A Doll's House

The Beatles
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Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 022
Release Date Early 2013
Total Time Disc 1 - 74:24
Disc 2 - 73:49
Comments:   TMOQ Gazette - Volume 10 - Number 10 Number 10 Number 10 Number 10
--- A Dolls House - The Best Of The Best White Album Rarities ---
"A Dolls House" was the working title of "The Beatles" (White Album).
It was changed when Family released their similarly titled debut L.P. "Music In A Doll's House" on 19th July 1968.

This double c.d. collects together the best of the outtakes for The White Album.
Recent "RockBand" MOGG files, Kinfauns outtakes from a variety of bootlegs and even official Anthology cuts.
Mono outtakes have also been treated to some ambient stereo.
The sound quality throughout is very very good indeed. It sounds terrific.
Much of the studio chatter seems edited on as if taken from something like Yellow Chatter Custard.

I believe this collection gives just 43 seconds of sound that is new to silver pressings (Martha My Dear).

Another nice presentation in the "TMOQ Gazette" style.
A solid card DVD-sized booklet with 24 pages, but not much in the way of track description.
The booklet includes a Radio Luxemburg interview with Paul McCartney.
An article by Don McCullin of The Mad Day Out photo shoot.
A piece on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and The Beatles in India by Andreass.

C.D. One

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Back In The U.S.S.R. (2:30)
A version devoid of almost all the instrumentation !
A stripped down new mix featuring just Paul's vocal and basic drums.
From Uncovered !, but with added studio chat at start
2 Dear Prudence (3:58)
John at start, "Invite you to a little meditation, silly boy"
From John Barrett collection
3 Glass Onion Acoustic Esher demo
At end John says, "by courtesy of the committee council"
4 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (3:09)
Take 22 - Alternate mix from "The Peter Sellers Tape" (upgraded !).
5 Wild Honey Pie (0:54)
At start, "This is RM6"
Take 1 RM6 - Alternate mix from "The Peter Sellers Tape" (upgraded !)
6 The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (2:27)
Esher demo - Includes count-in
7 While My Guitar Gently Weeps (4:45)
George, "Ok, just try it - Take 1"
and "I'll just have a cheese, lettuce and marmite sandwich and coffee"
8 Happiness Is A Warm Gun Remix 2:41
9 Martha My Dear Instrumental only (from Trevor Jones tape)
Allegedly it was made to feature in Paul's Broad Street film, but remained unused.
10 I'm So Tired (2:02)
John at start, "Ok, this is it, 1-2-3"
11 Blackbird Stop/start run throughs, with little laugh from Paul at end.
Remastered from "Gone Tomorrow, Here Today"
12 Piggies (1:58)
Anthology 3 version
Count-in, then at end George says, "Living Piggie lives"
13 Rocky Raccoon (3:33)
Take 10 - RM1
Version from advance preview tape given to Peter Sellers (upgraded !)
Slight bit of studio chat at start
14 Don't Pass Me By (4:10) Take 7 - Version from advance preview tape given to Peter Sellers (upgraded !)
Contains extra verse, plus Ringo's added special applause effects at end (with dogs),
with Ringo informing Peter Sellers to turn the tape over.
15 Why Don't We Do It In The Road ? Mono Mix
Handclapping during the intro is missing on the mono mix.
16 The Way You Look Tonight (1:08)
Recorded during Take 35 session of "I Will"
From John Barrett collection
17 I Will (1:52)
False start, Ringo says, "Can you turn it down in my cans a bit ?"
From John Barrett collection
18 Julia Lifted from Revolution - Take ... your knickers off ! 2:52
19 Not Guilty Stereo Remix
From John Barrett collection
20 Hey Jude Take 1
Piano flourishes at end, plus acoustic strum. John, "Stop!"
21 Revolution (3:22)
Studio noises, plus Ringo, "won't be able to tell until we get going"
From John Barrett collection
22 Dear Prudence Alternate Mono Mix 3:59
23 What's The New Mary Jane "Take 2"
"I'm getting cramp"
24 What's The New Mary Jane Take 4
John at end, "Let's hear it before we get taken away"
25 Circles Organ demo version 2:13

C.D. Two

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Birthday (2:39)
Paul, "Good ok, ready Ringo ?"
John, "Ok Paul, you ready boy, this is it"
From John Barrett collection
2 Yer Blues (4:07)
From John Barrett collection
3 Mother Nature's Son (2:46)
Take 26 - "RM8"
Version from advance preview tape given to Peter Sellers (Upgraded !)
4 Everybody's Got Something To Hide
Except For Me And My Monkey
John, "Yes, on the intro"
From John Barrett collection
5 Sexy Sadie (4:05)
John, "Do you want this one with the chords on"
"So play it a bit more and don't worry about it"
6 Helter Skelter (3:37)
Paul, "Was that better than the one be-for-ore ?"
"Take 19"
Paul, "If it's gone well, do that windy tape back thing"
From John Barrett collection
7 Long, Long, Long (2:36)
George, "Right, here we go lads, we're not really what we make out to be"
From "Living In The Material World" DVD
8 Revolution 1 (3:58)
Esher Demo
9 Honey Pie Remix (No extras) 1:17
10 Savoy Truffle Remix (No extras) 2:53
11 Cry Baby Cry Remix (No extras) 2:42
12 Can You Take Me Back From John Barrett collection 1:16
13 Step Inside Love From John Barrett collection 1:27
14 Los Paranoias From John Barrett collection 3:54
15 Across The Universe From John Barrett collection 3:27
16 Revolution Take 20
From Revolution - Take ... your knickers off !, speed corrected !
17 Revolution 9 From John Barrett collection 7:45
18 Goodnight Take 34
Upgrade from the Peter Sellers tape
19 While My Guitar Gently Weeps No extras 3:12
20 Birthday (2:42)
John, "Ken Macintosh and the roving remixers, take tharty-one"
From John Barrett collection

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