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Label Copy Cat Chronicle
Catalogue No. CCC 001
Release Date March 2012
Total Time Disc 1 - 60:28
Disc 2 - 74:35
(from the sleeve)
Giles Martin listened to hours of archival recordings to isolate more than 1,000 snippets of Beatles chatter from concerts and recording sessions. "It does make you feel as though you are back in Abbey Road" he says.
Read all about it !

This collection brings together all known fragments of studio matereal that have emerged since "Love" and during the 2009 Remasters project and includes tracks from the following sources:

  • Mini documentaries DVD (part of the Stereo Remasters Box Set)
  • The Beatles On Record (broadcast in September 2009)
  • 090909 Radio Show (broadcast at the time of the Remasters release)
  • All Together Now DVD (The Making of Love)
  • The Rockband Game

Track Sources :
All of these tracks are presented in the best possibly quality, but note that all material presented from the Rockband Video Game was originally compressed to .ogg format on the game discs - but in very high quality. The Beatles On Record tracks are taken from the original broadcast via Sky+, these tracks suffer broadcast compression - but are truly superb quality.

Rockband Tracks :
The Rockband game contained over 250+ fragments of sound in 10 second bursts. Many of these were song specific, but some were generic unknown sound, again these have been marked. Also worth noting is the annoying 'She's A Woman' chord which is everywhere in this game, but means nothing, along with the guitar tuning which plagues the fragments of 'Dear Prudence.' Some of these tracks were easy to assemble as the fragments overlapped, but others were harder. Where a match was not obvious the snippets are presented as separate fragments.

Mono/Stereo :
Some tracks are presented in both mono and stereo mixes. As some of these tracks were made available online in their raw states (.ogg stereo files) whilst they often playback through the PS3 in mono (even when set to stereo!) Both mixes are presented for these tracks.

Take Numbers/Track Identities :
Take numbers have only been added to tracks with Take announcements, or those that could be located in Mark Lewisohn's book by description. Others have been named 'Unknown.' With regards to the identity of each track, most tracks were easy to identify, and in the case of the Rockband tracks, fragments relating to certain tracks only played during that level of the game. Others were more difficult to identify, and in these cases the tracks have been poured over by many experts and where a track could be identified, it has been - other tracks have been marked 'unknown.'
It is not guaranteed 100% that all tracks are what they claim to be, but I'm sure that they are not far off being correct.

Edited Game Fragments :
The 'Completed Song' tracks were edited by the game makers, mixing random notes with studio chat - you will see that there are several versions of some of these tracks. These are not true unedited studio fragments, but are included for completeness as some of the chat is unique to these tracks.

JPGR Comments :
This was the latest in the collections offered free on the internet to fans by Helter Skelter back in 2011.
This is one of the most pointless bootlegs of all time, a complete waste of money .... although, if you downloaded it for nothing you mustn't grumble.
Mostly from recording sessions this disc collects together (too many) tiny spoken asides from the Fab Four taken well out of context and without the following recordings. Also these so-called "different" mono and stereo versions are all lumped together back-to-back. So you then get the same bits twice (as if it wasn't nonsensical enough !).
One to be filed away and never touched again.

The liner notes are lifted word-for-word from the original release notes, and there is not a single acknowledgement of who actually put the effort into making this set.
But to be honest, Helter Skelter is better treated by being left out.

Disc 2 is basically the mini docs lifted from the 2009 Remasters DVD, with some random bonus tracks lifted from other internet sources.

C.D. One

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 This Boy Unknown Takes 0:23
2 I Should Have Known Better Take 2 0:04
3 If I Fell Take 4 0:13
4 And I Love Her Take 14 + Unknown Take
"Take 50" - hang on John has broken a string
5 Tell Me Why Take 2 0:13
6 You Can't Do That Unknown Take 0:08
7 No Reply Take 1 + Unknown Take 0:21
8 Baby's In Black Take 7 0:12
9 Eight Days A Week Unknown Take 0:10
10 Honey Don't Unknown Take 0:10
11 Every Little Thing Unknown Take 0:04
12 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby Unknown Take 0:04
13 She's A Woman Take 1
John questions whether they are all in tune
14 Ticket To Ride Take 1 + Edited Version 0:34
15 Yesterday Take 1 0:05
16 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) Take 3 + Take 4 0:57
17 The Word Unknown Take 0:02
18 Michelle Take 1 0:20
19 Girl Take 1 0:13
20 In My Life Unknown Take 0:20
21 Run For Your Life Unknown Take 0:09
22 Eleanor Rigby Between Takes 1 + 2 0:07
23 Yellow Submarine Takes 1 + 4
"It's twenty to 10"
24 And Your Bird Can Sing Take 3 0:11
25 Tomorrow Never Knows Take 1 0:09
26 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Unknown Takes 1:28
27 With A Little Help From My Friends Unknown Take 0:09
28 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Unknown Takes 1:25
29 Getting Better Unknown Takes 1:03
30 Fixing A Hole Unknown Take 0:47
31 She's Leaving Home Unknown Takes 0:19
32 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite Takes 1-7 1:09
33 Within You, Without You Unknown Take 0:42
34 When I'm Sixty-Four Unknown Take 0:27
35 Lovely Rita Unknown Takes 1:12
36 Good Morning, Good Morning Unknown Take 0:27
37 Sgt. Pepper (Reprise) Unknown Takes 0:33
38 A Day In The Life Takes 1 + 2 + Edit Piece 0:40
39 Fool On The Hill Take 3 0:07
40 I Am The Walrus Take 2 2:52
41 Hello, Goodbye Unknown Takes 0:36
42 Strawberry Fields Forever Unknown Take 0:04
43 All You Need Is Love Unknown Takes 0:38
44 Back In The U.S.S.R. Unknown Takes 0:38
45 Dear Prudence Unknown Takes 0:43
46 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Take 1, Take 27 + Unknown Take 1:09
47 Rocky Raccoon Unknown Take 0:09
48 Don't Pass Me By Unknown Take 0:16
49 I Will Unknown Take 0:03
50 Birthday Unknown Takes 1:03
51 Sexy Sadie Unknown Takes 0:26
52 Helter Skelter Take 18 + Take 19 + Unknown 2:25
53 Long, Long, Long Unknown Takes 0:24
54 Revolution Unknown Take 0:20
55 What's The New Mary Jane Unknown Take 0:04
56 Hey Bulldog Unknown Takes 1:10
57 Get back Unknown Take from Nagra 516A 0:06
58 I've Got A Feeling Unknown Take from Nagra 418A 0:10
59 I Me Mine Unknown Take 0:08
60 Come Together Take 4 + Take 5 1:19
61 Something Unknown Takes 1:25
62 Maxwell's Silver Hammer Take 8 1:33
63 Oh! Darling Unknown Take 1:51
64 Octopus's Garden Unknown Take 1:30
65 Here Comes The Sun Take 1 0:57
66 Because Unknown Take 0:22
67 You Never Give Me Your Money Unknown Take 0:56
68 Sun King Unknown Take 0:34
69 Polythene Pam/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Take 1 + 2 3:32
70 Golden Slumbers Unknown Take 0:44
71 Her Majesty Unknown Take 0:08
72 Unknown Tracks Montage ? 1:28
73 Completed Song Tracks Montage Includes Paul, "Plastic Soul" 2:10
74 Failed Tracks Montage John, "Somebody's got to own up" 3:45
75 Take Announcements Montage Yes, just that one after the other .... 1:47
76 Rockband Opening Montage ? 2:31
77 Christmas 1965 Outtake From BBC George Martin Arena Documentary 0:40

C.D. Two

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Introduction George, "Take 1"
Ringo, "Right, well I'm not holding back George, I'm giving my all"
John (in silly voice), "By the power invested in me by Her Royal Majesty I declare this fete well and truly open"
Paul, "I can take you back via the magic media of song"
2 Please Please Me L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 6:15
3 From Me To You / With The Beatles L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 4:03
4 She Loves You Brief inserts with the same talking heads 1:30
5 I Want To Hold Your Hand Brief inserts with the same talking heads 1:00
6 A Hard Day's Night L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 3:26
7 George Martin Interview / I Feel Fine Talking heads and about a minute of the song 1:52
8 Beatles For Sale L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 1:29
9 Help ! L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 4:18
10 Rubber Soul L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 2:48
11 Revolver L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 3:37
12 Reporting ‘66 / Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads
"Reporting 66" was interviews recorded 20th December by John Edwards for ITN
13 Magical Mystery Tour L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 4:03
14 The Beatles (White Album) L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 4:12
15 Yellow Submarine L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 3:06
16 Let It Be L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 4:54
17 Abbey Road L.P. Brief inserts of music from the time, with talking heads 3:36
18 Outro Final chat 0:40
19 Ain't She Sweet No reverb 2:09
20 My Bonnie No reverb 2:40
21 George Martin Interview An interview from 1964 5:03
22 Reporting ‘66: End Of Beatlemania "Reporting 66" was interviews and The Beatles filmed arriving at Abbey Road
recorded 20th December by John Edwards for ITN
23 While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Esher Demo) End of May 1968 0:58
24 Apple Studio Test Tape January 21st 1969 ? 0:48

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