Wings Greatest

Wings Greatest - Front cover Wings Greatest - Rear Cover
Wings Greatest - Front Cover Wings Greatest - Rear Cover
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. PCTC 256
Release date 1st December 1978
Total time 54:30
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :16th December 1978
Highest Position :5
Weeks in Chart :32
Detail : Paul's tenth "solo" release, credited to "Wings".
Obviously, this features a variety of Wings line-ups, see individual entries for clarification.

After being once again back down to a trio, in 1978 Paul augmented the band with Steve Holly and Lawrence Juber.
But as this new set-up required rehearsal, and no new album was ready, Paul prepared a collection of hit singles for the Christmas market.
Of course, two of the tracks were not by "Wings", and one of them (Uncle Albert) had not been a hit single either in this country.
Also, up to this point Paul had had 20 hits, but only 11 were included here. The missing hits being :
Back Seat Of My Car,
Give Ireland Back To The Irish,
Mary Had A Little Lamb,
Helen Wheels,
Listen To What The Man Said,
Letting Go,
Maybe I'm Amazed,
I've Had Enough and
London Town

The album fared fairly well, but only managed to reach number 5 in the chart, although it was listed for over seven months !
It was even promoted by T.V. advertising for two weeks before Christmas, but even this didn't help it's push to the top.
The advert was quite memorable though, being several members of the public singing Wings tunes in public places, ending with a
dustman parked in his lorry in Abbey Road singing (wildly out of tune) "Band On The Run", at which point Paul, Linda and Denny pull up alongside and
Paul shouts out the window, "You're a bit flat mate !".
The driver leans out his window and says "Funny, I only checked them this morning".

The sleeve design was by Paul and Linda with assistance from Aubrey Powell and George Hardie of Hipgnosis, and photography by Angus Forbes.
Linda had bought the model of a flying lady, and had it flown to the Alps on 14th October 1978 for the photographs.
A snowdrift was created and the 24" statuette of Demetre Chiparus's, Semiramis was photographed for the cover.
The inner sleeve is plain black with a very small picture of the front cover statuette taken from front and back on each side of the sleeve.
The statuette also appears on the labels.
Free within is a 30" by 20" poster, with a colour scene on one side, and a black and white picture of the trio taken by Clive Arrowsmith on the reverse.

Side 1

Track Composer Release Information Time
Another Day McCartney 1971 single (credited to Paul McCartney)
See Another Day.
Silly Love Songs McCartney 1976 track from Wings At The Speed of Sound, and 1976 single.
See Silly Love Songs.
Live And Let Die McCartney 1973 single, James Bond film theme, and album track.
See Live And Let Die.
Junior's Farm McCartney 1974 single.
See Junior's Farm.
With A Little Luck McCartney 1978 track from London Town, and hit single,
See With A Little Luck
Band On The Run McCartney 1973 title track of the Band On The Run album, and 1974 single,
See Band On The Run.

Side 2

Track Composer Release Information Time
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey McCartney Ram album track and US single, 1971
See Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey.
Hi Hi Hi McCartney 1972 single, originally A-side to C Moon's B-side,
the 45 was flipped when Hi Hi Hi was banned.
See Hi Hi Hi
Let 'Em In McCartney 1976 track from Wings At The Speed of Sound, and 1976 single.
See Let 'em In.
My Love McCartney 1973 single, and Red Rose Speedway track.
See My Love.
Jet McCartney 1973 track from Band On The Run L.P., and 1974 single.
See Jet.
Mull Of Kintyre McCartney-Laine 1977 single.
See Mull Of Kintyre.

Further Issues of "Wings Greatest"

There is also a cassette version released on the initial release date, TCPCTC 256.

January 1985, the next listing is on the Parlophone label, ATAK 15 (+ TCATAK 15).

4th February 1985, the first C.D. release, it's on Parlophone and only has an International number of CDP 7 46056 2
It includes no bonus tracks.

June 1993, a "Re-master" re-issue C.D. has catalogue number CDPMCOL 9 (+ TCPMCOL 9),
(international number CDP 7 89317 2),
and still has no bonus tracks.

18th May 2018 - Blue Vinyl version (673 7244) - Nothing new, no bonus tracks.

Press Release:
Originally released in 1978, Wings Greatest was the first ever compilation of Paul's post-Beatles hits,
featuring four classics that had previously been unavailable on any McCartney album: 'Another Day', 'Junior's Farm' 'Hi, Hi, Hi' and 'Mull of Kintyre.'
The penultimate Wings album release, Wings Greatest was naturally a worldwide hit, and the soundtrack to the 70s for a generation.
As part of its 2018 edition reissue, Wings Greatest will be available as a limited edition blue vinyl 180gram vinyl LP with download card and 20"x30" poster.

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