Another Day    b/w    Oh Woman Oh Why

Paul McCartney
Another Day - 1971 Another Day - 1975
Another Day - 1971 Another Day - 1975

Label Apple
Catalogue No. R 5889
Release Date 19th February 1971
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :27th February 1971
Highest Position :2
Weeks in Chart :12 Weeks
Detail : Paul's first solo single.
Credited to "Paul McCartney".
The single was recorded in January 1971 in New York during the RAM recording sessions
Dave Spinozza and Hugh McCracken (guitars) and Denny Seiwell (drums), with Paul producing.

As with John and his composing credits with Yoko, Paul had problems with listing Linda as co-writer
(credited to "Mr. and Mrs. McCartney" on the label).
Sir Lew Grade, who owned Paul's publishing, maintained that Linda was incapable of writing any song.
The brief lawsuit had one positive outcome, it made Linda write "Seaside Woman".

The single did very well reaching number two, but was kept off the top slot by, Mungo Jerry and "Baby Jump".

On the standard Apple label, the single did NOT appear in a picture cover in the U.K. but just a plain black sleeve.
There are initial release label variants, below the Northern Songs publishing credit, some copies have "Joint interest claimed by McCartney Music Inc".
Others have an additional claim of "Copyright also claimed by Maclen (Music) Ltd." as seen above.

Once Paul began using the "Capitol" label in England in 1975, this single was re-issued on Capitol,
but retained the Parlophone catalogue number, as shown above.
The publishing credit appears to be much clearer too with no counter claims.

The single sold a reported one million copies worldwide.

      Another Day in the U.K. Charts
27/02/1971 - New entry into the chart, straight in to number 24
(My Sweet Lord is in it's fifth week at no.1)
06/03/1971 - Second week in the charts and up twenty places to number 4
13/03/1971 - Third week in the charts and up two more places to number 2
(Mungo Jerry - "Baby Jump" is number 1 preventing Paul reaching the top)
(My Sweet Lord now number 3)
20/03/1971 - Fourth week in the charts and already dropping a place, down to number 3
(As John joins Paul and George into the singles chart with Power To The People entering at no. 12)
27/03/1971 - Fifth week in the charts and rebounds back up a place to number 2
(Hot Love now keeping it off the top)
03/04/1971 - Sixth week in the charts and drops two places back down to number 4
10/04/1971 - Seventh week in the charts and drops another place to number 5
17/04/1971 - Eighth week in the charts and drops six places to number 11
24/04/1971 - Ninth week in the charts and drops another six places to number 17
01/05/1971 - Tenth week in the charts and drops another two places, down to number 19
08/05/1971 - Eleventh week in the charts and out the top 40, down to number 41
15/05/1971 - Twelfth and final week in the chart, down one more place to number 42
22/05/1971 - * * *   Out the chart   * * *
Another Day - 12 weeks in the Official UK Chart - highest position number 2
Chart progression: 24 - 4 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 4 - 5 - 11 - 17 - 19 - 41 - 42- out

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