Venus And Mars/Rock Show    b/w    Magneto and Titanium Man

Paul McCartney
Venus And Mars - Single Detail
Venus And Mars - Single Detail

Label Capitol
Catalogue No. R 6010
Country of Origin England
Release Date 28th November 1975
U.K. Chart Detail : Did NOT chart !
Detail : Paul's fourteenth solo single.
Credited to "Wings"
This incarnation featuring : Paul, Linda, Denny Laine, Jimmy McCulloch and Joe English.

This single was again an attempt at boosting "Venus and Mars" sales, but not only did the album now drop out of the top 30,
but this Paul McCartney official single release ... failed to chart ... a first for Paul.

The medley on the A-side was an edit job, Venus and Mars lost several seconds, but Rock Show was abbreviated by over four minutes !
It was this edited mix that appeared later on "Wingspan" - it's first issue on C.D.
At least the b-side was complete.

The single was not released in a picture sleeve, and is on "Capitol".

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