Mythology, Vol. 3, 1966-69

The Beatles

Mythology Vol. 3 - Front Cover Mythology Vol. 3 - The CD
Mythology Vol. 3 - Front Cover of each CD Mythology Vol. 3 - The Stylish CD's

This Boxset has 4 C.D.'s each with the cover as above,
and the C.D. itself looking also as above.
I therefore, didn't bother scanning this part of each disc. Imagine.

Mythology Vol. 3 - Heads Mythology Vol. 3 - Tails
1967 Ha'penny - "Heads" 1967 Ha'penny - "Tails"

What a terrific surprise inclusion in this third box in the series !
A genuine coin of the realm from the appropriate period - 1967 !!
Are you out there, Strawberry Chaps ? ... A Fabulous touch. Well Done.

Label  Strawberry
Catalogue No. STR 015/16/17/18
Country Of Origin  
Release date 1999
Total time Disc 1 - 72:11
Disc 2 - 70:19
Disc 3 - 73:07
Disc 4 - 72:24
Comments: What a scrumptious looking boxset !
No effort has been spared here ... Every CD, accurately identified and beautifully labelled,
with terrific artwork. Each Box has an insert listing the CD's available in the Strawberry
"Reel to Reel Collection" series. With each box exclusively numbered - My Vol.3 is No.87 of 1000.
In Volume 3 there is a 84 page booklet containing, pictures, more details AND John Barrett's
personal notes, detailing all tape and job numbers from the vaults of Abbey Road.
And all this is housed in a top quality Box.

C.D. 1 - The Beatles 1966-1967

Mythology Vol. 3 - Rear of CD.1
No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 When I'm Sixty Four Take 4 remix 6 (RM6), marked 'best' until Paul suggested on Friday December 30th that they scrap all previous mixes and start again, speeding up the new mix to raise it by as much as a semitone 2:47
2 Strawberry Fields Forever Take 7 Remix 3 3:03
3 Strawberry Fields Forever Take 26 Remix 9 - This version contains a new unheard Lennon vocal. 3:10
4 Penny Lane Take 9 Remix 8 (RM8) 2:59
5 Penny Lane Take 9 Remix 10 (RM10) 2:58
6 Top of The Pops Recorded at Abbey Road on Monday March 20th 1967 for the Brian Matthew hosted radio programme "Top Of The Pops". The show wasn't broadcast on the domestic network as the BBC's Transcription Service was solely for overseas sales. 5:09
7 It's All Too Much Recorded at De Lane Lea Recording Studios, 128 Kingsway, London WC2 on Thursday May 25th 1967. This is the mixdown reduction from Take 4 that was later featured in the Yellow Submarine film. Remixed on Wednesday/Thursday October 16th/17th 1968 and numbered as Take 196! 8:13
8 John Lennon Intro For Kenny Everett Recording and airing date unknown for this typical Lennon piece. 0:27
9 Where It's At - Sgt Pepper Recording dates unknown, but this BBC Light Programme hosted by Chris Denning contained a pre-produced segment by Kenny Everett about Sgt Pepper's. This show, aired on Saturday May 20th 1967 featured ALL the Pepper songs apart from "A Day In The Life" as it was banned by the BBC the previous day. It has not been heard in this form since that date. 36:08
10 Ivor Novello Awards - Intro These awards were for 1966 and were recorded on Thursday March 23rd 1967 at The Playhouse Theatre, London. The following interviews were recorded at Abbey Road Studios on Monday March 20th for inclusion in the BBC Light Programme that was aired on Monday March 27th 1967.
These interviews have never appeared on CD before. Exclusive to this series.
Quite poor quality "off radio" recording.
11 Ivor Novello Awards - Yellow Submarine 3:11
12 Ivor Novello Awards - Michelle 1:15
13 Ivor Novello Awards - Yesterday 2:13

C.D. 2 - The Beatles 1967

Mythology Vol. 3 - Rear of CD.2
No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Radio London Close Down Message Recorded on Monday July 31st 1967 at Radio London's central office in Curzon Street, for broadcast on Saturday August 5th 1967. This is Ringo's farewell message to the listeners 0:27
2 All You Need Is Love Take 58 - The "Our World" broadcast of Sunday June 25th 1967. 7:01
3 All You Need Is Love Take 58 Remix 11 (RM11) - with an extra line of vocal and an abrupt ending. 4:16
4 Your Mother Should Know Take 1 Recorded at Chappell Recording Studios, 52 Maddox Street, London Wl on Tuesday August 22nd 1967. This song recorded at 30 ips caused Abbey Road Studios some transfer problems in September 1967 when the overdubs were done in preparation for the MMT EP release. 2:26
5 Blue Jay Way Take 3 Stereo remix 2 (RS2) 3:54
6 I Am The Walrus Take 17 RM10/RM22 - This is the longest complete version of the Lennon masterpiece. It features all the added extras that were issued on the variety of different singles, EPs and LPs around the world. 4:38
7 "Scene and Heard"
with George Harrison
Interview with George by Miranda Ward recorded on Wednesday September 13th 1967 at The Atlantic Hotel, Dane Road, Newquay, Cornwall. This segment was included in the premiere edition of Scene and Heard broadcast on Saturday September 30th 1967 by Radio One 5:04
8 "The Frost Programme"
with John and George
A first ever on CD, and never heard since its original broadcast on The Frost Programme, broadcast live from Studio One, Wembley Studios, Wembley, on Wednesday October 4th 1967. John Lennon and George Harrison had appeared on the Friday September 29th edition discussing drugs and meditation. Public interest was so high that they returned. The entire show was devoted to the subject of Transcendental Meditation, with John and George answering questions from viewers and participating in a studio discussion. The show was taped between 6.00pm and 7.00pm and broadcast later that night at 10.30pm - 11.15pm. The show is presented in its complete form, thought lost, until recently.
One of the highlights of this series. (Definately, said Graham)
9 Where It's At - Magical Mystery Tour This is an unbroadcast John Lennon segment from the Radio One programme "Where It's At", which was co-hosted by Chris Denning and Kenny Everett to promote the Magical Mystery Tour double EP set. 2:47
10 All Together On The Wireless Machine Paul provided this piano/vocal for the "Where It's At" broadcast on Saturday November 25th 1967. Like the rest of the interviews included, a recording date is unknown, but it is thought to have been recorded at Paul's home at 7 Cavendish Avenue, St John's Wood, London. This is the longest known version to be ever released - and in super quality. 1:06

C.D. 3 - The Beatles 1968

Mythology Vol. 3 - Rear of CD.3

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Across The Universe Take 8 - The version without the Wildlife effects for the first time ever. (really ??) 3:29
2 Hey Bulldog Stereo remix from Take 10 - Another first. The 1997 - 1999 remixed version from the re-release of the Yellow Submarine film. Originally recorded on Sunday February 11th 1968 in Studio Three, Abbey Road this version contains a different vocal mix from that of the original film and album release. 3:23
3 Kenny Everett Recorded by Kenny Everett on Thursday June 6th 1968 at Abbey Road, while more work on Ringo's "Don't Pass Me By" was taking place. This is the full version of the interviews that Kenny taped, and they are different from the broadcast show of Sunday June 9th 1968. George is evident on this recording but was not on the Radio One airing. This clean version also differs from the Italian Apple promotional pressing titled "Una Sensazionale Intervista Dei Beatles". The source of this recording is from Kenny Everett's private acetate collection. 13:34
4 Ob La Di, Ob La Da Take 5 - This was the basic take that further overdubs would be added to. The Beatles recorded a remake, thus rejecting this version. 2:50
5 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Take 1 - A very clean version of this beautiful George Harrison composition. It contains an extra verse and George's comment to the control room "Let's hear that back!" 3:12
6 Frost On Saturday John and Yoko appeared live on the fourth edition of David Frost's new interview series. Recorded and transmitted on Saturday August 24th 1968 from Studio One, Wembley Studios, Wembley. John and Yoko discussed their views about "vibrations" and about Art. The word "Beatles" scarcely came into the conversation until the end....
Another definate highlight of this series (said Graham)
7 Hey Jude Not documented in any text before, and that includes the excellent Mark Lewisohn "The Complete Beatles Chronicle", this was this first public airing of Hey Jude. As the programme above's end credits appear John looks surprised that he can hear Hey Jude being played through the studio speakers. Then in typical Lennon style he joins in !!!
First time ever on CD.
8 Step Inside Love Recorded on Monday September 16th 1968 as an ad-lib piece from Take 35 of Paul's "I Will" composition. 1:27
9 Los Paranoias As above - this is the complete version that differs from the Apple Anthology release. 3:54
10 The Way You Look Tonight Next comes an unreleased McCartney ditty which also formed part of Take 35 of "I Will". 1:14
11 Can You Take Me Back Take 19 of "I Will" provided this untitled and uncopyrighted ditty. It was used in between "Cry Baby Cry" and "Revolution 9" in part on The White Album, but for the first time we hear the complete run through of this, another unreleased McCartney tune. 1:13
12 The White Album To promote the release of The Beatles (White Album) Paul gave this interview to the former Australian radio DJ Tony Macarthur. He was the new programme director of Radio Luxembourg. Recorded at Paul's house at 7, Cavendish Avenue on Wednesday November 20th 1968 it was aired the following day between 7.30 - 9.30 pm. It is interesting to hear Paul talk honestly about the songs on The White Album at the time of its release, instead of rewriting the story many years later!
This is another first for CD.

C.D. 4 - The Beatles 1968-69

Mythology Vol. 3 - Rear of CD.4

Note: For explanation of "DDSI" numbers see DDSI - An explanation (The numbers listed here are from the 2007 edition)

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Everybody's Got Something To Hide
Except Me and My Monkey
Take 12 - Remix 5 (RM5) 2:31
2 Yer Blues Takes 16 + 17 + edit section (RM3) - Includes a count-in shouted by Ringo. 4:11
3 Back In The USSR Take 6 RM1 - with extra aeroplane effects sourced from "Volume 17: Jet and Piston Engine Aeroplane"! At the end of this session Mal Evans signed for, and took, tape copies of this remixing session away. 3:00
4 Helter Skelter Take 21 RM 1 - This is different than the released version 3:40
5 Birthday Take 22 RM1 - Recorded on Wednesday September 18th 1968 in 20 takes, it was subsequently remixed between 4.30 - 5.00 am the following morning. The recordings were originally on four-track but had to be transferred to eight-track to accommodate all the overdubs. 2:57
6 Dear Prudence Take 1 (RM1) - Remixed from Take 1 on Saturday October 5th 1968 at Trident Studios, Trident House, St. Anne's Court, Wardour Street, London W1. A clean intro and a different ending are evident on this wonderful John Lennon composition. 4:08
7 Not Guilty Take 102 - Another stereo remix, later rejected for The Beatles' White Album. 3:11
8 My Baby Left Me DDSI no. 21.31
Recorded on Wednesday January 22nd 1969 at Apple Studios, 3 Saville Row. Another Arthur Crudup composition, also performed by Elvis Presley in 1956.
(For 2007's DDSI, Sulpy lists this as from the 21st - not the 22nd)
9 That's Alright DDSI no. 21.31
Recorded on Wednesday January 22nd 1969 at Apple Studios, 3 Saville Row. John's attempt at Arthur Crudup's song, which was Elvis Presley's first single in 1954.
(For 2007's DDSI, Sulpy lists this as from the 21st - not the 22nd)
10 Hallelujah, I Love Her So DDSI no. 21.32
Recorded on Wednesday January 22nd 1969 at Apple Studios, 3 Saville Row, featuring John's loose vocal interpretation of an Eddie Cochran recording from 1960.
(For 2007's DDSI, Sulpy lists this as from the 21st - not the 22nd)
11 Rip It Up/Shake Rattle and Roll. DDSI no. 26.56 and 26.57 2:01
12 Medley:
    Miss Ann
    Kansas City
    Lawdy Miss Clawdy
DDSI no. 26.58 3:52
13 Blue Suede Shoes DDSI no. 26.59 2:13
14 Old Brown Shoe DDSI no. 28.56 3:00
15 Old Brown Shoe DDSI no. 28.59 6:35
16 How Do You Tell Someone ? DDSI no. 28.88
This song reminds you (and me !) of "If I needed someone" from 1965.
17 Medley:
    Not Fade Away
    Hey Little Girl
    Bo Diddley
DDSI no. 29.49 3:50
18 Teddy Boy 1 DDSI no. 24.33
(RS1) Recorded at Apple Studios, 3 Saville Row on Friday January 24th 1969. This is the remix done by Glyn Johns and George Martin on Monday March 10th 1969 at Studio One, Olympic Sound Studios, 117 Church Road, Barnes, London SW13.
19 Teddy Boy 2 DDSI no. 24.33
(RS2) Recorded at Apple Studios, 3 Saville Row on Friday January 24th 1969. This is the remix done by Phil Spector and Pete Bown on Wednesday March 25th 1970 in Room 4 at Abbey Road Studios. Phil Spector also remixed a 3 minute edited version which is still to appear...
20 All Things Must Pass Take 2 - Recorded on Tuesday February 25th 1969 - this version is different than on "Anthology 3" - it is unaltered! - as it should be! 3:02
21 Old Brown Shoe Take 2 - Recorded on Tuesday February 25th 1969 - this version is different than on "Anthology 3" - it is unaltered! - as it should be! 3:00
22 Abbey Road medley:
    Mean Mr Mustard
    Her Majesty
    Polythene Pam
    She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
This is how the medley was originally compiled, until on Wednesday July 30th 1969 Paul instructed Engineer John Kurlander to cut out "Her Majesty" as he didn't like it! See Mark Lewisohn's "The Beatles Complete Recording Sessions" for an in-depth explanation surrounding the preparation of the Abbey Road LP. 4:40
23 Come and Get It Take 1 RS1
Recorded on Thursday July 24th 1969. This is a different stereo remix from that on "Anthology 3". You can hear Paul's double tracked vocal - all taped in 1 hour, in Studio 2 between 2.30 - 3,30 pm, and given to "Badfinger" (nee "The Iveys")
Note: For explanation of "DDSI" numbers see DDSI - An explanation (The numbers above are from the 2007 edition)

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