The Ultimate Ed Sullivan DVD Collection

The Beatles
Ed Sullivan (DVD) - Front cover Ed Sullivan (DVD) - Rear Cover
The Ultimate Ed Sullivan DVD Collection (DVD) - Front Cover The Ultimate Ed Sullivan DVD Collection (DVD) - Rear Cover

Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No.   HMC 032
Release date May 2015
Total time Disc 1 - 74 minutes 23 seconds
Disc 2 - 69 minutes 52 seconds
Comments :                            TMOQ Gazette - Volume 20

This double DVD set contains well over two hours of footage from The Beatles appearances on the U.S. network T.V. show, The Ed Sullivan Show.

On 9th February 1964 the world of rock music and American culture was turned upside down by
The Beatles legendary debut performance on "The Ed Sullivan Show".

From that day forward the world would never be the same again.
It has been said that before John, Paul, George and Ringo the world was in black and white and after them in technicolour.

The Beatles arrived in America on 7th February of that fabled year and within 48 hours or so, a new youth culture would begin.
They first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show on 9th February for what would be the first of three consecutive weekly appearances.
Reportedly watched by over 73 million viewers it has long been mentioned as one of those "where were you" moments.
On that first show the lads performed three songs at the start, then two more later in the program.

The second show was broadcast from the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach where Cassius Clay was in training for his first title bout with Sonny Liston.
The occasion was duly utilized by both camps for publicity.
During the afternoon of 16th February the group performed a full dress rehearsal which was also filmed.
Knowing it was only a dress rehearsal, Lennon took a few more liberties than usual, but as can be compared on the two performances,
John's crip imitation with Paul's disapproving shake of the head was noticeably absent from the evening broadcast.
On this date they performed six songs; three openers and three closers for the show.

The third show, broadcast on 23rd February, had actually been taped earlier in the day on 9th Feb. before their first true live appearance.
Which explains why there are only three songs performed on this edition, two to start and just one to close.

The Beatles appeared live for the final time on 14th August 1965 when they taped their contribution ultimately broadcast on 12th September.
Their three opening and three closing songs gifted Sullivan with a 60% share of the nighttime T.V. audience.
Like all previous broadcasts this one was also in black-and-white, with Ed informing the audience at the end of this show that
from the following week the show would be broadcast in colour !
The Beatles had missed it by just a few days and their monochrome existence was now set in stone in history.

In later years the Fab Four would provide filmed promotional clips of songs to air exclusively on Ed Sullivan's program.

The 24 page stiff card booklet for the TMOQ Gazette has a much more detailed write-up from which the above was extracted.
It also has a biography of Ed Sullivan, an account of an interview on their return to Heathrow, a BBC interview broadcast during Grandstand(!), details of the first U.S. interview at Kennedy International, some excellent photograhs and typical HMC asides.

D.V.D. One

"Time" below, is the incremental time as each chapter starts.

No. Programme Detail Time
Ed Sullivan Show - 9th February 1964

8 Chapters - total: 15:52
1 CBS Ident 0:00
2 Show start, Adverts and Ed's Intro 0:10
3 All My Loving 2:15
4 Till There Was You 4:25
5 She Loves You 6:36
6 I Saw Her Standing There 9:37
7 I Want To Hold Your Hand 12:30
8 Ed's Outro 15:02
Ed Sullivan Show - 16th February 1964
(Dress Rehearsal)

7 Chapters - total: 16:23
1 She Loves You 0:00
2 This Boy 2:24
3 All My Loving 3:44
4 I Saw Her Standing There 7:25
5 From Me To You 10:16
6 I Want To Hold Your Hand 12:10
7 Ed's Outro 15:19
Ed Sullivan Show - 23rd February 1964
(pre-recorded 9th Feb.)

4 Chapters - total: 9:26
1 Ed's Intro 0:00
Twist And Shout
2 Please Please Me 3:04
3 I Want To Hold Your Hand 5:13
4 Ed's Outro plus Adverts 7:45
Ed Sullivan Show - 24th May 1964

4 Chapters - total: 6:42
1 Adverts, plus Ed's Intro 0:00
2 Filmed Interview about Hard Day's Night 1:25
3 You Can't Do That (from the film) 3:25
4 Ed's Outro 6:03
Ed Sullivan Show - 12th September 1965
(pre-recorded 14th August)

10 Chapters - total: 21:28
1 Ed's Intro 0:00
2 I Feel Fine 0:54
3 I'm Down 3:01
4 Act Naturally 5:39
5 Ed's halfway announcement 8:19
6 Ticket To Ride 8:57
7 Yesterday 11:30
8 Help ! 13:49
9 Ed Interviews the Beatles, followed by Ads 16:44
10 Ed's Outro (mentions Colour is coming next week)
+ Beatles perform Help! as titles run over the top
+ Adverts + Dick Van Dyke
Unseen 1965 Rehearsal - including alternate Help !

3 Chapters - total: 4:32
1 Ed's Outro (Mentions colour)
+ Blank screen as a tape can be heard rewinding.
2 Ed's Outro again 1:37
3 Beatles perform Help! as titles run over the top
+ Adverts + Dick Van Dyke

D.V.D. Two

No. Programme Detail Time
Ed Sullivan Show - 16th February 1964
(Complete and uncut)

23 Chapters - Total: 58:45
1 Adverts and Title Sequence 0:00
2 Ed's Intro 0:52
3 The Beatles - She Loves You 2:57
4 The Beatles - This Boy 5:28
5 The Beatles - All My Loving 7:50
6 Ed introduces famous audience members, Sonny Liston and Joe Louis 
+ advert for Lipton Tea
7 Marty Allen and Steve Rossi (comedy) 12:23
8 Mitzi Gaynor - Too Darn Hot 17:03
9 Advert: Anacin 20:27
10 Mitzi Gaynor - The More I See You 21:45
11 Mitzi Gaynor - Birth Of The Blues 25:10
12 Mitzi Gaynor - When The Saints 28:33
13 Advert: Kent 32:48
14 Outside broadcast from Hialeh Race Track
The Nerveless Knocks perform some pole gymnastics
15 Myron Cohen (comedy) 38:47
16 Advert: Pilsbury 45:14
17 Ed's Beatles Intro 46:28
18 The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There 46:49
19 The Beatles - From Me To You 49:31
20 The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand 51:24
21 Ed's Outro + Advert: Kent 54:12
22 Ed's signing off + Adverts: Kent and Lipton, + Titles 55:58
23 Station advert: Judy Garland .... next 58:34
Ed Sullivan Show - 5th June 1966

3 Chapters - total: 6:24
1 Ed's Intro + Beatles introduction 0:00
2 Paperback Writer 0:41
3 Rain + Ed's Outro 3:06
Ed Sullivan Show - 26th November 1967

2 Chapters - total 4:43
1 Ed's Intro 0:00
2 Hello Goodbye 0:51

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