Press To Play

Paul McCartney
Press To Play - Front cover Press To Play - Rear Cover
Press To Play - Front Cover Press To Play - Rear Cover
Press To Play - Inside Gatefold
Press To Play - Inside Gatefold
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. PCSD 103
Release date 1st September 1986
Total time 45:10
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :13th September 1986
Highest Position :8
Weeks in Chart :6
Detail : Paul's sixteenth solo album release.
Produced by Paul and Hugh Padgham.
Engineered and mixed by Hugh Padgham.
Special Contribution by Eric Stewart.

Musicians appearing :
Paul, Eric Stewart, Phil Collins, Pete Townshend,
Jerry Marotta, Carlos Alomar, Eddie Raynor, Nick Glennie-Smith, Dick Morrisey, Ray Cooper, Simon Chamberlain, Graham Ward, Lennie Pickett, Gary Barnacle, Gavin Wright and John Bradbury.
Backing Vocals :
Linda, Eric Stewart, Kate Robbins and Ruby James. Spoken words on "Talk More Talk" are Linda and James McCartney.

In the U.K. two different versions of this album were issued ! ... the whole explanation can be quite confusing, but read on ... initially 45,000 copies were pressed which contained a version of "Press" mixed by Bert Bevans and Steve Forward, but later copies contained the original Hugh Padgham mix. The covers are the same for both though, and to tell which copy you have you need to look at the etching on the run-out groove. The Bevans/Forward version has PCSD 103 B-7-1-1 stamped on it, whilst the later release had PCSD 103 B-1U-1-2.
(Incidentally, my copy also has stamped on the run-out groove PCS 7306 which is struck through.)
The original 7" single in the U.K. of "Press" had the Padgham mix, and both mixes were on a limited edition 10" single. And finally, when the Fame re-issues occured in 1988, they released the two versions of the album too.

Recording Sessions
March-May 1985 in Paul's Sussex studio - "Stranglehold", "Good Times Coming", "Feel The Sun", "Talk More Talk", "Footprints", "Press", "Pretty Little Head", "Move Over Busker", "However Absurd" were recorded.
Also during these sessions the bonus tracks, "Write Away", "It's Not True" and "Tough On A Tightrope" appeared.
"Yvonne" was also recorded which is unreleased. It does appear on a bootleg of the same title which I have, and later a version was released on a 10cc album (it was a McCartney/Stewart collaboration).
October-6th December 1985 in Paul's Scottish studios - "Only Love Remains", "Angry" amd "Hanglide" are completed.
Final mixing takes place January/February 1986.

George Hurrell took the cover photograph with the same box camera he used in Hollywood in the thirties.
The images in the centre spread are stereo drawings made by Paul during mixing, to pin-point the position of sounds in the stereo picture.
The inner sleeve is grey thick card with the lyrics upon (no pictures).

The musicians, producers, engineers, tea breaks, tension and performances, were laid on just for you.


Side 1

Track Composer Time
Stranglehold McCartney-Stewart 3:34
Good Times Coming/Feel The Sun McCartney 5:00
Talk More Talk McCartney 5:14
Footprints McCartney-Stewart 4:30
Only Love Remains McCartney 4:08

Side 2

Track Composer Time
Press McCartney 4:41
Pretty Little Head McCartney-Stewart 5:11
Move Over Busker McCartney-Stewart 4:08
Angry McCartney-Stewart 3:33
However Absurd McCartney-Stewart 4:55

Further Issues of "Press To Play"

There is also a cassette version released on the initial release date, TCPCSD 103,
and a CD with catalogue number CZ 28 (international number CDP 7 46269 2)
All three original releases, C.D., L.P. and cassette are ... deleted 1988.
The C.D. had a running time of 58:35 with three extra tracks :
Write Away McCartney-Stewart 2:59
It's Not True McCartney 5:53
Tough On A Tightrope McCartney-Stewart 4:42
The Bonus tracks are : "Write Away" - First released here, but later on the B-side of "Pretty Little head".
"It's Not True" - previously released, this is the Julian Mendelsohn mix.
"Tough On A Tightrope" - First released here, but later on the B-side of "Only Love Remains".

30th August 1988 - Fame re-issues, L.P. FA 3209, Cassette TCFA 3209 ... and ...
a re-issue of the above C.D. release on the Fame label, catalogue number CDFA 3209

June 1993, a "Re-master" re-issue C.D. has catalogue number CDPMCOL 15 (+ TCPMCOL 15),
(international number CDP 7 89269 2),
This has a running time of 68:29, and (alledgedly) remastered, it includes the same tracks as the C.D. release above (with the three extra tracks) PLUS adds two MORE bonus tracks :
Spies Like Us McCartney 4:46
Once Upon A Long Ago (Long Version) McCartney 4:36

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