Paul McCartney - Singles
(in Date Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

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(I've included "Temporary Secretary" in this index, as there was no 7", and yet it ought to be listed here as a "single", in my opinion !)

19/02/717"AppleR 5889Another Dayb/w Oh Woman Oh Why
13/08/717"AppleR 5914Back Seat Of My Carb/w Heart Of The Country
19727"AppleR 5932Love Is Strangeb/w I Am Your Singer
25/02/727"AppleR 5936Give Ireland Back To The Irishb/w Instr.
12/05/727"AppleR 5949Mary Had A Little Lambb/w Little Woman Love
1/12/727"AppleR 5973Hi Hi Hib/w C Moon
23/03/737"AppleR 5985My Loveb/w The Mess
1/06/737"AppleR 5987Live And Let Dieb/w I Lie Around
26/10/737"AppleR 5993Helen Wheelsb/w Country Dreamer
15/02/747"AppleR 5996Jetb/w Let Me Roll It
28/06/747"AppleR 5997Band On The Runb/w Zoo Gang
18/10/747"E.M.I.EMI 2220Walking In The Park With Eloiseb/w Bridge On The River Suite
25/10/747"AppleR 5999Junior's Farmb/w Sally G
16/05/757"CapitolR 6006Listen To What The Man Saidb/w Love In Song
5/09/757"CapitolR 6008Letting Gob/w You Gave Me The Answer
28/11/757"CapitolR 6010Venus And Marsb/w Magneto And Titanium Man
30/04/767"ParlophoneR 6014Silly Love Songsb/w Cook Of The House
23/07/767"ParlophoneR 6015Let 'em Inb/w beware My Love
4/02/777"ParlophoneR 6017Maybe I'm Amazed (Live)b/w Soily (Live)
4/777"Regal ZonophoneEMI 2594Uncle Albert/Admiral Halseyb/w Eat At Home
11/11/777"CapitolR 6018Mull Of Kintyreb/w Girl's School
23/03/787"ParlophoneR 6019With A Little Luckb/w Backwards Traveller
16/06/787"ParlophoneR 6020I've Had Enoughb/w Deliver Your Children
26/08/787"ParlophoneR 6021London Townb/w I'm Carrying
23/03/797"ParlophoneR 6023Goodnight Tonightb/w Daytime Nighttime Suffering
1/06/797"ParlophoneR 6026Old Siam Sirb/w Spin It On
16/08/797"ParlophoneR 6027Getting Closerb/w Baby's Request
16/11/797"ParlophoneR 6029Wonderful Christmastimeb/w Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reggae
11/04/807"ParlophoneR 6035Coming Upb/w Coming Up (Live) + Lunchbox/Odd Sox
13/06/807"ParlophoneR 6037Waterfallsb/w Check My Machine
19/09/8012"Parlophone12 R 6039Temporary Secretaryb/w Secret Friend
29/03/827"ParlophoneR 6054Ebony And Ivoryb/w Rainclouds
21/06/827"ParlophoneR 6056Take It Awayb/w I'll Give You A Ring
20/09/827"ParlophoneR 6057Tug Of Warb/w Get It
29/10/827"EpicEPC A2729The Girl Is Mineb/w Can't Get Outta The Rain
3/10/837"ParlophoneR 6062Say Say Sayb/w Ode To A Koala Bear
5/12/837"ParlophoneR 6064Pipes Of Peaceb/w So Bad
847"ParlophoneR 6066The Manb/w Blackpool
24/09/847"ParlophoneR 6080No More Lonely Nights (Ballad)b/w No More Lonely Nights (Playout Version)
12/11/847"ParlophoneR 6086We All Stand Togetherb/w We All Stand Together (Humming Version)
857"ParlophoneR 6089Ballroom Dancingb/w Wanderlust
18/11/857"ParlophoneR 6118Spies Like Usb/w My Carnival
14/07/867"ParlophoneR 6133Pressb/w It's Not True
27/10/867"ParlophoneR 6145Pretty Little Headb/w Write Away
1/12/867"ParlophoneR 6148Only Love Remainsb/w Tough On A Tightrope
24/04/877"A & MFREE 21Long Tall Sallyb/w I Saw Her Standing There
16/11/877"ParlophoneR 6170Once Upon A Long Agob/w Back On My Feet
8/05/897"ParlophoneR 6213My Brave Faceb/w Flying To My Home
17/07/897"ParlophoneR 6223This Oneb/w The First Stone
13/11/897"ParlophoneR 6235Figure Of Eightb/w Ou Est le Soleil ?
23/11/897"ParlophoneR 6238Party Partyb/w "Etched Blank Disc"
5/02/907"ParlophoneR 6246Put It Thereb/w Mama's Little Girl
8/10/907"ParlophoneR 6271Birthdayb/w Good Day Sunshine
26/11/907"ParlophoneR 6278All My Trialsb/w C Moon
28/12/927"ParlophoneR 6330Hope Of Deliveranceb/w Long Leather Coat
28/02/937"ParlophoneR 6338C'mon Peopleb/w I Can't Imagine
21/04/95CDEMI ClassicsCD LEAF 1A Leafb/w (CD Single)
28/04/977"ParlophoneRP 6462Young Boyb/w Looking For You
7/07/977"ParlophoneRP 6472The World Tonightb/w Used To Be Bad
15/12/977"ParlophoneRP 6489Beautiful Nightb/w Love Come Tumbling Down
24/10/997"ParlophoneR 6527No Other Babyb/w Brown Eyed Handsome Man
25/12/998x7"Parlophone5232291Run Devil Run (7" Singles - BoxSet)
29/10/017"ParlophoneR 6567From A Lover To A Friendb/w Riding Into Jaipur
5/11/017"ParlophoneRS 6567Freedomb/w From A Lover To A Friend
20/09/047"E.M.I.R 6649Tropic Island Humb/w We All Stand Together
29/08/057"ParlophoneR 6673Fine Lineb/w Growing Up Falling Down
21/11/057"ParlophoneR 6678Jenny Wrenb/w Summer Of '59
18/06/07PDHearmusic723 0384Dance Tonightb/w Nod Your Head
5/11/07CDHearmusic723 0620Ever Present Pastb/w House Of Wax
12/01/1512"HearmusicHRM 36718-01Hope For The Futureb/w .... four remixes
3/06/1612"Virgin479 09181985 (Wings Vs Timo Maas + James Teej)
23/11/187"Capitol675 4502I Don't Knowb/w Come On To Me
29/11/197"Capitol082 2353Home Tonightb/w In A Hurry
6/11/207"UMC0711674We All Stand Togetherb/w We All Stand Together (Humming Version)

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