Have You Heard The Word

The Beatles

Have You Heard The Word - LP cover
Have You Heard The Word - Front Cover

Label  CBM
Catalogue No. WEC 3624
Country of origin England
Release date 1975
Total time
Comments: A classic old bootleg, one of the first I ever bought, and yes, I thought track 1 was The Beatles too...
Side one is mostly "Let It Be" outtakes, with side two being live outtakes and B.B.C. productions.

Note: For explanation of "DDSI" numbers see DDSI - An explanation (The numbers below are from the 2007 edition)

Side 1

No Tracklisting Comments
1 Have You Heard The Word See the single for detail ... Have You Heard The Word
2 You Really Got A Hold On Me DDSI no. 26.60
3 Long And Winding Road DDSI no. 26.85
4 Maxwell's Silver Hammer DDSI no. 7.74
5 Jazz Piano Song DDSI no. 14.13
5 Besame Mucho DDSI no. 29.40
6 Octopus's Garden DDSI no. 26.8
7 I Me Mine DDSI no. 8.1/8.130/8.131
   8 Don't Let Me Down DDSI no. 30.5

Side 2

No Tracklisting Comments
1 I Forgot To Remember To Forget You BBC - 18/05/64 - "From Us To You".
2 Twist and Shout Paul introduces a live performance,
"Thank you very much, ta, thank you. Well, we'd like to sing ..."
3 Roll Over Beethoven Live, 24th October 1963 - Karlaplanstudion, Stockholm.
4 Long Tall Sally Live
5 Dizzy Miss Lizzie BBC - 07/06/65 - "Ticket To Ride".
6 Lucille BBC - 05/10/63 - "Saturday Club".

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