On The Run
07/06/112xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 32799Archive Collection - McCartney
07/06/113xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 32800Archive Collection - McCartney II
03/10/11CDDecca723 3250Ocean's Kingdom
06/02/12CDHearmusicHRM 33596Kisses On The Bottom
21/05/124xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 33450Archive Collection - Ram
27/05/133xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 34313Archive Collection - Wings Over America
14/10/13CDHearmusicHRM 34845New
27/10/142xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 35971New (Collector's Edition)
3/11/142xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 35652Archive Collection - Venus & Mars
3/11/142xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 35673Archive Collection - Wings At The Speed Of Sound
12/01/1512"HearmusicHRM 36718-01Hope For The Future
2/10/153xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 37287Archive Collection - Tug Of War
2/10/152xCD/1xDVDHearmusicHRM 37291Archive Collection - Pipes Of Peace
3/06/1612"Virgin479 09181985 (Wings Vs Timo Maas + James Teej)
10/06/164 C.D.HearmusicHRM 38699Pure
24/03/173xCD/1xDVDUMe/Capitol572 4423Archive Collection - Flowers In The Dirt
17/11/17LPCapitol578 3676McCartney (Red Vinyl)
17/11/17LPCapitol578 3674Wings At The Speed of Sound (Orange Vinyl)
17/11/17LPCapitol578 3677McCartney II (Clear Vinyl)
17/11/17LPCapitol578 3680Tug Of War (Blue Vinyl)
17/11/17LPCapitol578 3678Pipes Of Peace (Silver Vinyl)
18/05/18CDCapitol673 7238Thrillington (Marbled Vinyl)
18/05/18CDCapitol673 7244Wings Greatest (Blue Vinyl)
18/05/18CDCapitol575 6767Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (Gold Vinyl)
18/05/18CDCapitol673 7203New (Pink Vinyl)
7/09/18CDCapitol779 7470Egypt Station
23/11/187"Capitol675 4502I Don't Know
7/12/183xCD/1xDVDCapitol677 2089Archive Collection - Wild Life
7/12/183xCD/2xDVDCapitol674 7400Archive Collection - Red Rose Speedway
7/12/1811 Disc SetCapitol674 9288Paul McCartney and Wings 197173
12/07/19CDCapitol772 8976Amoeba Gig
29/11/197"Capitol082 2353Home Tonight
31/07/205xCD/2xDVDCapitol086 1769Archive Collection - Flaming Pie
6/11/207"UMC0711674We All Stand Together
18/12/20CDCapitol351 3656McCartney III

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