John Lennon - Singles
(in Date Order)

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... Unreleased.
4/07/697"AppleAPPLE 13Give Peace A Chanceb/w Remember Love
24/10/697"AppleAPPLES 1001Cold Turkeyb/w Don't Worry Kyoko
12/697"AppleAPPLES 1002You Know My Name/What's The New Mary Jane ... Unreleased !
6/02/707"AppleAPPLES 1003Instant Karmab/w Who Has Seen The Wind
12/03/717"AppleR 5892Power To The Peopleb/w Open Your Box
10/727"AppleR 5953Woman Is The Nigger Of The World ... Unreleased !
24/11/727"AppleR 5970Happy Xmas (War Is Over)b/w Listen The Snow Is Falling
16/11/737"AppleR 5994Mind Gamesb/w Meat City
4/10/747"AppleR 5998Whatever Gets You Thru The Nightb/w Beef Jerky
31/01/757"AppleR 6003No.9 Dreamb/w What You Got
18/04/757"AppleR 6005Stand By Meb/w Move Over Mrs. L.
24/10/757"AppleR 6009Imagineb/w Working Class Hero
24/10/807"GeffenK 79186Starting Over (Just Like)b/w Kiss Kiss Kiss
16/01/817"GeffenK 79195Womanb/w Beautiful Boys
27/03/817"GeffenK 79207Watching The Wheelsb/w Yes, I'm Your Angel
15/11/827"ParlophoneR 6059Loveb/w Give Me Some Truth
9/01/847"PolydorPOSP 700Nobody Told Meb/w O Sanity
9/03/847"PolydorPOSP 701Borrowed Timeb/w Your Hands
15/07/847"PolydorPOSP 702I'm Stepping Outb/w Sleepless Night
16/11/847"PolydorPOSP 712Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him b/w It's Alright
18/11/857"ParlophoneR 6117Jealous Guyb/w Going Down On Love
28/11/887"ParlophoneR 6199Imagineb/w Jealous Guy
23/12/99CDParlophoneCDR 6534Imagineb/w Working Class Hero
8/12/03CDAppleCDR 6627Happy Xmas (War Is Over)b/w Imagine

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