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Go Cat Go - The C.D.
Go Cat Go - The C.D.
Label Ring O' Records
Catalogue No. STATB 11
Country Of Origin   Hazelden Clinic, Minnesota
Release date 2003
Total time 79:56
Comments: Again, a very nice looking C.D. from the "Stamp Out The Beatles" people.
This particular C.D. collects together unreleased Ringo sessions from 1987 in Memphis, along with unreleased recordings for Cat Stevens "Izitso" album from 1976 which featured Ringo on drums.

The 1987 Memphis Sessions
The idea for the planned 1987 album came during a visit to the Bahamas in December 1986, when Ringo bumped into producer/guitarist 'Chips' Moman.
Ringo started work in the first week of February 1987 on the new album at the 3 Alarm Studios, in Memphis. With studio owner Chips Moman producing these sessions, they did not go well and originally lasted only a week. Recording resumed on the 25th April 1987 for five days, with Bob Dylan attending on the 29th April. A total of 16 tracks were laid down, including "I Can Help", "Some Kind Of Wonderful", "Beat Patrol", "Ain't That A Shame", "Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day" and "Whisky And Soda".
After these sessions Ringo had had enough of Moman, and ceased communication with him upon his return to England. Then when Moman attempted to release these recordings in 1989 Ringo sued him, citing that they were recorded under the influence of alcohol, that he hadn't in fact played drums at the sessions and that his vocals had needed the assistance of Toni Moman (the producer's wife).
Track 9 on this C.D. is probably the most essential part of this collection and is part of the actual tape recorded in court, including some of Ringo's actual testimony !
The Atlanta court granted Ringo an injunction in November 1989, blocking its release by Moman's own CRS Records.
Following on in January 1990, Moman was required to surrender the master tapes in exchange for which Starr was to pay him $74,354 in recording expenses - less than half the total recording expenses, which allegedly totalled $162,000.

The 1976 Izitso Sessions
Ringo flew in to Copenhagen on 29th September 1976.
Cat Stevens is quoted as saying that he met Ringo at a hotel in Copenhagen, and invited him down to a recording session for his album "Izitso" at Sweet Silence Studios (also in Copenhagen). He recalled that the party atmosphere of the sessions led to a jam of him singing "Blue Monday" (written by Fats Domino) and "I Just Want to Make Love to You", plus an 8 minute rendition of "Hang on Sloopy/Looking For The Sailor". The tracks laid down were not small snippets of songs, but songs that are 3-4 minutes in length with Ringo joining in on drums. These tracks were not proper takes, so they were never used.
Plus for added pleasure there is Cat's own version of the old song "Working in a Coal Mine".
This 30th September 1976 Jam Session between Cat Stevens & Ringo Starr was at 10:00 p.m. at Sweet Silence Studios, Copenhagen, and also included musicians Jean Roussel and Bruce Lynch.
Cat was also quite sure Ringo did NOT play on any of the tracks that ended up being used on the "Izitso" album.
"IZITSO" appeared on Island (ILPS 9451) and was deleted in May 1982.

I Shall Be Released
Track 20, "I Shall Be Released" was recorded live on 24th November 1976, when Ringo made a surprise appearance at The Band's Farewell concert at The Winterland, San Francisco. The track also includes Ron Wood and Eric Clapton. The concert footage was used in the movie "The Last Waltz".

Hard Times (Live)
This is from the "Ringo Starr 1978 T.V. Special" recorded 26th April 1978. Often referred to as "Ognir Rrats", it was based on the "Prince & the Pauper" story with George Harrison narrating. Hard Times was the concert finale. It was not shown on Channel 4 until 2nd January 1983 !

The C.D. is housed in a three fold cardboard pack with some nice pictures of Ringo (plus one of Cat Stevens). It also has a nice shot of a naked Barbara Bach holding a magazine which says "Interview August 1975". It was at that time that Ringo was being escorted by Nancy Andrews.

As this C.D. was the next release from the S.O.T.B. people after the Lost In Weybridge album, it has a similar parody of the "Lost Lennon Tapes" style Bag label which on this release says "Tea Bag Two" as can be seen on the front cover ... and ... is acredited as the "Second Tomato". And continuing the Tea theme the main cover picture is "borrowed" from The Rutles (see L.P. booklet page 10 !) when tea drinking was exposed as a vice. Under questioning Dirk refused to lie to the British press and admitted to not only taking tea and enjoying tea, but biscuits too.

This bootleg release is attributed to "Ring O'Records", the name of a record label that Ringo had set up on 4th April 1975, from a name suggested by his fellow Beatle, John.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Time
1 Sun Country Classic
Wine Cooler Radio Spot #1
Unreleased Ringo Sessions - 1987 in Memphis.
(Track 6 features Bob Dylan)
2 I've Changed My Mind 2:53
3 I Can Help 3:00
4 You Better Move On 3:27
5 Hard Times 3:40
6 I Wish I Knew Now
(What I Knew Then)
7 Hard Times (Rehearsals) 4:26
8 "Studio Talk" 4:34
9 "Ringo In Court" 5:26
10 Sun Country Classic
Wine Cooler Radio Spot #2
Unreleased Recordings From Cat Stevens "Izitso" Album
With Ringo on Drums - Copenhagen 1976
11 Blue Monday 3:08
12 If I Have To Work For You 4:02
13 Blue Monday (Eins Zwei) 2:08
14 Blue Monday (One Two) 2:07
15 I Just Want To Make Love To You 4:59
16 Working In A Coal Mine 4:38
17 Baby I Have Some Love For You 1:20
18 Looking For The Sailor 8:19
19 Sun Country Classic
Wine Cooler Radio Spot #3
Bonus Tracks
20 I Shall Be Released 4:12
21 Hard Times (Live) 5:18
22 Brief Outtake 0:04
23 Brief Outtake 0:07
24 Brief Outtake 0:04
25 Brief Outtake ("How Does It Feel") 0:21
26 Hard Times 4:24

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