The Ultimate Mystery Trip - Volume 1: Hop On The Bus

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The Ultimate Mystery Trip - Volume 1: Hop On The Bus (DVD) - Front cover The Ultimate Mystery Trip - Volume 1: Hop On The Bus (DVD) - Rear Cover
The Ultimate Mystery Trip - Volume 1: Hop On The Bus (DVD) - Front Cover The Ultimate Mystery Trip - Volume 1: Hop On The Bus (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 044
Release date October 2017
Total time DVD 1 - 50 minutes 32 seconds
DVD 2 - 72 minutes 41 seconds
Comments :                            TMOQ Gazette - Volume 32

Contains Previously Unreleased Video Material
This is the first of two 50th Anniversary Volumes of 2-DVD sets that will represent the
ultimate collection of material surrounding The Beatles notorious 1967 film, Magical Mystery Tour.
We guarantee you the trip of a lifetime with a completely fresh look at this wonderful film.
On these volumes you will find hours of outtakes, work prints, alternate scenes, music videos, home movie footage, and
super-rare historical reference video with tons of PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED FOOTAGE all beautifully edited together
with a digitally remastered soundtrack !

And don't forget Volume 2: The Magic Continues

The 24 page stiff card booklet for the TMOQ Gazette has a detailed write-up of the detail on this set - Hop On The Bus.
It has sections on the background to MMT, an article on the filming, the plot and the showing of the production,
Plus the backlash, which includes a transcript of an interview Paul had with David Frost..
A piece about the music and the film rarities, and a section of "Recollections".
Plus the usual HMC quality selection of pictures and fake adverts.

If you either have these new outtake DVD's, or an interest in the Magical Mystery Tour film and
would really like to read the most complete articles and detail about all of the available footage and
filming of Magical Mystery Tour, you should go to Doug Sulpy's webpages and purchase his very worthwhile
full analysis in a very special double issue of "The 910" at a very reasonable cost:
                   The 910 - Magical Mystery Tour 50th Anniversary (you might need to look for "Back issues" Volume 16)
(It is sent straight to your inbox as a secure PDF.)

D.V.D. 1

No. Title Track Detail Time
The Ultimate Mystery Trip
Volume One: Hop On The Bus
Music, WorkPrints & Historical Reference

12 Chapters - total: 50.32
1 BBC TV 26th December 1967 The BBC disc jockeys announcing the premiere broadcast of
Magical Mystery Tour that evening on BBC 1 at 8:35 (in black-and-white).
Not seen since 1967, this was how Britain was prepared for the film !
2 SONG: "Magical Mystery Tour" Set to a collection of outtakes aboard the bus. 2:45
3 Magical Mystery Tour Marathon Outtakes from the marathon scene.
Soundtrack of Brass band music
4 I Am The Courier Outtakes from Buster Bloodvessel's introduction on the bus
and the passenger's response ("Yes, Mr. Bloodvessel")
5 SONG: "I Am The Walrus" A completely different version (with a surprise ending !) 4:45
6 Into The Tent Outtakes showing the cast getting off the bus and going thru the tent.
Soundtrack of "Flying"
7 SONG: "Blue Jay Way" A completely different version ! 4:00
8 Dining Scene The deleted scene from a mostly monochrome work print,
featuring an extended segment of Aunt Jessie singing and playing the drums.
Bus arrives at The Swan, crowd taking their seats. with music of;
violin, piano and bass, then Jessie sings blues with drum solo.
9 Nat's Dream Also from a work print, this segment shows
for the first time how Nat drank himself into his dream.
Soundtrack is Shirley's Wild Accordion
10 SONG: "Your Mother Should Know"   A completely different version !
(Slate 118 Take 7)
11 On The Bus Almost 14 minutes of silent outtakes from on board the bus.
With a BONUS soundtrack of Beatles interviews made at the time;
Miranda Ward interviews for Scene & Heard during September 1967
12 Preview Trailer for Vol.2 The next volume will contain:
outtakes of crowd scenes, the magicians, on top of the bus, Jessie's Dream,
Death Cab For Cutie, and more unseen versions of the songs from the film.

D.V.D. 2

No. Title Comments Time
The Ultimate Mystery Trip
Volume One: Hop On The Bus
The Consolidated Outtakes

This, well over an hour, compilation is sourced from all previously known
sources of rare Magical Mystery Tour outtake footage.
This includes everything from; Anthology, Arena's MMT Revisited, reissue bonus features,
other documentaries and several collector's film sources (8mm and 16mm).

Comprehensive and fully up-to-date, this professionally produced presentation is not just a collection of clips.

29 Chapters - total: 72:41

1 Magical Mystery Tour Slate 5 Take 1 2:55
2 Ringo & Aunt Jessie October 29th;
The getting-on-the-bus sequence was filmed in Lavender Hill, London.
(Slate 21A Take 1 & Slate 18 Take 2)
3 The Fool On The Hill October 30th;
Aubrey Dewar filmed Paul during sunrise in the mountains behind Nice.
They stayed on the mountain for most of the day, though only the dawn footage was eventually used.
4 Sgt. Spinetti Slate 95 Take 1 0:34
5 The Magical Mystery Tour Marathon Soundtrack of She Loves You on a fairground organ 2:12
6 Flying More outtakes 3:02
7 Setting Up For Nat's Dream Strawberry Fields Forever Take 25 (Orchestral)
The Huers Hut is round the back of the Atlantic Hotel
8 Nat's Dream September 13th:
Scottish "funny walks" specialist Nat Jackley chased
bikini-clad girls around the Atlantic Hotel swimming pool, Dane Road, Newquay.
9 More Outtakes Soundtrack of Magic Mellotron Music 2:33
10 I'm Going In A Field Filmed but not included in the final cut:
Mr. Bloodvessel (Ivor Cutler) performs
11 All My Loving Mr. Bloodvessel & Jessie on Tregurrian Beach, Newquay
All My Loving is orchestrated as background music.
(Slate 63 Take 4 can be seen at the end)
12 I Am The Walrus Slate 79 Take 1 4:32
13 Jessie's Dream "Insert Restaurant, Take 10" 1:56
14 Dining Scene As they leave the bus, a pub sign for The Swan (?) can be seen
(Slate 53 Take 1 & Slate 36 Take 2)
15 Jessie On Drums Jessie on drums 0:29
16 Yesterday Ringo sings brief piece 0:28
17 Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush September 19th;
Steve Winwood's group Traffic were approached by Paul to film a special clip of them
performing 'Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush' intended for inclusion in Magical Mystery Tour.
18 Fish & Chips September 15th;
After leaving The Atlantic Hotel, they headed for London and stopped at;
Smedley's fish and chip shop, 108, Roman Road, Taunton, Somerset.
Soundtrack is Hello Goodbye backing track.
(Slate 50 Take 1)
19 Into The Tent September 14th:
Last day in the west country and after breakfast, the tent was set up in a cornfield not far from Newquay
20 Blue Jay Way November 3rd;
Filmed at Ringo's house, "Sunny Heights", in Weybridge, Surrey.
21 Getting Back On The Bus Soundtrack is I Am The Walrus backing track 2:54
22 You Made Me Love You Slate 56 Take 9 0:36
23 Jessie's Blues Slate 56 Take 10 2:22
24 The Walls Of Jericho Slate 56 Take 8 1:57
25 Death Cab For Cutie September 18th;
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band at the Raymond Revue Bar with exotic dancer Jan Carson
(Slate 57 Take 2 & Slate 59 Take 1)
26/27 Your Mother Should Know September 24th;
West Malling Air Station, Maidstone, Kent
Filmed with the aid of the 160 members of The Peggy Spencer Formation Dancing Team and
two dozen Women's Royal Air Force cadets.
Paul: "That was the shot that used most of the budget."
(Slate 118 Take 4 & Take 7 & Take 3 & Take 5
28 Finale Includes Hello Goodbye fade-out filmed November 10th;
On stage at the Saville Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, with dancing girls in grass skirts.
(Slate 119 Take 1)
29 Excerpt from Cutler Documentary with
Paul and Neil Innes
From BBC 4
April 2005 - "Looking For Truth With A Pin"

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