Only Love Remains    b/w    Tough On A Tightrope
12" adds - Talk More Talk

Paul McCartney
Only Love Remains - Front Cover Only Love Remains - Rear Cover
Only Love Remains - Front Cover Only Love Remains - Rear Cover
Only Love Remains - Double Pack Front
Only Love Remains - Detail of Double Pack Showing Sticker

Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. R 6148
12 R 6148
Country of Origin England
Release Date 1st December 1986 (12" same day)
U.K. Chart Detail : 
Entry Date :7th December 1986
Highest Position :34
Weeks in Chart :5 Weeks
Detail : Paul's thirty-ninth single.
Credited to "Paul McCartney".

Another single from "Press To Play", and once again coupling the A-side from the album, and a B-side found only on the C.D. version.
The A-side is a remix by Jim Boyer coming in 3 seconds longer than the album, with the B-side identical to the C.D.

A special double single pack was also issued, which had the normal 7" along with a free copy of Mull Of Kintyre in a stickered double pack pvc sleeve, with no picture sleeve on "Mull".

The 12", released the same day, has the same version of "Only Love Remains" as the 7" has.
"Tough On A Tightrope" though, is a much longer version at 7:03 remixed by Julian Mendelsohn.
The extra track is also longer than the album, being a remix by Paul and Jon Jacobs at 5:56 long.

A video is shot on 19th November at Pinewood Studios, which features;
Gordon Jackson (of "The Professionals") and Pauline Yates (best known as "Elizabeth Perrin", wife of Reginald).

The single was released in a picture sleeve, with cover artwork by Bartek Skoczek, and rear picture by Linda.

7th December 1986 - "Only Love Remains" enters the UK charts at number 39.
It will peak the following week at number 34.

                                          Chart progression:   39 - 34 - 35 - 39 - 44 .... out


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