Birthday    b/w    Good Day Sunshine
12" added - P.S. Love Me Do + Let Em In

Paul McCartney
Birthday - Front Cover Birthday - Rear Cover
Birthday - Front Cover Birthday - Rear Cover
Birthday - New Parlophone Label Birthday - Promo Label
Birthday - New Parlophone Label Birthday - Promo Label
Birthday - Promo Front Cover Birthday - Promo Rear Cover
Birthday - Promo Front Cover Birthday - Promo Cover
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. R 6271
12 R 6271 (12")
CD R 6271 (CD)
TC R 6271 (Cassette single)
Country of Origin England
Release Date 8th October 1990 (all formats)
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :14th October 1990
Highest Position :29
Weeks in Chart :3 Weeks
Detail : Paul's forty-fifth single.
Credited to "Paul McCartney".

"Birthday" was issued to coincide with what would have been John Lennon's 50th birthday.
For Paul it was an "unblocking", as it marked an about face in Paul's attitude to performing and releasing Beatles songs.

All versions of this release only carried live recordings.
Issued one month before the LP "Tripping The Live Fantastic", ONLY the A-side later appeared upon it.
The A-side was recorded at Knebworth on 30th June 1990, the B-side 6 months earlier on 9th December 1989 at the Montreal Forum.

The same day a CD single and 12" are released, which both added the tracks, "P.S. Love Me Do" recorded on 21st April 1990
in Brazil at the Maracana Stadium, and "Let Em In" which was recorded 5th March 1990 in Tokyo.

The single was released in a picture sleeve with the cover photo (as seen above) actually taken in Paris at the concert of 9th October 1989 by Eugene Adebari.
Also you will see above the new Parlophone label, which first made an appearance on the 12" of "My Brave Face", and is now a regular to Paul's releases.

The promo video includes live footage of the band intercut with (surprise, surprise) film of birthday celebrations.
These take the form of parties through life's ages, from a children's party, through to an old man celebrating in a pub.

Finally, also above, you will see the label and sleeve of a PROMO(!) for "Birthday" which I received before the actual release date.
Stamped in the centre is a planned release date of 9th October 1990, but the official release actually came out the day before that planned date.

14th October 1990 - "Birthday" enters the UK charts at number 30.
It peaked the following week just one step higher at number 29.

                                          Chart progression:   30 - 29 - 52 .... out


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