Back In The World

Paul McCartney

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Back In The World - Band Picture Back In The World - The Tour Trucks
Back In The World - Band Picture Back In The World - The Tour Trucks
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. 583 0052
Country Of Origin   England
Release date 17th March 2003
Total time C.D. 1 - 52:11
C.D. 2 - 69:18
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :24th March 2003
Highest Position :5
Weeks in Chart :13
Comments : Paul's thirty-fourth "solo" album release and SIXTH live album.

All tracks performed by :
Paul McCartney - Vocals, bass guitar, guitars, and piano.
Rusty Anderson - Guitars, backing vocals.
Abe Laboriel Jnr. - Drums, percussion and backing vocals.
Paul 'Wix' Wickens - Keyboards, backing vocals and programming.
Brian Ray - Guitar, bass guitar and backing vocals.

Produced by David Kahne.
Executive Producer - Paul McCartney.

Cover design by Dewynters plc, London.
Front and back cover photographs by Mark Seliger. All other photography by Bill Bernstein.

This double C.D. contains 36 classic McCartney and Beatle songs live. It also comes with a 32 page glossy colour booklet, which contains "Tour Memories" for each member of the band and some great shots from the tour.

The music is also superb (as you'd expect) ... BUT ... where are the introductions and bits of chat between the songs ???
At the concerts Paul tells little stories, jokes around, and explains some songs with great introductions. Having heard the complete show with these pieces, I find it hard to believe that they have been edited out !
Paul poignantly introduces both "Here Today" and "Something", he jokes about trips to a massage parlour and throughout the concerts you can feel his marvellous rapport with the audience.
Check out the brilliant bootleg Driving Me Mad and compare the lengths of the tracks. The difference is the missing chat.

Anyway, a great live music C.D. even without the reservations above.

"The crowd left amazed. No maybe about it."
               OAKLAND TRIBUNE

C.D. 1

    Note : All timings are the full track time, NOT just the song's timing.

No Track Composer Time
1 Hello Goodbye McCartney-Lennon 3:45
2 Jet McCartney P.-McCartney L.   4:03
3 All My Loving McCartney-Lennon 2:09
4 Getting Better McCartney-Lennon 3:10
5 Coming Up McCartney 3:26
6 Let Me Roll It McCartney P.-McCartney L. 4:24
7 Lonely Road McCartney 3:12
8 Driving Rain McCartney 3:11
9 Your Loving Flame McCartney 3:29
10 Blackbird McCartney-Lennon 2:30
11 Every Night McCartney 2:51
12 We Can Work It Out McCartney-Lennon 2:30
13 Mother Nature's Son McCartney-Lennon 2:11
14 You Never Give Me Your Money
Carry That Weight
McCartney-Lennon 3:06
15 The Fool On The Hill   McCartney-Lennon 3:09
16 Here Today McCartney 2:28
17 Something Harrison 2:33

C.D. 2

    Note : All timings are the full track time, NOT just the song's timing.

No Track Composer Time
1 Eleanor Rigby McCartney-Lennon 2:17
2 Here, There And Everywhere   McCartney-Lennon 2:24
3 Calico Skies McCartney 2:37
4 Michelle McCartney-Lennon 3:16
5 Band On The Run McCartney P.-McCartney L.   5:01
6 Back In The U.S.S.R. McCartney-Lennon 2:55
7 Maybe I'm Amazed McCartney 4:48
8 Let 'Em In McCartney P.-McCartney L. 5:23
9 My Love McCartney P.-McCartney L. 4:04
10 She's Leaving Home McCartney-Lennon 3:52
11 Can't Buy Me Love McCartney-Lennon 2:12
12 Live And Let Die McCartney P.-McCartney L. 3:05
13 Let It Be McCartney-Lennon 3:58
14 Hey Jude McCartney-Lennon 7:35
15 The Long And Winding Road McCartney-Lennon 3:31
16 Lady Madonna McCartney-Lennon 2:21
17 I Saw Her Standing There McCartney-Lennon 3:07
18 Yesterday McCartney-Lennon 2:08
19 Sgt. Peppers / The End McCartney-Lennon 4:40

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