No Other Baby    b/w    Brown-eyed Handsome Man

Paul McCartney
No Other Baby - The Single
No Other Baby - The Single
No Other Baby - CD1 Front Cover No Other Baby - CD1 Rear Cover
No Other Baby - CD1 Front Cover No Other Baby - CD1 Rear Cover
No Other Baby - CD2 The Outside
No Other Baby - CD2 The Outside
No Other Baby - CD2 The Inside
No Other Baby - CD2 The Inside
No Other Baby - The CD
No Other Baby - The CD !

Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. R 6527
CD R 6527 (CD)
CDRS 6527 (Mono CD !)
Country of Origin England
Release Date 24th October 1999
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :31st October 1999
Highest Position :42
Weeks in Chart :2 Weeks
Detail : Paul's fifty-second single.
Credited to "Paul McCartney".

A single lifted from the "Run Devil Run" album, this was Paul once again looking back to his past and recalling music memories.
The A-side was originally released by The Vipers in 1958, and quite coincidentally, it was on the Parlophone label, catalogue number 45-R 4393, as you can see below !
Also below I had the old picture that you can see of The Vipers attached to my second copy of the single ... yes I have two copies from 1958 !!
Incidentally, the B-side of The Vipers original is called "Baby Why ?".

The same day a CD single is also released, which adds an extra track not found on the album, "Fabulous".
The CD is pressed to look just like a 45, and wittily incorporates the speed as "1500 RPM" (see scan above).
My copy has a catalogue number of CD R 627, but I'm sure this is a typo at E.M.I., and we'll document it as CD R 6527.
A week or so later, a second CD appeared with the same track listing as the first. This is correctly labelled as CDRS 6527,
and it's difference to the first ? ... a modern CD which has been mixed down to Mono !
It also has a very old picture of Paul on the front which had been taken by his brother, Michael, and comes with a free poster.

On the sleeve Paul is quoted as saying,
"I've no idea how this one got so imbedded in my memory ... I never had the record, still haven't".
Well, because I have two, I wrote to Paul offering him one, but ... "No Reply" !

The single was released in an originally styled Parlophone cover as you see above.
The CD has a drawing on the front by Aleen Toroyan, I'm afraid I don't know the history of this, but I'm sure there is a story there !

31st October 1999 - "No Other Baby" enters the UK charts at number 42.
That was it's peak position as it quickly fell out of the chart.

                                          Chart progression:   42 - 63 .... out


No Other Baby - The Vipers
No Other Baby - The Vipers
The Vipers
Picture of The Vipers !

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