(Just Like) Starting Over    b/w    Kiss Kiss Kiss

John Lennon
Starting Over - Front Cover
Starting Over - Front Cover

Label Geffen
Catalogue No. K 79186
Release Date 24th October 1980
U.K. Chart Detail :
Entry Date :8th November 1980
Highest Position :1 ... 20th December 1980 for 1 week
Weeks in Chart :15 Weeks
Detail : John's eleventh solo single.
John's first record since 1975 and released exactly five years to the day after "Imagine".

Now on "Geffen" records, this single was a precursor to "Double Fantasy" and came in a picture sleeve which is a section of the "Double Fantasy" cover.
The inner groove has an inscription of, "ONE WORLD ONE PEOPLE".

The song started life as a 1979 Dakota demo called, "My Life". John developed the final song during his 1980 summer holiday in Bermuda.
Before piecing bits together, John had a number of musical ideas that he had committed to tape as a variety of possible tunes. Starting Over is probably the best example of a number of ideas that are individually rejected, yet together the pieces make a perfect whole. Firstly a piece called "I Watch Your Face" was composed which was an unused piece that has the barest hint of the Starting Over melody. This was followed by "My Life", "Don't Be Crazy", "The Worst Is Over" and finally the bringing together of all these demos as a finished (Just Like) Starting Over.
See the Starting Over entry in John's Bootleg Outtakes List for examples of the outtakes.

There was also a green vinyl version available ...
Starting Over - Green Vinyl
Starting Over - Green Vinyl

p.s. The title is "(Just Like) Starting Over", but in most of the JPGR indexes you will see it as "Starting Over (Just Like)".
This is done for sorting purposes.

I also have a very rare Polish copy of this single. It is one sided, it is on a postcard type material, it is square !
If you look closely at the picture below of the little girl with the dog, that is actually the playing surface as you will see from the grooves.
The record label is Tonpress and the catalogue number is R-1124

Starting Over - Polish Rear
Starting Over - Polish Rear
Starting Over - Polish Cover Starting Over - Polish Actual Disc
Starting Over - Polish Cover Starting Over - Polish Actual Disc

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