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The Beatles
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Label Unicorn
Catalogue No. UC S005/S006
Matrix No.'s C.D. 1 - 3207009
C.D. 2 - 3207010
Country Of Origin   England
Release Date 2002
Total Time C.D. 1 - 65:32
C.D. 2 - 65:23
Comments: Exactly what it says on the label, it is the complete recorded sound during the "Let It Be" sessions of January 1969 as recorded by Camera B. For a brief explanation of how these recordings were made, see The Box Set Main Page

This is Volume 3, being from January 26th and January 27th 1969.
There is a lot of work on "Long And Winding Road" and also some very interesting chat.

The timings I give for each recorded titled musical piece are for the actual musical content. If there are any discussions, tunings or comments that accompany the piece, they can be spotted by the start time given of the next titled entry.
(I hope you can follow that !)

The collection comes in a nice solid box, housing 12 double c.d.'s in picture sleeves, therefore a total of TWENTY-FOUR c.d.'s !

Note: For an explanation of "DDSI" numbers see DDSI - An explanation (The numbers listed here are the 2007 edition)

C.D. 5

No. Full Detail
(preceded by Start Time, ending with track timing)
Roll 1082b contd. Slate 373
0:00 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 26.81)
      A discussion on the required chords.
      Paul, "It's one of those songs we should give away,
            Ray [Charles] could do this one very good."

      At 2:37 in, Paul sings a couple of verses quietly to himself.
4:54 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 26.82)
      Paul has a full practice run, but John is still just picking randomly at the bass.
10:18 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 26.83)
      Paul again runs through the full song, bass is still nowhere near.
Roll 1083b Slate 373 contd.
0:00 Dialogue/Tuning 1:00
1:01 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 26.86)
      Paul runs through again, but "dum-di-dums" the breaks.
      The backing is still dreadful.
      After this run-thru, they practise some phrases.
7:10 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 26.87)
      Mock Spanish cha-cha version
      At end, Paul, "Alright lads, that's enough, we could go on all bloody day."
An excerpt from this cha-cha version was used in the film Let It Be.
8:53 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 26.88)
      Paul again starts singing but not terribly seriously.
      His voice fluctuates between a variety of styles and pitches,
      as he still tries to get some semblance of backing from the others.
An snatch of dialogue at the end of this was used in the film Let It Be.
14:05 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 26.89)
      Paul counts in, hoping for a good one ... but backing awful again.
Roll 1084b Slate 375 contd.
0:23 The Long And Winding Road
      Continuing from run-through above.
      Paul says. "It's like you've been castrated or something."
      Bass is slightly better, and Paul "speaks" a verse for the first time.
2:20 The Long And Winding Road
      More practice, George has now decided to add some strident acoustic chords.
      George, "Mal, got any ice ?"
            "Can I have a scotch and coke ?"
      More practicing, and all the time Paul just carries on singing.
      The last 4 minutes is mostly just instrumentation.
Roll 1084b (should be 1085) Slate 375
0:00 The Long And Winding Road
      More of Paul singing with "practice" backing.
      At 2:54 Paul says, "It sounds like a dance band", which prompts
      Comments about slow foxtrots and some "Come Dancing" humour.
      Paul, "John, you're doing too many notes, it sounds too regular."
      Then a long period of musical tinkering.
      Paul and Ringo then discuss the drum arrangement.
      At 8:51 Paul starts singing again, but stops occassionally to discuss
      where he sees particular parts of the arrangement coming in.

C.D. 6

No. Full Detail
(preceded by Start Time, ending with track timing)
Roll 1085b (should be 1086) Slate 375 contd.
0:00 The Long And Winding Road
      More practising and discussing, then they are ready for a take ...
3:05 The Long And Winding Road (Take 1) (DDSI no. 26.91)
      A complete run through, and pretty good too.
This version was used for Glyn John's original album and appears on many boots.
7:54 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 26.91P)
      A studio playback of above Take 1.
      after which there is much animated discussion with many voices at once.
      Heather, Linda and George are playing a "Mr. Sock" game.
      Paul and George Martin discuss LAWR, then George joins them,
      and he suggests that the song may require brass (shades of Spector ?).
Roll 1087b Slate 375 continued.
0:00 Dialogue/Playback
      Heather and George are still playing.
      George suggests playing Take 1 back again and,
      "Taking things out, one at a time."
      The tape is re-wound, but goes too far and "Let It Be" can be heard.
      LAWR Take 1 is played back with instruments being taken out.
      Glyn, "When it's mixed, I'm sure this take will be alright."
      George, "We could tidy it up a bit"
      George Martin, "Shall I book the Mike Sammes Singers ?"
      Paul, "Just book The Scaffold."
      Paul then sings a bit of "Lily The Pink".
8:10 Dialogue
      Paul (to Heather), "We're Going home."
            "Well, you're going back in your box."
      Paul, "Tell everyone to come at 12 tomorrow, then we`ll eat about 4 and work later."
      Sounds of everyone preparing to go.
      George is talking to an American and says that he wants to go to New York to record.
      "See ya Paul, bye-bye Heather"
      George says that they gotta finish this soon, because Ringo is doing a movie
      with Peter Sellers, and after the finish he has to go in hospital to sort a tooth out.

27th January 1969
      Roll 1088b Slate 381
0:00 Dialogue - It's first thing in the morning session.
      Breakfast - Tea and toast can be heard being prepared.
      Paul, John and Yoko have a laugh, and discuss pasted up press cuttings for the "You Are Here" exhibition.
      Then Paul sits at a piano and starts tinkering.
3:27 Unknown Instrumental (DDSI no. 27.1)
      Paul plays a piano instrumental, with one brief pause in it.
7:24 Strawberry Fields Forever (DDSI no. 27.2)
      Paul runs through some phrases of John's classic piece.
8:44 Dialogue
      Some interesting exchanges here that are initiated by Glyn's arrival.
      Glyn, "I just had an accident with a police car in Saville Row !"
      Paul then tells amusing stories about when he got stopped, during the
      course of which it seems all the Beatles drive without car tax !
      Then they chat about Miami cops and pot.
      John, "There's a great cartoon in The Sun today" which prompts
      a discussion on Enoch Powell and his appearance on the David Frost show.
Roll 1089b Slate 382
0:00 Dialogue
      More general chit-chat as they enjoy the tea and toast.
      John enthuses about John Wayne.
3:07 Old Brown Shoe (DDSI no. 27.3)
      George plays and sings with a few pauses, but
      he seems to have most of the song ready.
7:14 Old Brown Shoe (DDSI no. 27.3)
      He starts again, but cuts off, perhaps someone has joined him as he says,
      "I'll sing it to you, if you hear any words that could be better,
       cos, it was getting late."

      Probably Billy Preston as he does mention him around the 14:45 mark on this reel.

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