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Label Unicorn
Catalogue No. UC S003/S004
Matrix No.'s C.D. 1 - 3207007
C.D. 2 - 3207008
Country Of Origin   England
Release Date 2002
Total Time C.D. 1 - 65:06
C.D. 2 - 64:42
Comments: Exactly what it says on the label, it is the complete recorded sound during the "Let It Be" sessions of January 1969 as recorded by Camera B. For a brief explanation of how these recordings were made, see The Box Set Main Page

This is Volume 2 all being from January 26th 1969.

Quite often this pair of c.d.'s are described accurately in Sulphy's book, but there are still pieces in a different sequence of events, and the listings on the c.d. cover is not right too. It seems to list as per the book, but some things are not on the tapes at all.

The timings I give for each recorded titled musical piece are for the actual musical content. If there are any discussions, tunings or comments that accompany the piece, they can be spotted by the start time given of the next titled entry.
(I hope you can follow that !)

The collection comes in a nice solid box, housing 12 double c.d.'s in picture sleeves, therefore a total of TWENTY-FOUR c.d.'s !

Note: For an explanation of "DDSI" numbers see DDSI - An explanation (The numbers listed here are the 2007 edition)

C.D. 3

No. Full Detail
(preceded by Start Time, ending with track timing)
26th January 1969
Roll 1073b Slate 359 contd.
0:00 Dialogue
     George is talking about a song for Sinatra.
     But after talking about "Isn't It A Pity" and a fragment of "Get Back" is
     heard in the background, the next chat is about the mixing desk.
     "Isn't It A Pity" and "Window Window" listed on the cover are not on the disc.
2:07 Let It Down (DDSI no. 26.3) 0:27
3:22 Let It Down (DDSI no. 26.4) 0:14
4:09 Octopus's Garden (DDSI no. 26.5, 26.6 and 26.7)
     Ringo demo's the above and George helps him with the composition.
     Ringo and George are then heard composing to the end of this track.
A section at the start of this was used in the film Let It Be.
Roll 1074b Slate 359/365
0:00 Dialogue
     At start voice says "Slate 359", then a tape pause followed by "Slate 365".
     "Let It Be" can be heard briefly being discussed,
     then they can all smell food.
1:35 Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling (DDSI no. 26.48) 0:35
2:53 Let It Be (DDSI no. 26.49)
     Before it starts John says, "Shall we do it once more, then have dinner ?"
     Paul starts "Let It Be", but quickly stops.
     John then sings some joke versions of it.
4:10 You Really Got A Hold On Me (DDSI no. 26.50) 0:08
4:20 Let It Be (DDSI no. 26.52)
     Joke lyrics in the 3rd verse.
     Including some that John had made up in 26.49 above.
8:23 Like A Rolling Stone (DDSI no. 26.53)
     The backing of Dig It, but johns sings this over the top.
10:23 Twist And Shout (DDSI no. 26.54)
     Still Dig It but John urges Heather to Twist And Shout as she starts to make noises.
11:50 Dig It (DDSI no. 26.55)
     Heather impersonates Yoko over almost all of this as John plays on.
Roll 1076b Slate 367/370
0:00 Blue Suede Shoes (DDSI no. 26.59) 0:58
1:09 You Really Got A Hold On Me (DDSI no. 26.60)
An excerpt from this was used in the film Let It Be.
7:10 Dialogue
     John, "They're going to call us when he's ready .. 10 minute break"
     John then asks Mal for some "honey and lemon"
7:50 Agent Double O-Soul (DDSI no. 26.62) 2:13
11:00 S.O.S. (DDSI no. 26.63) 0:54
12:02 Rockin' Pneumonia And A Boogie Woogie Flu (DDSI no. 26.64) 0:33
0:00 Daddy Rolling Stone (DDSI no. 26.65) 0:00
12:00 Improvisation (DDSI no. 26.66 & 26.67) 4:10
Roll 1077b Slate 370/371
0:00 Jam (DDSI no. 26.68 & 26.69)
     Pauses at 5:22 then gets going again.
     At 7:57 Ringo tries to up the beat, but just for a few seconds.

C.D. 4

No. Full Detail
(preceded by Start Time, ending with track timing)
Roll 1078b Slate 372 contd. - (After Lunch)
0:00 Improvisation (DDSI no. 26.69) 6:00
6:40 Dialogue
     Heather on drums and talking to Ringo.
7:38 Let It Be (DDSI no. 26.70)
     Paul speaks it in a gospel style.
8:51 Let It Be (DDSI no. 26.71)
     Start of 2nd verse is messed up,
     at instrumental break, Paul says "Billy"
13:01 Let It Be (DDSI no. 26.72)
     Sounds like Paul is singing this and directing it to Heather as he sings,
     "You will be a good girl, Let It Be,
      and though you may be told off, you will still be able to see"

     (it cuts off at end of tape)
Roll 1079b Slate 372
0:00 Dialogue/Warm up
     Paul checks everyone is ready, and Glyn ... "Take",
     "Do one chorus and then a verse"
1:34 Let It Be (DDSI no. 26.73)
     George says, "Out of tune".
     John's bass is out of tune.
4:01 Let It Be (DDSI no. 26.74)
     Paul, "That'll do for now on this one, eh ? ...
          we'll do this another time. It slowed down after the solo."

     John, "Can't say as I noticed."
12:00 Let It Be (DDSI no. 26.75)
     Paul starts again with an excellent opening refrain, but
     it's a half-hearted attempt, as clearly the others are bored,
     and it fails after about 1 minute.
13:00 Improvisation
     Idle improvisation to the end.
Roll 1080b Slate 373
0:00 I Told You Before (DDSI no. 26.77)
     Improvisation with Heather wailing over the top.
6:30 Dialogue/Tuning
     George runs through some chords,
     and then some practice doodling.
10:15 I Told You Before (DDSI no. 26.78)
     Instrumental to the end of the tape.
Roll 1081b Slate 373
0:00 I Told You Before (DDSI no. 26.79)
     continued from previous tape.
1:28 Dialogue
     John, "Let's have a break on it,
          cos it's two days and we need a break on it,
          ... don't we Mother Mary."

     Paul, "Shall we learn the chorus of 'Long And Winding Road' ?"
     John, "What key is it in ... e-flat ?? .... 'kin hell, he must be mental !"
6:15 Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 26.80)
     Paul starts singing and playing properly, but
     odd instrumentation comes in behind him.
     He keeps on going though on a run-thru.
9:26 Long And Winding Road
     To end of tape, Paul sings various lines and discusses chords.
     There is some great singing and piano work during this practice.

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