Lost In Weybridge

John Lennon

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Lost In Weybridge - The C.D.
Lost In Weybridge - The C.D.
Label Lennons Records
Catalogue No. STATB 10
Country Of Origin   9, Rutland Drive, Morden, Surrey, England
Release date 2003
Total time 78:57
Comments: Again, a very nice looking C.D. from the "Stamp Out The Beatles" people.
This particular C.D. collects together unreleased John sessions from 1968 at Kenwood in Weybridge, plus some bonus tracks.

The C.D. is housed in a three fold cardboard pack with some nice pictures of John. It also has an erotic Lennon Lithograph in the middle section behind the C.D.

This C.D. has a parody of the "Lost Lennon Tapes" style Bag label which on this release says "Tea Bag One" as can be seen on the front cover ... and ... is acredited as the "First Tomato". The following release from these people was "Tea Bag Two" and the "Second Tomato", which was Ringo's Go Cat Go.

The copyright of this release is attributed to GERTRUDE LIAR PRODUCTIONS.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Comments Time
Alone with his thoughts making some freaky noise in Kenwood
1 The General Erection Poem from "The Tonight Show" - 18th June 1965 0:32
2 He Said He Said Home demo probably April/May 1966 1:15
3 He Said He Said Home demo probably April/May 1966 0:47
4 She Said She Said Home demo probably April/May 1966 1:43
5 Good Morning, Good Morning Home demo from January 1967 1:05
6 Across The Universe Piano demo from 1967 1:31
7 She's Walking Past My Door (1:57)/
You Know My Name (0:50)
Strident piano chords introduce this home demo from March 1968. 2:47
8 You Can Talk To Me Early demo of "Hey Bulldog" 3:18
9 Cry Baby Cry (0:50)
Cry Baby Cry (0:59)
Across The Universe (0:27)
Cry Baby Cry (0:16)
Across The Universe (0:12)
Cry Baby Cry (0:55)
Home demos from late 1967 3:29
10 Julia 13 seconds into this demo it abruptly stops and a tape is heard rewinding, before we hear the full demo from May 1968. 3:20
11 Julia This is identical to the previous track, but without the rewind portion. 2:49
12 Julia Instrumental demo 2:53
13 Two Virgins Album Radio interview with John Peel, 9th December 1968, in Studio 1, 201, Picadilly, London.
"Open your head and allow it to come in, or go out, or leave the room."
14 Two Virgins Outtake From May 1968 1:47
15 She's Not A Girl Who Misses Much Over instrumentation for "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" John says "You're so beautiful this morning". 0:41
16 Weybridge Tapes And Inviting Yoko 1971 interview for Rolling Stone 2:21
17 Look At Me Home demo from October 1970 3:10
18 The Maharishi Song Summer 1968 3:09
19 I Love You, My Love A horny blues with John and Yoko expressing their feelings in a rap. 5:47
20 Oh My Love Two early demo's each 1:25 2:50
21 A Case Of The Blues Home demo from December 1968 2:52
22 Don't Let Me Down Acoustic demo from December 1968, with only the basic words of:
"Nobody ever loves me like you do"
23 Don't Let Me Down Acoustic demo from December 1968 with some verses starting to appear
Identical to that found on Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Eighteen
24 Everyone Had A Hard Year John's home demo from October 1968 which became "I've Got A Feeling" 1:40
25 Freaky Music At Home And Inviting Yoko (2) 1980 interview 2:41
26 Mellotron Improvisation No.1 A Carribean style foxtrot ? 1:28
27 Mellotron Improvisation No.2 Like a mantle clock chime 0:27
28 Mellotron Improvisation No.3 A glissando noise 0:19
29 Mellotron Improvisation No.4 Clock chimes again, with flutes 1:46
30 Mellotron Improvisation No.5 Clock chimes, ending with "Think For Yourself" segment 1:57
31 Stranger In My Arms Old standard sung over Mellotron sounds, May 1968 3:38
Bonus Tracks
32 A Nice Noise a.k.a. Sean's Loud 1979 - An excerpt of this appeared on the legit Anthology box set. This full version was first heard on Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Eight. 1:53
33 Don't Let Me Down NOT John's song of the same title, this is from Julian Lennon's 1998 album "Photograph Smile" 4:44
34 Magical Misery Tour Parody from "National Lampoon's Radio Dinner", released September 1972 on Blue Thumb's "Banana" subsiduary catalogue number BTS 38.
Features Tony Hendra as John, and Melissa Manchester as Yoko.
... beware of the swearing !

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