Get Back ... Winter Of Discontent

The Beatles
Get Back (DVD) - Front cover Get Back (DVD) - Rear Cover
Get Back (DVD) - Front Cover Get Back (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label Picture Perfect
Catalogue No. PPDVD013-014
Release date 2005
Total time 3 hours 21 minutes and 14 seconds !
DVD 1 -  99:30
DVD 2 - 101:44
Comments : This remarkable double DVD set presents the serious Beatles collector with what can truly be considered as a definitive “Get Back” DVD document. Years in the making, Picture Perfect offer a comprehensive collection of Get Back material as its never been seen before!
Running close to three and a half hours in total, it features not only the entire “Get Back” video album in crystal clear remastered picture and sound but also a plethora of bonus material from the Apple Studios from January 23rd to the 29th 1969, Twickenham Film Studios in the first two weeks of January and plenty of other seldom seen footage.

Get Back - Stereo Video Album:
This DVD set includes a full length 13 track Get Back video LP with each track remastered in glorious stereo.

The Get Back recording sessions: Headlining the package are 46 minutes of recording sessions from two productive days at Apple Studios January 23 & 25, 1969. January 23 was devoted almost entirely to creating the song “Get Back” and here we get a fly on the wall view into the recording process. We see the Beatles chat, joke, tune, rehearse and try some serious attempts at recording the song. Over 75% of this footage has not been seen in this form, meaning inferior copies of some of this footage has circulated, but contained few moments of audio that matched the film. Here Picture Perfect present all the footage with correct audio painstakingly researched from hours of Nagra audio reels. This process required studying silent footage and finding the bits of sound required to sync to film.
A tedious process indeed, but one that comes with a big pay off …46 minutes of Beatles recording footage!

Highlights of the January 1969 footage include:

  • Paul showing Billy Preston the piano chords to “Let It Be” for the first time
  • John imitating Yoko
  • The “I’ve Got A Feeling/Help!/Please Please Me” segment that now runs longer than ever before.
  • The sessions for the 23rd also include some very long control room segments. We see and hear the excitement over the “Get Back” recording progression, with comments about getting it out as a single NOW. Even George expresses his excitement over the song.
  • For You Blue: A real rarity, a recording session devoted to George’s new song! Completely new to DVD are the following segments: George introduces the song and explains its origins. Long rehearsal segments that include George naming the song at John’s request. John experiments with different objects to play the slide guitar. George inquires about piano sounds and how to make it sound like an old honky-tonk. Take 2 with several false starts, control room segment with George Martin and more.
    Note: The recording sessions listed above now appear for the first time from the master source tape for this material. Any previous release of this material has come from a 3rd generation VHS with incorrect audio. Also please note, this is not the Get Back session footage that concentrates on John and Yoko. This footage contains shots of all four Beatles from both A&B cameras.
    The Beatles can be seen and heard saying that they are packing it in for the night and thus ends the day’s session.

    Winter Of Discontent
    Highlights of the second disc (“Winter Of Discontent”) include the 2nd reel of Get Back outtakes, appearing far superior to previous issues of this material. Extensive time went into the remastering of this footage. The inferior audio has been replaced with improved sound sources from the Nagra rolls. The reel had several silent segments that have now been located and synchronized. In addition to the remastering, the entire reel has been placed in chronological order. Highlights include: “All Things Must Pass”, “Commonwealth”, “House Of The Rising Sun”, a visit from Peter Sellers, “Two Of US”, “Let It Be” rehearsals, “I Want You”. And a bonus of “Jamming With Yoko”.
    January 26, 1969: Highlights includes: “Rip It Up/ Shake Rattle and Roll”, “Kansas City/ Miss Ann / Lawdy Miss Clawdy” in STEREO!

    Also included: LET IT BE… NAKED promotional reel. This material was produced by Apple in 2003, and contains some incredible colour footage from the January sessions.

    Special Bonus tracks: With the January 30th rooftop concert being the last filmed Beatles concert, Picture Perfect thought they would include some truly rare footage from the Beatles first professionally filmed performance at the Cavern club on August 22nd, 1962.
    For over 40 years, fans have only seen edits of the Cavern Club performance of “Some Other Guy”. Here is the song unedited as it exists in the Granada archives, plus nearly 5 minutes of unseen raw footage! This footage is a direct copy off a station tape, not some Internet download.

    Upgraded DVD Features – Picture Perfect has overhauled the old static menus by adding interactive menus screens and Chapter pages that are easy to navigate and read. Artwork themes from several Get Back / Let It Be covers have been combined to create unique artwork with special detail given to correct colours and special fonts. Double sided artwork and booklet enhance the package with plenty of rare photos and track listing information.
    Original Picture Perfect DVD’s are always factory pressed and printed, beware of cheap homemade imitations.

  • Note: For an explanation of "DDSI" numbers see DDSI - An explanation (The numbers listed here are the 2007 edition)

    D.V.D. One - Get Back

    No. Track DDSI No. Time
    Stereo Video Album
    1 Get Back 30.4  3:13
    2 Don't Let Me Down 30.16 3:17
    3 I've Got A Feeling 30.6  3:30
    4 One After 909 30.8  2:43
    5 Dig A Pony 30.11  3:42
    6 Get Back 30.17 3:08
    7 For You Blue 25.48 2:43
    8 Dig It 26.55 3:26
    9 Two Of Us 31.15 3:28
    10 The Long And Winding Road 31.40 3:30
    11 Let It Be 31.64 3:58
    12 I Me Mine (Montage)   2:21
    13 Get Back (Montage)   2:32
    Total time to this point is 42 minutes
    Apple Studios - January 23rd 1969
    These chapters are repeated from different angles as they include both Camera A and Camera B views !

    (They also don't easily fit into Sulpy's GB numbers)
    14 Get Back (discussions/tuning)
    Starts with talk of a fuse blowing and losing electricity
    George requests a lace bow tie
    John wants a womans false chest.
    John introduces Yoko and does a bad Yoko impersonation
    23.68 etc
    15 Get Back (chorus/solo rehearsals) ("Roll 434A Slate 305 contd.")
    Paul "Regulo 350"
    Next John mentions the Rolling Stones as hosts
    These are sections from 23.67 - 23.73 but without any actual run throughs.
    16 Get Back (Begin The Beguine take 2) ("Slate 307")
    John complains it's hard for him to sing and play solos.
    Paul tells an anecdote of Jimmy Nicol
    Then starts Get Back (Begin The Beguine) - unfortunately cuts and repeats from other camera.
    John, "first time I got it right and the mike wasn't on" (also from two cameras)
    Paul, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Jo-Jo".
    ("Roll 1025B")
    Paul, "I think I'm getting Hong Kong Flu"
    17 Get Back ("greatest take ever")
    Paul, "it's going to be the greatest take ever - the boys is ready"
    Just as they start Glyn interrupts and gets called a choice name !
    18 I've Got A Feeling/Help!/Please Please Me
    Fantastic fun sequence, with John and Paul messing around.
    19 Control Room (playbacks/discussion)
    Playback of 23.80 and discussing putting it out as a single.
    20 Control Room (discussion/end of session)
    End of session for 23rd January.
    437A 4:00
    Total time to this point is 76 minutes
    Apple Studios - January 25th 1969
    21 For You Blue (Introduction/rehearsing)
    John jokingly calls for Whisky
    25.35 3:44
    22 For You Blue (take 2 with false start) (Roll 1067B Slate 345)
    25.37 2:10
    23 For You Blue (honky-tonk pianos) (Roll 465A)
    George asks Glyn how to make the pianos like old Honky Tonk pianos.
    25.38 1:46
    24 Control Room (playbacks/discussion)
    John suggests reducing the take down to mono.
    25.39 2:17
    25 For You Blue (jamming/rehearsing) (Roll 466A)
    "It's good enough for skiffle"
    25.40 2:37
    Total time to this point is 88 minutes 36 seconds
    Bonus Tracks
    26 Don't Let Me Down (rooftop take 1) 30.5  3:17
    27 Dig A Pony (rooftop - unedited) 30.11 3:50
    28 Get Back (Glen Campbell's Goodtime Hour) 30.4  3:36
    Total time to this point is 1 hour 39 minutes 30 seconds.

    D.V.D. Two - Winter Of Discontent

    No. Track G.B.No. Time
    Twickenham Film Studios - January 2nd - 14th 1969
    1 Don't Let Me Down  8.17 ? 0:26
    2 All Things Must Pass  8.28 1:05
    3 All Things Must Pass (Roll 73A Slate 142)  8.29 8:09
    4 Exit Stage Left
    I believe this is as they are leaving on the 8th ?
     9.125 0:13
    5 Tennessee  9.87 0:51
    6 Across The Universe  9.88 0:21
    7 House Of The Rising Sun
    At end John says, "Let's get back to Boudicea".
     9.89 1:08
    8 Commonwealth  9.90 2:18
    9 Enoch Powell  9.91 0:10
    10 One Way Out/John, John
    Yoko shrieking John's name, Paul causing feedback.
    10.52 2:43
    11 Dialogue with Peter Sellers
    John and Peter trade junk references
    14:30 2:14
    Total time to this point is 19:43
    Apple Studios - January 23rd - 29th 1969
    12 Oh! Darling (improvisation) 23.52 0:21
    13 Jamming With Yoko (#2) 23.60 4:37
    14 Billy's Song   0:29
    15 Get Back
    Just John playing a few Get Back riffs.
    John, "My fingers are bleeding"
    16 Two Of Us (Slate 339) 25.22 7:28
    17 Bye Bye Love/Two Of Us
    Just the briefest snippet of Bye Bye Love, then some excellent Two Of Us
    18 Control Room (For You Blue playback)
    In the control room John discusses one of Magic Alex's "devices" as they set up some tapes.
    25.47 0:51
    19 Let It Be 25.58
    (ROLL 474A)
    20 Control Room (Let It Be playback) 25.82 1:02
    21 Let It Be
    John sings, "Let It A, Let It B, Let It C etc"
    26.50 0:36
    22 Blues Jam 26.67 2:37
    23 Jamming With Heather 26.77 0:41
    24 Dialogue with Paul (Roll 1088B Slate 381)
    This is the morning of January 27th.
    Paul talking of car exoperiences "Hogging the outside lane with Linda fondling my neck"
    They discuss car tax, which John assumes the office sort out.
    27.01 1:35
    25 Control Room (Dig It/Miss Ann playback)
    This is the morning of January 27th, John plays to the camera while a playback is heard.
    27.01 1:07
    26 Long And Winding Road/Little Demon 27.20
    27 I've Got A Feeling 27.21 0:53
    28 Dig It (Roll 1119 Camera B Slate 402) 28.20 0:32
    29 I Want You 28.64 0:39
    30 All Things Must Pass (Roll 1140 Camera B Slate 431) 29.25 1:35
    Total time to this point is 59:54
    Apple Studios (Colour Remasters) - January 26th 1969
    31 Octopus's Garden 26.5 
    32 Rip It Up/Shake Rattle And Roll 26.56
    33 Kansas City/Miss Ann/Lawdy Miss Clawdy 26.58 2:34
    34 You Really Got A Hold On Me 26.60 2:09
    Apple Studios - January 29th 1969
    35 Besame Mucho 29.40 2:00
    Total time to this point is 72:31
    "Let It Be ... Naked" - Promotions
    36 TV Trailer (version 1)
    (Includes One After 909, Two Of Us, Across The Universe)
    37 TV Trailer (version 2)
    (Includes Don't Let Me Down, I Me Mine, Long And Winding Road)
    38 TV Trailer (version 3)
    (Includes I've Got A Feeling, Let It Be)
    39 TV Commercials (versions 1-7)
          Version 1 - 30 seconds
          Version 2 - 30 seconds
          Version 3 - 30 seconds
          Version 4 - 15 seconds
          Version 5 - 20 seconds
          Version 6 - 15 seconds
          Version 7 - 10 seconds
    40 Two Of Us (Internet Promo) 3:27
    Original Promotional Films
    41 Get Back 2:54
    42 Don't Let Me Down 3:19
    43 Let It Be 3:41
    Bonus Tracks: The Cavern Club - August 22nd 1962
    44 Some Other Guy (original film) 2:10
    45 Cavern Club (raw footage)
    Includes soundtrack of Some Other Guy and Cats Call

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