All The Best

Paul McCartney
All The Best - Rear cover All The Best - Front cover
All The Best - REAR Cover All The Best - FRONT Cover
All The Best - Inner Gatefold
All The Best - Inner Gatefold
All The Best - The Box Set
All The Best - The Box Set
All The Best - Boxset Front All The Best - Boxset Rear
All The Best - Boxset Front All The Best - Boxset Rear
All The Best - Signed Insert All The Best - Example Label
All The Best - Signed Insert All The Best - Example Label
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. PMTV 1
Release date 2nd November 1987
Total time 1 hour 24 minutes 8 seconds
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :14th November 1987
Highest Position :2
Weeks in Chart :21
Detail : Paul's seventeenth "solo" album release ... second greatest hits collection, and first double album (20 tracks).
Although the previous collection was credited as "Wings" greatest, this has most of the same tracks.
Just three tracks were on the previous hits album and are not included here; "Juniors Farm", "Uncle Albert", and "Hi Hi Hi".
I have listed below the composer credits and track credits as per the album ... but there are some bizarre changes from previous references.
For example, "Maybe I`m Amazed" is credited to Wings and dated 1976 as though it were the live version from "Wings Over America",
but it is not, it IS the 1970 solo original. Plus there are some obvious composer changes.

Oddly (very oddly considering it's now 1987), the C.D. has LESS tracks than the double album, leaving out;
"Maybe I'm Amazed", "Goodnight Tonight" and "With A Little Luck".
(The cassette is the same as the vinyl !)
The reason three tracks are missing is that around 1987 CD was still a new-ish format and
the experts (CD manufacturers) didn't agree how much music you could put on a CD.
Some said, don't fill it too much or the sound will be affected negatively. Others said, just fill it to the brim.
Sometimes one side won, sometimes the other. This phenomenon happened to many artists CDs around this time.
Incidentally the U.S. edition also has a different tracklisting !

As you can tell from the catalogue number this was a T.V. advertised album,
which first appears on our T.V. screens on the day of release in the break during "Coronation Street".
The ad was directed by Derek Hayes.

The cover of the album is terrific with lots of pictures and references to all of Paul's earlier solo works.
The art direction and design is by Michael Ross, with the cover photography by Tim O'Sullivan.
This is definitely one of those examples (aren't they all, though ?) where the L.P. cover is so-o-o much better to look at then the CD.
The CD has a much more cramped cover (obviously !) with fewer song icons.

I've no idea why, but in March 2008 this album showed slightly in the album chart .. no other McCartney albums showed at that time.
Only the top 75 counts for record purposes, but on 2nd March "All The Best" registered as going from 183 to 87.
The following week, 9th March, the album dropped from 87 down to no. 99 .. then disappeared again.

Side 1

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Jet McCartney Credited to "Paul McCartney and Wings".
1973 track from Band On The Run L.P.,
and 1974 single, see Jet.
Band On The Run McCartney Credited to "Paul McCartney and Wings".
1973 title track of the Band On The Run album,
and 1974 single Band On The Run.
Coming Up (Studio version) McCartney Credited to "Paul McCartney".
1980 track from "McCartney II".
and single, see Coming Up.
Ebony And Ivory McCartney Credited to "Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder".
1982 single, and track from Tug Of War
See Ebony And Ivory.
Listen To What The Man Said McCartney Credited to "Wings".
1975 single, see Listen To What The Man Said) and
Venus and Mars album track.

Side 2

No More Lonely Nights McCartney Credited to "Paul McCartney".
Track from Broad Street.
and 1984 single, see No More Lonely Nights (Ballad).
Silly Love Songs McCartney Credited to "Wings".
1976 track from Wings At The Speed of Sound,
and 1976 single, see Silly Love Songs.
Let Em In McCartney Credited to "Wings".
1976 track from Wings At The Speed of Sound,
and 1976 single, see Let 'em In.
C Moon McCartney Credited to "Wings".
1972 single, originally b-side of "Hi Hi Hi".
See Hi Hi Hi.
Pipes Of Peace McCartney Credited to "Paul McCartney".
1983 title track of the album Pipes Of Peace,
and hit single, see Pipes Of Peace.

Side 3

Live And Let Die McCartney Credited to "Wings".
1973 single, James Bond film theme, and album track.
See Live And Let Die.
Another Day McCartney Credited to "Paul McCartney".
1971 single, see Another Day.
Maybe I'm Amazed McCartney Credited to "Wings".
1970 McCartney album track.
Goodnight Tonight McCartney Credited to "Wings".
1979 single, see Goodnight Tonight.
Once Upon A Long Ago McCartney Credited to "Paul McCartney".
1987 single, see Once Upon A Long Ago.

Side 4

Say Say Say McCartney-Jackson Credited to "Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson".
1983 single, see Say Say Say.
With A Little Luck McCartney Credited to "Wings".
Track from London Town.
and 1978 single, see With A Little Luck
My Love McCartney Credited to "Paul McCartney and Wings".
1973 single, and Red Rose Speedway track.
See My Love.
We All Stand Together McCartney Credited to "Paul McCartney".
1984 single, see We All Stand Together.
Mull Of Kintyre McCartney-Laine Credited to "Wings".
1977 single, see Mull Of Kintyre.

Further Issues of "All The Best"

There is also a cassette version released on the initial release date, TCPMTV 1,
and a CD with catalogue number CDPMTV 1 (international number CDP 7 48507 2)
The C.D. had a running time of 73:00, as mentioned above it has three tracks LESS than the double album.

By far the most interesting part of this issue is a collection of 7" singles in a special boxset .... as follows ....

7" Singles Boxset ! - PMBOX 1

This release also comes in a limited edition collection of 9 double A-side 7" singles !
Released to promote Paul's Album 'All The Best, this Collectable UK PROMO Vinyl Singles Box Set contains 18 Promo tracks from the album 'All The Best'.
The 7" Singles are on the Black & Silver Parlophone/MPL Label and are listed below.
Also included in the set is a very nice photograph of Paul, featuring a fascimile Paul McCartney Autograph, which reads 'All The Best Paul McCartney'.
All the Promo Singles come in plain black inner sleeves.
Herewith follows the couplings and catalogue numbers : A-Side Other A-Side
PM BOX 11 My Love b/w Another Day
PM BOX 12 Jet b/w Band on The Run
PM BOX 13 Ebony & Ivory b/w Say, Say, Say
PM BOX 14 Listen To What the Man Said b/w Live & Let Die
PM BOX 15 Let Em In b/w Goodnight Tonight
PM BOX 16 With a Little Luck b/w Coming Up
PM BOX 17 Silly Love Songs b/w C Moon
PM BOX 18 No More Lonely Nights b/w Pipes Of Peace
PM BOX 19 Mull OF Kintyre b/w We All Stand Together

In the June 1993 C.D. "Re-master" re-issues, this release is NOT included.

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