Off The Ground

Paul McCartney
Off The Ground - Front cover Off The Ground - Rear Cover
Off The Ground - Front Cover Off The Ground - Rear Cover
Off The Ground - Gatefold Inner
Off The Ground - Gatefold Inner
Label Parlophone
Catalogue No. PCSD 125
CDPCSD 125 ... (international number CDP 7 80362 2)
Release date 2nd February 1993
Total time 50:23
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :7th February 1993
Highest Position :5
Weeks in Chart :4
Detail : Paul's twenty-third "solo" album release.
Personnel :
Hamish Stuart.
Robbie McIntosh.
Wix Wickens.
Blair Cunningham.
On "Hope Of Deliverance" the percussionists are Davide Giovanini, Maurice Ravalico and David Puttman.
"Golden Earth Girl" is arranged by Paul and Carl Davis, with flute - Susan Milan and oboe - Gordon Hunt.

Recording sessions :
September 1991 - "Winedark Open Sea" is first laid down as a demo.
25th November to 6th December 1991 at Paul's Sussex home studios - "Peace In The Neighbourhood" and "Biker Like An Icon".
9th December 1991 - July 1992 All the other tracks were recorded PLUS: "Long Leather Coat" (B-side to the single "Hope Of Deliverance"),
"Big Boys Bickering" (bonus track on the "Hope .." CD), "Kicked Around No More", "I Can't Imagine",
"Keep Coming Back To Love", "Down To The River", "Style, Style", "Sweet Sweet Memories", "Soggy Noodle" and
a fade-out track Paul had originally written in India in 1968 called "Cosmically Conscious"

In the last month of recording, Paul and the band are filmed recording for this album.
The finished 27 minute film appears on Channel 4 on 18th April 1993 and is entitled "Movin' On".
This documentary also includes scenes during the making of the videos for "Off The Ground" and "C'mon People".

The album cover photography was by Clive Arrowsmith, with the band photography by Linda.
The centrefold collage was by Eduardo Paolozzi.

7th February 1993 - Off The Ground entered the album chart and it's peak position of number 5.

                                          Chart progression:   5 - 19 - 41 - 62 .... out

Side 1

Track Composer Time
Off The Ground McCartney 3:41
Looking For Changes McCartney 2:49
Hope Of Deliverance McCartney 3:22
Mistress And Maid McCartney-MacManus 3:01
I Owe It All To You McCartney 4:51
Biker Like An Icon McCartney 3:26

Side 2

Track Composer Time
Peace In The Neighbourhood McCartney 5:06
Golden Earth Girl McCartney 3:45
The Lovers That Never Were McCartney-MacManus 3:42
Get Out Of My Way McCartney 3:33
Winedark Open Sea McCartney 5:27
C'mon People McCartney 5:43
Cosmically Conscious
(This last track is not listed on the cover
 and is preceded by 13 seconds of silence)
McCartney 1:44

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