Ringo Starr - Albums
(in Date Order)

Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.

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27/03/70LPApplePCS 7101Sentimental Journey
25/09/70LPApplePAS 10002Beaucoups Of Blues
23/11/73LPApplePCTC 252Ringo
15/11/74LPApplePCS 7168Goodnight Vienna
12/12/75LPApplePCS 7170Blast from your Past
17/09/76LPPolydor2302 040Rotogravure
20/09/77LPPolydor2310 556Ringo The 4th
9/12/77LPPolydor2480 429Scouse The Mouse
21/04/78LPPolydor2310 599Bad Boy
27/11/80LPMusic For PleasureMFP 50508Ringo
20/11/81LPRCARCALP 6022Stop And Smell The Roses
25/11/81LPMusic For PleasureMFP 50524Blast from your Past
16/06/83LPBellaphon260.16.029 Old Wave
26/05/87CDParlophoneCDP 7 46663 2Blast from your Past
14/02/89LPRhinoR1 70135Starr Struck: Best of Ringo Starr Vol. 2
8/10/90LPE.M.I.EMS 1375Ringo and His All-Starr Band
8/10/90CDE.M.I.CZ 353Ringo and His All-Starr Band
4/03/91CDE.M.I.CDEMS 1386Ringo
11/03/91CDDiscussionYOURE 016Ringo and George - 1980's Interviews
22/05/92CDPrivate Music262 902Time Takes Time
12/92CDE.M.I.CDEMS 1467Goodnight Vienna
14/09/93CDRykodiscRCD 20264Ringo and His All-Starr Band Volume 2 - Live From Montreux
1/05/95CDParlophoneCDPCS 7101Sentimental Journey
1/05/95CDAppleCDPAS 10002Beaucoup Of Blues
1/06/96LPUFORINGO 1Ringo Starr Interview
1997CDWaxFAB FOUR 8Press Conference London 1992
12/08/97CDBlockbuster52451Ringo and His Third All-Starr Band - Volume 1
3/08/98CDMercury558 598-2Vertical Man
19/10/98CDMercury538 118-2VH1 Storytellers
19/10/99CDMercury546 668-2I Wanna Be Santa Claus
5/02/01CDE.M.G.EMG 12003-2The Anthology ... So Far
6/08/02CDKing BiscuitKBC CD 143Ringo and His New All-Starr Band (King Biscuit Flower Hour)
25/03/03CDKoch RecordsKOC CD 8429Ringo Rama
1/04/03CDBMG46525Extended Versions
23/09/03CDMercuryB0000070320th Century Masters: Best of Ringo Starr/Christmas Collection
23/03/04CDKoch RecordsKOC CD 9549Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band - Tour 2003
25/07/05CDCNR Records22 998798Choose Love
15/08/06CDDiskyGO 904143Ringo Starr And Friends
27/08/07CDCapitol504 9332Photograph: The Very Best Of Ringo
23/10/07CDKoch RecordsKOC CD 4226Live At Soundstage
14/01/08CDCapitol517 3882Liverpool 8
4/03/08CD/DVDKoch RecordsKOC CD 4496Ringo 5.1 The Surround Sound Collection
4/08/08CDKoch RecordsKOC CD 4542Ringo & His All Starr Band Live 2006
12/01/10CDUniversal272 7390Y Not
27/07/10CDHip-O/UMe274 4209Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band - Live at the Greek Theatre 2008
30/01/12CDHip-O/UMe279 1802Ringo 2012
9/09/14CDUniversal379 7530Icon
30/03/15CDUniversal472 3644Postcards From Paradise
15/09/17CDUniversal578 0416Give More Love
25/10/19CDUniversal824 3738What's My Name

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