Goodnight Tonight    b/w    Daytime Nightime Suffering

Paul McCartney
Goodnight Tonight - A-Side Goodnight Tonight - DEMO A-Side
Goodnight Tonight - A-side Label Goodnight Tonight - DEMO A-side Label
Goodnight Tonight - 12inch Front Goodnight Tonight - 12inch Rear Goodnight Tonight - Inner Sleeve
Goodnight Tonight - 12" Front Cover Goodnight Tonight - 12" Rear Cover Goodnight Tonight - 12" Inner Sleeve

Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. R 6023
12Y R 6023
Country of Origin England
Release Date 23rd March 1979
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :7th April 1979
Highest Position :5
Weeks in Chart :10 Weeks
Detail : Paul's twenty-second solo single.
Credited to "Wings"
This incarnation featuring : Paul, Linda, Denny Laine, and newchaps - Lawrence Juber and Steve Holly.

Lots of "Firsts" ...
This single was the first release for the 7th formation of Wings.
The first release of a Paul McCartney record to actually be on the Parlophone label.
Although, all his official releases had an "R" prefix, and certainly looked like Parlophone catalogue numbers,
this was the first record to actually have a Parlophone logo.
The first U.K. release for Paul of a 12" single.

The single version of the A-side is 4 minutes 15 seconds, whereas the 12" is an extended mix running to 7:14.
The B-side was the same on both formats.
The 12" also has a good quality picture cover with a specially printed old Parlophone style cardboard inner sleeve (all pictured above).

The 7" single includes, "HELLO TOM 1979" on the run-out groove.

I also have a demo version of this one, as shown above.

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