Get Back Camera B Rolls - Vol. 11

The Beatles
Get Back Camera B Rolls - Vol. 11 - CD cover Get Back Camera B Rolls - Vol. 11 - CD back
Get Back Camera B Rolls - Vol. 11 - Front Cover Get Back Camera B Rolls - Vol. 11 - Back Cover
Label Unicorn
Catalogue No. UC S021/S022
Matrix No.'s C.D. 1 - 3207025
C.D. 2 - 3207026
Country Of Origin   England
Release Date 2002
Total Time C.D. 1 - 57.55
C.D. 2 - 66:02
Comments: Exactly what it says on the label, it is the complete recorded sound during the "Let It Be" sessions of January 1969 as recorded by Camera B. For a brief explanation of how these recordings were made, see The Box Set Main Page

This is Volume 11 being from the last two days of January 1969, the 30th and 31st.
The first C.D. in this volume, disc 21, contains sound rolls from the rooftop concert.
The opening exchange sounds like they have just come in from the roof and discussing why. This is followed by some playbacks, and more interesting conversation in track 1.
The remaining tracks on the first disc of this volume are fascinating as they are sound rolls from different cameras viewpoints of the roof concert from within and outside the Apple building.
Disc two of the set (C.D.22) is the following day back in the studio as they set down the acoustic tracks that they hadn't done on the roof. Here they are going for good takes from a musical sense and from the fact of being filmed.

The timings I give for each recorded titled musical piece are for the actual musical content. If there are any discussions, tunings or comments that accompany the piece, they can be spotted by the start time given of the next titled entry.
(I hope you can follow that !)

The collection comes in a nice solid box, housing 12 double c.d.'s in picture sleeves, therefore a total of TWENTY-FOUR c.d.'s !

Note: For an explanation of "DDSI" numbers see DDSI - An explanation (The numbers listed here are the 2007 edition)

C.D. 21

No. Full Detail
(preceded by Start Time, ending with track timing)
Roll 1149b
0:00 Dialogue
      George, "What's the law say, why can't you play on the roof ?"
      "Disturbing the peace."
      John, "What about planes, cars ?"
0:28 God Save The Queen (DDSI no. 30.12P)
      Probably a touch of irony as this is played.
2:49 I've Got A Feeling (Playback) (DDSI no. 30.13P)
      After coming in from the roof, they listen to a few playbacks.
6:44 Don't Let Me Down (Playback) (DDSI no. 30.16P) 3:18
10:03 Get Back (Playback) (DDSI no. 30.17P) 3:03
13:10 Dialogue
      After the "Thanks mo", and John's "Audition" quote are heard,
      they discuss just how good it was.
      John wants an edit on his flubbed line in Don't Let Me Down.
      George Martin, "It's come off much better than I thought it would be.
                   As Mike was saying, this is a very good dry run for something else too."

      They then all talk very excitedly about it, still clearly on a high.
      Paul, "We should record the others now."
      George, "We'll have a break for a bit."
      Paul, "We'll have lunch and then we'll record the other stuff
            we didn't do up there, the acoustic stuff."

      Glyn, "On the roof ?"
      Paul, "No, that was the roof, no more rooftops, we'll do it down here."
Camera C - During the Rooftop Concert
0:00 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 30.6)
      Camera C is in the Apple building somewhere.
      Voice: "We've had 30 complaints about noise within minutes."
3:51 One After 909 (DDSI no. 30.8)
      Some camera pauses during this bit, but it sounds like
      Camera C, ventures out on to the roof momentarily.
      Cameraman, "We're going out ?"
      Just as John is doing his "Danny Boy" bit, you can hear a door open,
      briefly, he becomes much louder and very clear but the camera goes back inside.
      Someone is telling them to turn the p.a. off or there will be some arrests.
      Apple staff are clearly heard trying to placate someone.
7:41 Dig A Pony (DDSI no. 30.11)
      Policeman (on to H.Q.), "Don't know where this noise is coming from, it's making one hell of a racket.
                         Can we have the duty officer down here please ?"

      Girl, "Jimmy, Linda is coming, can you make sure she gets in alright ?"
      Jimmy, "Linda Eastman ?"
      Girl, "Yes."
Camera D Roll 1 - "Beatles Roof"
0:00 Get Back (DDSI no. 30.1) 3:00
3:33 Get Back (DDSI no. 30.2) 3:02
6:41 Don't Let Me Down (DDSI no. 30.5)
      This camera misses the start.
8:38 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 30.6) 3:30
12:19 One After 909 (DDSI no. 30.8) 2:43
15:02 Danny Boy (DDSI no. 30.9) 0:06
15:32 Dig A Pony (DDSI no. 30.11) 2:33
Camera D Roll 3 - "Beatles Rooftop"
0:00 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 30.13) 3:06
3:44 Get Back (DDSI no. 30.17) 2:48
Camera B3 Roll 2
"General Shots, People In Streets, Reactions To Beatles On Rooftop"
0:00 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 30.13)
      A lot of pauses, with no discernible interview.
2:10 Don't Let Me Down (DDSI no. 30.16)
      A lot of pauses, with no discernible interview.
3:43 Get Back (DDSI no. 30.17)
      "Most of these shots are just general crowd reactions,
       ... there's no sync on the front."
4:03 Street Sounds
      Man, "What's happening ?"
      Int, "The Beatles are doing a free concert on the roof."
      Man, "I think it's very good, why are they doing it in the street ?"
      Int, "They just thought you may hear it."
      Man, "Yeah, well, but we'd like to see them !"


C.D. 22

No. Full Detail
(preceded by Start Time, ending with track timing)
31st January 1969
Roll 1150b Slate 500 Take 1
0:00 Two Of Us (DDSI no. 31.1)
      Slow not very serious version ... but nice.
      Paul, "Glyn, can you make these mikes more 'toppy' on the p.a. ?"
2:16 Unknown (DDSI no. 31.2)
      Paul sings a country sounding song with unintelligible lyrics.
2:58 Hey Good Looking (DDSI no. 31.3)
      John turns the above unknown tune into this better known piece.
3:52 Take This Hammer (DDSI no. 31.4)
      John leads, followed by Paul.
      The following six tunes are all in one excellent medley (8:43 long).
6:59 Long Lost John (DDSI no. 31.4 contd.)
      John keeps the medley going, changing into this one.
8:15 Five Foot High And Rising (DDSI no. 31.4 contd.)
      George's turn to keep the sequence going.
8:46 Bear Cat Mama (DDSI no. 31.4 contd.)
      Paul takes over with this.
9:37 Black Dog Blues (DDSI no. 31.4 contd.)
      John starts this one off, then Paul joins in.
11:07 Right String Wrong Yo-Yo (DDSI no. 31.4 contd.)
      George and John take this piece
11:59 Run For Your Life (DDSI no. 31.4 contd.)
      The medley comes to an end with this Beatle classic.
      "You cats want to get into Two Of Us ?"
13:05 Two Of Us (DDSI no. 31.5)
      Take 10.
      This first take breaks down, but was too slow anyway.
      A brief mention of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in leads to this exchange:
      Paul, "Goodnight John."
      John, "Goodnight Paul."
      Paul, "Say Goodnight John."
      John, "Goodnight Paul."
      Either John hasn't been watching the show, or fancies his own version.
13:45 Two Of Us (DDSI no. 31.6)
      Nice take, but Paul laughs during one verse.
      During the fade John sings :
      "If you're ever in a jam here I am,
       If you're ever in the sh1t grab my d1ck."
17:22 Out Of Tune
      John sings, "I suddenly discovered I was halfway out of tune,
             but I continued playing because I'm no goon."

      Along with tuning, there follows a discussion that Two Of Us ought to be faster.
      They then practice it a bit quicker. (DDSI no. 31.9)
21:05 Step Inside Love (DDSI no. 31.10)
      Paul strums and sings in pseudo-Spanish.
      Paul, "I'll be alright in a cabaret act when I get older."
23:58 Friendship (DDSI no. 31.11)
      John sings more obscene lyrics of what he did in the Two Of Us fade above.
24:38 Tales Of Frankie Rabbit (DDSI no. 31.12)
      John, "Presenting The Beatles - half dead."
25:58 Two Of Us (DDSI no. 31.13)
      Take 11.
      Much quicker, excellent, with extended whistle fade-out.
      John (loudly), "Was that it Glyn ?"
      John's had enough as usual, Paul wants to do it again.
      John, "I'm only paid to do it once more.
                  Wanted: French sailor's leg."

It was this take that ended up on the Let It Be album and the film, although the film edits in the whistle outro from the next take !
29:29 Deed I Do (DDSI no. 31.14)
      This and the next piece are played between takes as they discuss the previous take.
29:53 In The Middle Of An Island (DDSI no. 31.14 contd.)
      "All Together Now" is briefly heard too.
31:59 Two Of Us (DDSI no. 31.15)
      Just starts with John adding "tongue-clicking" noise, when ...
       the tape runs out.
Roll 1151b Slate 500 Take 1
0:00 Two Of Us (DDSI no. 31.15 contd.)
      Continued from previous reel.
Similar to the last take, but the fade-out was better and used in the film.
      Glyn, "Do you want to hear that back ?"
      John, "Keep those two, let's go on to the next one."
      Paul, "Step Inside Love ?"
4:01 Step Inside Love (DDSI no. 31.17)
      John sings the opening refrain, jokely.
      Paul suggests Let It Be.
4:12 Let It Be (DDSI no. 31.18/19)
      John sings the opening refrain, jokely.
      There follows a discussion over whether Let It Be or Long And Winding Road
      has the most lyrics ready. Paul sings opening lines of both, with piano.
      "Slate 501"
8:29 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 31.22 to 31.28)
      Paul practices, and the other band members join in.
      There follows a long practice sequence, as they are all preparing for a take.
31:09 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 31.29)
      Take 13
      Actually a voice calls Take 14 first, but this is corrected to 13.
      First attempt quickly breaks down.
31:51 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 31.29 contd.)
      Second attempt at Take 13, to end of reel.

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