The Beatles - "DDSI" and "GB" Numbers Explained

Simple ! ... DDSI = "Drugs, Divorce and a Slipping Image"
And ........ GB = "Get Back"

OK, you want to know more ....

In 1994 Doug Sulpy and Ray Schweighardt published a book that summarized The Beatles recording sessions of January 1969 for what was to become the "Let It Be" album.    This book was called, "Drugs, Divorce, and a Slipping Image".

Within this book each chapter was devoted to a day of recording, and very conveniently for the authors, these sessions all took place in January (I say conveniently, because therefore no day number occurs twice ... read on ...)
Giving details of each day, every song or snippet of song is given a unique sequential number, therefore the first song recorded on the 4th of January is number 4.1 ... and the 12th song on the 31st of January is 31.12 within the book.
That reference number was the DDSI Number.
Got it ?
This means that each recording within these sessions could be referenced easily, and for detail one can look at the book.

Of course, the bulk of these recordings have only ever surfaced on illegal recordings, "Bootlegs", and on this huge pile of releases there is much repetition of these sessions. Handily though, with book in hand we can read the full detail of each song and it's recording process.
If you have recordings of these sessions, you MUST have this book.

A later edition of this book was issued in 1997, and although "DDSI" was the title of the original U.S. publication ... for the U.K. market (and later editions elsewhere) this 1997 title was changed to "GET BACK - The Beatles Let It Be Disaster" ... AND due to further research the numbers HAD CHANGED !
Therefore the DDSI numbers now only referred to the older (out of date) publication, so these had to be replaced by "GB" numbers (GB-TBLIBD numbers is too much of a mouthful !).

So, laterly the JPGR listings of the Let It Be legitimate releases and the bootlegs of the sessions referenced the Doug Sulpy analysis by "GB Number".

BUT, with a vast number of extra tapes from the sessions becoming available, another re-write occured in 2007 and the book reverted to it's original title of "Drugs, Divorce, and a Slipping Image".
Allegedly, all the session tapes had now been analysed giving us an even fuller account of the Let It Be sessions and with the extra tracks being listed, of course, the numbers had changed again !
So, with the new book in hand I am now going back through JPGR and re-assigning every track with this [hopefully] final sequence number.    The new 2007 DDSI number.
So, dig out your copies of the sessions (legit or on boot) and these tracks can be played along with the 2007 book in hand, and your enjoyment will be further enhanced ... Definitely.

Where "GB Number" is still shown on the JPGR webpages, I haven't re-assigned yet and these are based on the 1997 book.
Where "DDSI Number" appears, this is referring to the 2007 latest edition.

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