Ebony And Ivory    b/w    Rainclouds
12" also includes - Ebony And Ivory (Solo Version)

Paul McCartney
Ebony And Ivory - Front Cover Ebony And Ivory - Rear Cover
Ebony And Ivory - Front Cover Ebony And Ivory - Rear Cover
Ebony And Ivory - Front Cover
Ebony And Ivory - 12" Rear - Listing Extra Track

Label Parlophone
Catalogue No.'s R 6054
12 R 6054
Matrix No.'s
 A-side   B-Side
7" Single : R 6054 A-1U   R 6054 B-2U
12" Single : 12 R 6054 A-2U   12 R 6054 B-1U
Country of Origin England
Release Date 29th March 1982 (both formats, same day)
U.K. Chart Detail : 
Entry Date :10th April 1982
Highest Position :1 ... from 24th April 1982 for 3 weeks
Weeks in Chart :10 Weeks
Detail : Paul's twenty-ninth single.
Credited to "Paul McCartney with additional vocals by Stevie Wonder"

A much needed release for us fans .... incredibly after 20 years of hit-making, 1981 had been a barren year ... the first year Paul had not had a hit record ... in fact he released no new product in 1981.

Both songs were recorded during the sessions for the next album, "Tug Of War".
The A-side was written by Paul only, but making the shrewd decision that the song needed the counterpoint of a black singing partner,
gave Paul his first No.1 for nearly five years, and amazingly considering Stevie's phenomenal output, Stevie Wonder's first U.K. number One hit, albeit as part of a duo.
A video was produced showing Paul and Stevie apparently singing together, but their parts were shot separately on different sides of the Atlantic and the two sections edited together.

The B-side was co-written by Paul AND Denny Laine, although early pressings of the 12" misses this fact off !
For the first time since "Live and Let Die" 9 years earlier, Paul did not produce these recording sessions, once again letting George Martin do the honours.

The single was released in 7" and 12" formats, both containing the same picture sleeve, but the 12" contains an extra solo version of the A-side.
Both formats are on Parlophone and feature the very FIRST appearance of the new MPL logo, a figure juggling with three celestial objects.
Ebony And Ivory - Rear Cover

The pressing comes with a Silver/black Parlophone label.
The "All rights of the manufacturer" message around the edge of the label now ends with "EMI Records Ltd."
In the run-out groove of the 7" A-side is written "TONE" and a pressed "1", the B-side has a pressed "2C"
In the run-out groove of the 12" A-side is also written "TONE" and a pressed "1" and a "9", the B-side has a pressed "17" and a "3".

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