TMOQ Gazette Vol.2 - Uncovered !

The Beatles
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Label HMC (His Masters Choice)
Catalogue No. HMC 014
Country Of Origin   Japan
Release Date 2011
Total Time C.D. 1 - 77:12
C.D. 2 - 71:04
Comments: This is not what one would call an essential set, but definitely worth having as it exposes some great rare Beatle sounds !

None of these tracks have been available in this form before.
The tracks on this set have been carefully remixed and reconstructed from several sources to highlight how the songs started out in the studio or how they sounded before various overdubs were added to create final versions.
You can actually hear newly discovered pieces as the layers are stripped back. New vocals, new instrumentation and quite a bit of Beatle chat during the sessions (including some that were buried in the mastertapes of the actual recordings !).

The sound quality is top notch. Vocals jump out of the speakers and the backing sounds as though it has just been played in your front room.

The quality of the presentation of this set is stunning. Thick cardboard DVD-sized cover contains thick quality card 24 page booklet in book form, with nice artwork, informative script and the two c.d.'s housed in plastic built-in sleeves within each cover.

C.D. 1

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 I Saw Her Standing There A simple remix of the finished take but without the handclaps that were added as an overdub. 2:50
2 I Want To Hold Your Hand As the first track, a further remix without the overdubbed handclaps. 2:26
3 A Hard Day's Night A completely different remix.
Single-tracked vocals, many of the overdubs removed,
including George's 12-string Rickenbacker guitar parts.
Also here we have a cold ending too.
4 Can't Buy Me Love A track recorded in Paris on 29th January 1964,
but the released version added a 12-string guitar overdub by George recorded back at Abbey Road on 25th February.
Here that overdub is removed and the original, previously unheard live guitar solo is restored.
(You can hear why it was decided to re-record it)
You can also hear a loud "hey!" just after the solo, that was barely audible on the finished record.
5 I Feel Fine Starts with the whispering intro from Paul, "Yer right John ?"
Then follows a stereo mix of the backing track, minus the overdubbed guitar solo.
6 Eight Days A Week This newly remixed version features a nice clean intro, without the fade-in
and is minus the overdubbed handclaps.
7 In My Life This first version features no piano solo at all.
Without that piano solo overdub you can now hear Paul talking to John,
reminding him of the words that are coming up after the solo.
8 In My Life A week after the first version above, George Martin made several attempts at a suitable solo, first trying a Hammond organ and then a piano.
The Hammond part was rejected, but preserved by Lennon on one of his home tapes.
Here we have that original Hammond solo seamlessly restored.
9 Wait This track was originally recorded 17th June 1965 during the Help! sessions but had been rejected.
Months later on 11th November the track was resurrected and subjected to various overdubs, before inclusion on Rubber Soul.
This version has had those later overdubs stripped to reveal the original sound.
10 Yellow Submarine Preceded by over 40 seconds of studio chat here is a bare bones version.
Gone are the brass band, the sound effects and Captain John Lennon.
But one can now hear Paul vocalising some parts where overdubs would later be placed !
11 She's Leaving Home The complete backing track is re-created here from the unedited instrumental track from the Sgt.Pepper multi-tracks that appeared in 2009 together with the intro from a clean version as heard on The BBC's "Producers" radio program. 3:42
12 For The Benefit Of Mr.Kite Another highlight of a stripped bare version.
This removes almost all the overdubs and circus sounds added after the backing track and vocals were prepared.
Without the effects, this allows elements of the song obscured by the overdubs to be heard.
13 Good Morning, Good Morning   Another version cleared of the overdubs and effects to reveal a punchy rythym track.
This enhances the crystal clear vocals from John and Paul.
A complete rounded ending, with vocals in German too(!) that are inaudible on the finished track.
14 Sgt. Pepper (Reprise) A new remix revealing a bit of chat from John and Paul in the intro.
Plus a full unfettered ending, with extra vocals mixed out of the released version.
15 Hello Goodbye This version is missing the string overdubs added October 20th 1967. 3:56
16 I Am The Walrus The track starts with over a minute of studio chat and
then launches into a version with a lot of the overdubs mixed out.
17 Back In The U.S.S.R. A version devoid of almost all the instrumentation !
This is a simple mix of Paul's vocal and basic drums.
(The original was recorded without Ringo, who'd temprarily walked out !)
18 Come Together More studio chat to start.
This version has several overdubs removed as well as vocals brought up in the mix.
19 Something Another buried vocalisation discovery !
George's guitar solo overdub is lowered out of the mix to reveal the exact same notes being vocalised by none other than Paul !
20 Maxwell's Silver Hammer Most of the synthesiser overdubs are removed.
Pauls vocals are also reduced to leave them mostly single-tracked.
21 Oh! Darling The backing has been reduced by mixing out guitar parts leaving it piano-based like the original take.
Paul's vocal is also reduced to be single-tracked, plus a bit of extra vocal can be heard that was omitted from the final mix.
22 Octopus's Garden Studio chat at start.
The effects overdubs during the solo have been removed.
Ringo's vocal is reduced back to be mostly single-tracked.
23 Here Comes The Sun Most guitar overdubs, orchestral overdubs, handclaps etc have all been mixed back out.
This leaves a nice acoustic single-tracked take.
24 Polythene Pam A completely stripped down mix leaving just John's guitar and Ringo's percussion.
In the first part one can hear a guide vocal from John.
And in the latter half, some counting that probably led into the next track.
Also, this comes to a full ending.
25 I Me Mine The unedited backing track featuring a faint guide vocal from George. 1:38

C.D. 2

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Do You Want To Know A Secret   George's vocal error at 39 seconds in has been restored.
The ending has also been restored to finish as it did in the studio on 11th February 1963,
repeated three times with no fade.
2 Ticket To Ride A stunning single-tracked vocal remix. 3:02
3 Norwegian Wood No sitar !
Just John's guitar and lead vocal, Paul's bass and backing vocal, and Ringo's percussion.
4 Think For Yourself The overdubbed fuzz bass has been dropped,
leaving a clearer backing track that was underneath.
5 Michelle First we have the complete backing track.
Paul's guide vocal can be hard in the distant background.
6 Michelle As above, with no final overdubs and guitar during the solo and end refrain.
Paul's vocal is single-tracked and the backing vocals lower in the mix.
7 Girl Studio doodling and count-in.
Guitar overdubs are removed to reveal more talking and some stray notes in the latter section.
It comes to a full ending too.
8 Run For Your Life Preserved on the Lost Lennon Tapes is a partial recording of this track with a very different lead vocal. This is often referred to as the "Take 5 guide vocal". The complete version of this vocal was found buried on one of the bass tracks when the MOGG files were analysed ! This vocal has been brought to the fore to create this new mix. It makes the bass sound a bit hollow as various noise gates had to be used to extract the vocal, but after years of hearing that abbreviated LLT version it's good to hear in it's entirety at last.
(Original LLT version can be heard on L.L.T. Vol. 12)
9 Paperback Writer A straight remix with the vocal track opened right up.
A few extra bits and pieces can be heard, including Paul clearing his throat for the high register vocals at the end.
10 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds A stripped back version to remove final overdubs and bass that were added on the final day of recording.
No vocals, apart from a faint Lennon guide vocal.
11 When I'm 64 The clarinet overdubs have been removed. 3:12
12 Lovely Rita Fewer overdubs and enhanced vocals,
allow many sections to be heard clearer than ever before.
13 A Day In The Life A brand new remix with studio chat and the original restored double ending. 5:27
14 All You Need Is Love This is the backing track onto which the Beatles would
add vocals, additional instrumentation and the orchestra during the live Our World broadcast.
Features brief studio chat, John's partial guide vocal and George on Violin !
15 Hey Bulldog A remixed backing track with faint guide vocal.
George's guitar solo was overdubbed later with the lead vocal so both are missing here.
16 Revolution Mostly single-tracked vocal (with various pieces not appearing in the released mix).
Much less guitar than on that final version too.
17 While My Guitar Gently Weeps This omits George's vocal and much of the acoustic guitar, but
in doing this you can now hear Paul singing parts of the song that had been buried in the mix.
Far from the brilliance of the issued version, but nonetheless very interesting.
18 Birthday Studio chat at the start.
Excludes various overdubs and backing vocals, but one can hear extra vocals from John and Paul dotted about.
19 Oh! Darling Paul's raw vocal booth recording mixed with the complete backing track. 3:26
20 Octopus's Garden Ringo's later lead vocal over the original backing track. 2:50
                          Bonus Tracks (iTunes Exclusives)
21 The Fool On The Hill The "Love" Version 3:27
22 Girl The "Love" Version 2:40

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