Press    b/w    It's Not True
12" - plus, Press (Dub) and Hanglide
10" - plus, Press (Bevans/Forward mix)

Paul McCartney
Press - Front Cover Press - Rear Cover
Press - Front Cover Press - Rear Cover
Press - 12 Press - 12
Press - 12" Front Cover Press - 12" Rear Cover
Press - 10 Press - 10
Press - 10" Front Cover (Circular !) Press - 10" Rear Cover (Circular !)
Press - 10
Press - 10" Cover Opened Out
Press - 10 Press - 10
Press - 10" Open Press - 10" Record Label
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. R 6133
12 R 6133 (12")
10 R 6133 (10")
Matrix No's  7" - A-side: R 6133 A-1 U-1-2-3 (AND R 6313-A-1) B-side: R 6133 B-1 U-1-2-1 (AND R 6313-B-1)
12" - A-side: 12 R 6133 A-1-1-1 B-side: 12 R 6133 B-1-1-1
10" - A-side: 10 R 6133 A2 B-side: 10 R 6133 B5
Release Date 14th July 1986 (12" same day)
20th July 1986 - 2nd 7" edition
18th August 86 - 10" single release
U.K. Chart Detail : 
Entry Date :20th July 1986
Highest Position :25
Weeks in Chart :8 Weeks
Detail : Paul's thirty-seventh single.
Credited to "Paul McCartney"

Released as a forerunner to the album "Press To Play", which followed almost two months later, this single once again appeared in a number of versions.
The first edition 7" was released ONLY in the U.K. and can be seen above.
It contained the Hugh Padgham mix of "Press" which ran to 4:20, coupled with 4:31 of "It's Not True".
BUT, the label says it is 4:20, but if you actually time it - side 1 is only 3:55 !

One week later the A-side was replaced with a Bevans/Forward mix of "Press" which was sub-titled as the "Video Edit" and was a shorter version at 3:35.
The 12", which was released the same day as the original 7", already contained the Bevans/Forward "Press" mix, although in a slightly longer form at 4:43.
"It's Not True" was extended and remixed by Julian Mendelsohn to 5:51 and extra tracks were:
"Hanglide" (5:18) and a Bevans/Forward dub mix of "Press" (6:18).
Later copies had "Video Soundtrack" printed extra on the sleeve.
You can identify both the initial released versions by checking the run-out groove,
both had the catalogue number followed by A-1 ... the second editions of both have A-3.

One month later a limited edition 10" version was issued (only 6,000 copies), this included both the 7" mixes of "Press", and the Mendolsohn mix of "It's Not True".
The sleeve of the 10" is circular and the picture of Paul on the rear is the same as the 12" rear.
The sleeve then opens out from the centre in two halves which reveal another picture of Paul, as seen on the 7".
Then this picture again opens out in two halves in the opposite direction to the front, to reveal the 10" vinyl.
In the run-out groove of the A-side of the 10" is also seen another catalogue number, LYN 17847-2E along with the words "Ray", "Nickz" and "Penthouse".
On the B-side run-out groove is inscribed, LYN 17848-2E, plus "Ray" and "Penthouse".
So, it looks to have been allocated a Lyntone catalogue number.

IMPORTANT POINT (?) ... my ORIGINAL 10" copy actually has in the run-out groove the proper catalogue number AND
also has R 6313 (!) ... which I guess was written on by a dyslexic engineer ... but, it IS there !

Paul filmed a promo video on June 16th on the London Underground.
Shot by director Philip Davey, Paul can be seen on the Jubilee line, between Charing Cross and Swiss Cottage miming to the song.

The single was released in a picture sleeve as shown above.

Press - Detail from the cover
The 12" was the same on the front, but a different (and better) shot of Paul on the rear also shown above,
plus a removable sticker proclaiming there to be 23 minutes of music.

                                          Press - 12inch sticker

20th July 1986 - "Press" enters the UK charts at number 32.
It will peak on 25th August at number 25.

                                          Chart progression:   32 - 31 - 26 - 25 - 34 - 49 - 61 - 71 .... out

This single was deleted 31st October 1987.


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