The Beatles At Abbey Road - 1983

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The Beatles At Abbey Road - 1983 (DVD) - Front cover The Beatles At Abbey Road - 1983 (DVD) - Rear Cover
The Beatles At Abbey Road - 1983 (DVD) - Front Cover The Beatles At Abbey Road - 1983 (DVD) - Rear Cover

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Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 033
Release date September 2015
Total time Disc 1 - 1 hour 41 minutes 11 seconds (DVD)
Disc 2 - 1 hour 10 minutes 45 seconds (C.D.)
Comments :                                              TMOQ Gazette - Volume 21

Prior to a large refurbishment in 1983, the doors of Abbey Road Studios were thrown open to the public for the first and only time and would feature an audio / visual experience celebrating the studios most famous recording icons.
Fans were treated to a tour of the famous Number 2 Studio, which had remained virtually unchanged since the days of the sixties when the Beatles recorded there from 1962 to 1969.

Starting July 18th the doors were opened seven days a week with three shows per day right through to September 11.
Tickets were £4:50 each and allowed entrance to either the 10:30 a.m., 3:30 or 7:30 p.m. experience.

After a short tour of the facility the audience were seated in Number 2 Studio for a ninety minute presentation featuring rare film clips and promotional videos with previously unreleased Beatles recordings - the first ever public performance of Beatles outtakes. Refreshments were included and in one corner was a booth offering T-shirts, posters, stickers, road signs, postcards and other Beatle souvenirs.

Not too long after the opening a fan was caught trying to make an audio recording of the show. Immediately, E.M.I. had metal detectors installed in the hallway leading into the studio. In the studio several signs were posted on the wall stating,
"Absolutely no sound recordings may be made of this presentation".

Fans not to be beaten, and with word out from previous visitors how great the outtakes were, three U.S. collectors managed to sneak in a Sony cassette player and record the entire show from start to finish in stereo. The constituent parts of the recording equipment were split between three shopping bags made to look like tourist shopping. Amazingly, when they got to the search point, the guard looked in the bags quickly, passed them around the metal detector and showed the visitors though the detectors without the bags ... and then handed the bags back to them !!

Upon being seated together for the show they carefully pulled the parts from their bags to prepare recording.
One sat still holding the microphone for the entire presentation and if you listen carefully to the recording you can hear the rustling of paper as fans finished eating and putting their souvenirs in bags. When the tape was checked later that day the fans were blown away as the recordings had turned out to be incredible.

Upon their return to the U.S. a cover was designed and in early 1984 the recording was issued as a double album.
In the late 80's a Japanese C.D. version appeared.

The HMC label have now produced a DVD / CD compilation of the Abbey Road Video Show but while it has appeared in collectors circles before, HMC have elevated the experience by including some newly sourced video material and upgraded video clips where possible. Some tracks contain previously unseen footage, some of which was originally silent, but have had alternate song versions added to enhance the enjoyment.

This two disc set contains one DVD and one audio C.D.
All lovingly housed in the usual HMC stiff card 24-page volume with full write-ups of the content.
Pictures from inside the event, and "A Chat With Glyn Johns", plus an interview with George Martin.

The D.V.D.

There were reports of early problems with this DVD having skips in.
The suppliers did fix the issue and untroubled discs were sent out.

Chapter Time Programme Date and Detail
The Beatles At Abbey Road - 1983

(1 hour 25 minutes 6 seconds)
The DVD is split into 2 Titles. This is the first, which has 28 chapters, as listed below.
1 0:00 12/11/1931 - Abbey Road opens
Elgar conducts Pomp And Circumstance
(at 2:34) Helen Shapiro in 1961 recording Walking Back To Happiness (In Colour)
2 3:38 Love Me Do
Take 18 - RS1 (2:15)
Preceded by Paul and John’s introductions from one of their Christmas recordings
And followed by the recording story by Norman Smith
3 8:56 How Do You Do It
Incomplete Take 2 (0:41)
4 10:16 I Saw Her Standing There
"Seventeen - Take 1" followed by take 9 (a breakdown, "Too fast").
Followed by takes 11 (handclaps) & take12 (2:50) over footage of the Beatles in Holland with stand in, Jimmy Nicols.
Live studio performances of the track are superimposed over the top.
5 15:44 Twist And Shout
The finished take over a live performance video
6 18:15 One After 909 + Don't Bother Me
In 1983 this would have been the first hearing of the original version of "One After 909" (Take 4)
It is accompanied by studio photographs.
Then this chapter includes takes 11 & 12 of Don't Bother Me.
Followed by Norman returning to explain 4-track recording
7 22:47 A Hard Day's Night
John crashes through three attempts of getting the opening chord correct.
Takes 2 & 3 - attempts at the opening chord, plus Take 9 RS2
The visuals are a mixture of clips from the movie and studio shots of the time.
8 25:46 Leave My Kitten Alone
The narration tells of just four unreleased Beatles tracks (!?)
9 27:07 I'm A Loser
10 29:36 She's A Woman
Take 1
11 30:54 Ticket To Ride
And upgrade of the outtake video
Rec: 23/11/1965
Intertel Promo - Twickenham Film Studios
Ringo standing playing drums, while the others sit in director's chairs.
12 33:38 Help !
Take 5 - The instrumental backing track version of ‘Help’.
Features period photos, Beatlemania shots and clips from the film.
- 35:57                    ----- End of Part One ----
13 35:57 Norwegian Wood
Take 1
The second part of this production actually starts with studio chatter from the
session of "Run For Your Life" before the first take of ‘Norwegian Wood’ plays.
M.B.E. footage and the ensuing chaos outside Buckingham Palace is shown.
14 37:38 I'm Looking Through You
Take 1 - with more Beatlemania footage
15 38:42 Paperback Writer
An upgraded version of one of the three black and white studio videos
Rec: 19/05/1966
There were three Intertel Promos made at EMI Studio 1, Abbey Road
16 40:59 Rain
An upgraded video - a mixture of the Chiswick House colour and the black and white studio shots.
17 43:53 Penny Lane
Upgraded video
18 46:46 Strawberry Fields Forever
Take 7 and Take 26
Mixed in with scenes from the original promo, HMC uses great quality outtakes from the field recordings.
19 53:03 A Day In The Life
The Anthology video version, edited at the very end with another version in lower visual quality
20 57:57 A Day In The Life
A great compilation of hitherto unseen silent outtakes with an early take soundtrack to create a new promo.
21 63:20 Hello Goodbye
A selection of outtakes from the video recordings - cut between the various permeations of the video.
22 66:40 Lady Madonna
The standard visual from the Hey Bulldog session also featuring some “White Album” era footage
23 68:52 Hey Jude
Features the “Music” footage
24 71:28 Hey Jude
The second Hey Jude includes unseen silent footage from "Experiment On TV".
25 76:47 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Take 1 with images of George throughout his Beatles career cut along side home footage of the fabs visit to Rishikesh
26 80:00 Because
Accapella version with footage shot for the "Something" promo.
27 82:17 #9 Dream
The presentation ends with Ringo saying cheerio and them moves to the released version of
John’s "No. 9 Dream" backed with a selection of photos of Lennon through his Beatles years.
- 85:06                    ----- FIN ----
Bonus Tracks

(16 minutes 2 seconds)
Title 2, which has 7 chapters, as listed below.
1 0:00 Rain
A mix of the Anthology video (1995) (which already uses outtakes) along with the b/w Intertel Abbey Road Take 1
and the Anthology video prepared to promote the DVD release from 2003 (different from the 1995 version), plus
brief new segments which are a few outtakes of the Chiswick shooting (the colour one).
2 2:59 Paperback Writer
Released a few years back this is an edit using one of the promotional videos to promote the Anthology video from 1996,
the Anthology 2003 video from the DVD source as well as the old available one (in less quality).
3 5:24 Ed Sullivan Show 5th June1966 (in Colour)
Ed Sullivan's intro, followed by Ringo introducing the two songs the band will be presenting.
(Same footage as seen in HMC's prior release: Ultimate Ed Sullivan DVD Collection)
4 5:45 Paperback Writer
5 8:30 Rain
6 11:52 Beatles at Abbey Road
26th February 1964 - Richard Lester film of the Beatles in the studio.
Shot during the "And I Love Her" session for BBC documentary "Follow The Beatles".
Compiled into a more viewable format and matched to the Anthology outtake.
Features, I Should Have Known Better plus And I Love Her
- 15:52                    ----- FIN ----

The C.D.

No. Title Detail Time
1 Thank Your Lucky Stars Sketch 1 - taken from TV performance 0:40
2 Love Me Do Take 18 2:14
3 How Do You Do It Take 2 - Unedited Mono 1:55
4 I Saw Her Standing There Takes 2, 11 and 12
Control Room: "Seventeen Take 1"
Take 2 (0:48) - breakdown, "Too fast"
"And then they added handclaps" - Take 11 (0:16)
"12" - Take 12 (2:50)
5 Twist And Shout Take 1 (Edit with applause at the end) 2:30
6 One After 909 Take 4
At start, "George", at end is studio chat
7 Don't Bother Me Take 11 and Take 12 1:12
8 A Hard Day's Night Composite of Takes 2, 3, & 9
Takes 2 & 3 are false starts attempting the opening chord
Take 9 RS2 (2:23)
9 Leave My Kitten Alone Take 5 2:50
10 I'm A Loser Take 8 2:24
11 She's A Woman Take 1 1:16
12 Ticket To Ride Take 2 2:43
13 Help ! Take 5 - Instrumental backing track 2:17
14 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) Take 1 - 12/10/1965 1:58
15 I'm Looking Through You Take 1 3:12
16 Paperback Writer Take 2 - RM2 2:12
17 Rain Take 7 - RS1 2:55
18 Penny Lane Take 9 - RS1 2:52
19 Strawberry Fields Forever Take 26 2:44
20 A Day In The Life Take 7 - John Barrett Mix 4:52
21 Hello Goodbye Take 22 - RS2 3:18
22 Hey Jude Take 9 - Incomplete ("Boogie woogie") 2:35
23 Lady Madonna Take 4 - "Marmite" version, with Paul's laugh 2:26
24 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Take 1 (Unedited) 3:10
25 Because Take 16 - John Barrett Mix 2:13
26 Thank Your Lucky Stars Sketch 2 - taken from TV performance 0:22
27 Octopuses Garden Rockband sourced 2:45
28 Guten Morgen, Guten Morgen Rockband sourced 2:41

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