The Ultimate Mystery Trip - Volume 2: The Magic Continues

The Beatles
The Ultimate Mystery Trip - Volume 2: The Magic Continues (DVD) - Front cover The Ultimate Mystery Trip - Volume 2: The Magic Continues (DVD) - Rear Cover
The Ultimate Mystery Trip - Volume 2: The Magic Continues (DVD) - Front Cover The Ultimate Mystery Trip - Volume 2: The Magic Continues (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 045
Release date December 2017
Total time DVD 1 - 67 minutes 30 seconds
DVD 2 - 53 minutes 28 seconds
Comments :                            TMOQ Gazette - Volume 33

Contains Previously Unreleased Video Material
This is the second of two 50th Anniversary Volumes of 2-DVD sets that will represent the
ultimate collection of material surrounding The Beatles notorious 1967 film, Magical Mystery Tour.
In this second new double-DVD set, we guarantee you the continued trip of a lifetime with more fresh looks at this wonderful film.
In these volumes you will find outtakes, work prints, alternate scenes, music videos, home movie footage, and
super-rare historical reference video with tons of PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED FOOTAGE
much of which has NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE !
All beautifully edited together with a digitally remastered soundtrack for your ultimate enjoyment !

And don't forget Volume 1: Hop On The Bus

The 24 page stiff card booklet for the TMOQ Gazette has a detailed write-up of the detail on this set - The Magic Continues.
It has sections on the music, the re-issue history, the 2012 remaster and Arena Documentary which had access to ten hours of outtakes !
Plus the 2012 Radio Times review - "A Lost Classic" which among other things points out that Magical Mystery Tour was
put out on BBC1 in black-and-white between a Petula Clark Special and a Norman Wisdom film (The Square Peg).
It was shown in colour a week later on the very new BBC2, but hardly anyone had the new colour sets.
Also included in the booklet is an NME interview with John, Paul and Ringo dated 25th November 1967 - after the filming and before the showing.
Finally there is detail of the two hours worth of outtakes used on these discs.
Plus the usual HMC quality selection of pictures and fake adverts.

If you either have these new outtake DVD's, or an interest in the Magical Mystery Tour film and
would really like to read the most complete articles and detail about all of the available footage and
filming of Magical Mystery Tour, you should go to Doug Sulpy's webpages and purchase his very worthwhile
full analysis in a very special double issue of "The 910" at a very reasonable cost:
                   The 910 - Magical Mystery Tour 50th Anniversary (you might need to look for "Back issues" Volume 16)
(It is sent straight to your inbox as a secure PDF.)

D.V.D. 1

No. Title Track Detail Time
The Ultimate Mystery Trip
Volume Two: The Magic Continues
Music, Trims & Other Films
Outtakes, Location Footage and Historical Reference

19 Chapters - total: 67.30
1 On Top Of The Bus Outtakes of The Beatles popping out of the coach sunroof and waving 1:12
2 SONG: "Blue Jay Way" Yet another completely different version
George seated with a camera view from below right, and head on.
A man can be seen wafting smoke in the background (and overdoing the smoke).
3 Fish And Chips An alternate version
Slate 50 Take 2 - "Action"
September 15th;
After leaving The Atlantic Hotel, they headed for London and stopped at;
Smedley's fish and chip shop, 108, Roman Road, Taunton, Somerset.
Unlike Volume 1, this has sound, no backing track
4 SONG: "I Am The Walrus" Yet another completely different version
At start filmed from behind the fab four, then occasionally head on.
At fade, Slate 75 Take 1 as the bus pulls away.
5 Jessie's Dream Outtakes from the dream sequence - spaghetti and all
Slate 88 Take 3, then Slate 66 Take 1 and Take 2
6 SONG: "Death Cab For Cutie" A complete alternate take - nudity included
Straight head on shot of the band performing with the exotic dancer
7 SONG: "Your Mother Should Know"   A completely different version 2:33
8 The Crowd Outtakes from the crowd scene with the cast,
Mike McCartney and Mal Evans feature in the foreground,
synced to the title track
9 In The Lab An extended set of outtakes from the laboratory scene,
featuring The Beatles and Mal as magicians
(nearly ten minutes and some with sound)
Some "Flying" soundtrack and incidental music, with Beatles speech over the top
At the end, the lab is shown to be on fire as chaps spread smoke around.
Many clapperboard shots, including:
Slate 79 Takes 4, 5, 6, and 7
Slate 81 Take 2
Slate 79 Takes 1, 2, and 5
Slate 78 Take 1
10 SONG: "Blue Jay Way" Slate 83 - Take 7
And still another completely different version !
Single camera complete run through with just George shot from below right
11 SONG: "Your Mother Should Know" Another version - not synced, but
composed of various unseen trims from the shoot
12 Various Home Movie Outtakes A compilation of silent 8mm and 16mm films shot on location
Soundtrack is the long version of It's All Too Much
13 South West At 6 An original TV news feature on Magical Mystery Tour
Filmed at The Grand Hotel, Plymouth on 12th September 1967
Includes a brief interview with Paul
14 Opening Comparison A quad-screen comparison to show the differences between the openings of
the 1978 VHS, 1988 LaserDisc, 1997 DVD and 2012 remaster
15 Mini Documentary From the 2009 set of remastered C.D.s 3:28
16 1974 Trailer The original trailer for the Mystical Films re-release 1:52
17 The Beatles On Record An excerpt from the BBC2 broadcast of 5th September 2009 4:04
18 2012 Trailer The trailer for the remaster and deluxe collector's edition 3:15
19 Preview Trailer for Volume 1 The first volume contained more unseen versions of;
I Am The Walrus, Blue Jay Way & Your Mother Should Know,
Outtakes from the marathon, the tent, and on board the bus,
unseen work prints of the dining scene and Nat's dream .....
and much more !

D.V.D. 2

No. Title Comments Time
The Ultimate Mystery Trip
Volume Two: The Magic Continues

The Unavailable Original Movie

This disc contains what is considered by many to be the best, unadulterated version of Magical Mystery Tour.
The long out-of-print 1988 Apple remaster, with a soundtrack remixed by George Martin.
Sourced from the LaserDisc edition, with a choice of selectable soundtracks;
The 1988 stereo mix - a superior digital version from the LaserDisc, or original mono soundtrack.

14 Chapters - total: 53:28

1 Intro A static shot of the laserdisc cover 0:10
2 Magical Mystery Tour Intro and title sequence 3:19
3 Ringo & Aunt Jessie October 29th;
The getting-on-the-bus sequence was filmed in Lavender Hill, London.
4 The Fool On The Hill October 30th;
Aubrey Dewar filmed Paul during sunrise in the mountains behind Nice.
They stayed on the mountain for most of the day, though only the dawn footage was eventually used.
5 Sgt. Spinetti Victor does his piece 2:41
6 The Magical Mystery Tour Marathon Soundtrack of She Loves You on a fairground organ 5:01
7 Flying The coloured arctic scenes
Followed by The Magicians, plus scenes on the bus
8 I Am The Walrus The classic music video
Followed by bus scenes
9 Jessie's Dream Followed by the "Crowd Into The Tent" sequence 5:27
10 Blue Jay Way November 3rd;
Filmed at Ringo's house, "Sunny Heights", in Weybridge, Surrey.
Followed by exit of the tent and more Magicians
11 The Bus Singalong Coconuts, Toot Tootsie, Happy Wanderer, Irish Eyes, Red Robin, Can Can 2:52
12 Death Cab For Cutie September 18th;
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band at the Raymond Revue Bar with exotic dancer Jan Carson
13 Your Mother Should Know September 24th;
West Malling Air Station, Maidstone, Kent
Filmed with the aid of the 160 members of The Peggy Spencer Formation Dancing Team and
two dozen Women's Royal Air Force cadets.
Paul: "That was the shot that used most of the budget."
14 Finale Magical Mystery closing titles.
Includes Hello Goodbye fade-out filmed November 10th;
On stage at the Saville Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, with dancing girls in grass skirts.

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