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The Beatles
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Label His Master's Choice
Catalogue No. HMC 027
Release Date    2013
Total Time Disc 1 - 77:38
Disc 2 - 64:42
Comments: TMOQ Gazette - Volume 15 - Take It Off
Part 1
A new collection of EMI outtakes - featuring previously unreleased studio material !

Yes, really ! ...... over 8 minutes of unheard pieces, mostly just snippets, but at least one new take too !

After the Beatles contract expired in 1976, EMI began assessing un-released material for a future release.
This produced the first batch of songs to be leaked to bootleg from an in-house cassette compilation.
In 1981 EMI engineer John Barrett was given the task of cataloguing the complete collection of studio recording tapes.
This was mainly for two projects: The Abbey Road public presentation of July 1983 and a planned "Sessions" outtakes album.
Shortly before the "Sessions" 1985 release it was vetoed by the surviving band members, but audience recordings of the
Abbey Road show and leaked promos of Sessions became available to bootleggers.
These songs appeared on superb ground-breaking bootlegs such as Ultra Rare Trax and Unsurpassed Masters.

New Beatles studio outtakes continue to occasionally appear, for instance in February 2009 the 11 minute complete Revolution 1 (Take 20).

Looking at this collection most of the tracks appear to be ones we already have seen bootlegged before.
But this collection is upgraded and contains previously unheard outtakes that have been hidden away for years.

The original cassette tapes made by John Barrett and Roger Scott in the early 80's have been re-examined and some little gems
overlooked on all other releases have been discovered. Plus the sound quality is second-to-none, being a generation closer to the masters.

For unexplained reasons when those tapes were prepared for releases like Ultra Rare Trax, edits were made and some portions removed.
On this "Take It Off" c.d. the unedited versions are included with all the count-ins and studio chat left intact.
Some edits are very minor with only the first note clipped or a fade being cut short, but they should be heard in their complete format.

The track list below explains the differences that can be heard in each of these rare tracks.

Part 2
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ..... Mono - Stereo

Often cited as The Beatles finest piece of work debate still rages as to whether the album is better in mono or stereo.
It is true that more time was spent on the mono mix and the stereo mix was assembled laterly in just a few hours
And there is the usual round of audio oddities between the two mixes - the odd extended fade here, or louder guitar there.
Whatever your opinion, everyone can now own both mixes ... but ... what if the mono mix could be heard in stereo !?!?

Well, now you have the chance as that is exactly what we find on the second disc of this TMOQ set.

A stunning mono-to-stereo creation that sounds simply wonderful and will enhance your listening pleasure.
The word on the streets is that Beatle Remixer "MasterJedi" is responsible for this audio gem that has to be heard to be believed.
Every additional thing that was originally only heard in the mono mix is here, but in glorious stereo.
It will astound even the most doubtful cynical Beatles listener and may even become the preferred choice of many.

Disc 2 concludes with two exerpts from The Beatles Story Part 8 - The Psychedelic Chapter.

A very splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Another nice presentation in the "TMOQ Gazette" style.
A solid card DVD-sized booklet with 24 pages of detailed track information, pictures and an article
entitled "Dinner With The Beatles" that appeared in N.M.E. on 27th May 1967.
On 19th May 1967 Brian Epstein hosted a dinner party to mark the upcoming launch of Sgt. Pepper.
Invited to the party were a small number of important D.J.'s and journalists, plus the Beatles themselves.
Norrie Drummond of the New Musical Express had the opportunity to interview each of the fab four.

C.D. One

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 There's A Place Take 1 (2:00)
All previous releases have omitted the brief pre-song studio chat
and slate call heard here for the first time
2 There's A Place Take 10 (1:50)
Slightly clipped on previous issues, this now features the intact fade-out
3 I Saw Her Standing There Take 1 (2:51)
A bit of Paul's bass, intro and slate call all included in pristine quality and unedited
4 Misery Takes 8 (13 seconds) & Take 9 (1:46)
Take 8 has been issued before but all versions released so far have cut abruptly as the song breaks down.
From this new tape we can now hear the next take, the previously unreleased Take 9
In it's entirety, no edits, pre-song chat, no effects for the very first time.
5 Hold Me Tight Take 20 (0:04 and 0:10) & Take 21 (2:26)
Although available before, it's included here as the very beginning was clipped on all previous issues
6 Can't Buy Me Love Takes 2 (2:28), Take 3 (0:34) & Take 4 (2:09)
A superior quality, unedited tape featuring the above three takes.
7 She's A Woman Take 3 (0:03), Take 4 (3:12), & Take 5 (3:58)
False starts abound, but this is previously unreleased takes 3-5.
There is a false start before Take 4 is called.
Take 4 complete to a natural conclusion.
Take 5 continues on after the fade with a ragged jam.
The title given to this set, "Take It Off", is George's adlib at the end of Take 5
8 I Feel Fine Take 1 (1:18) & Take 2 (1:22)
Available before, but without the pre-song run through and slate call heard here.
Take 1 features John singing in the key of A and breaks down at the point of the solo.
John asks if he sounds a bit strained.
Take 2 (which also breaks down) is done in the key of G and sounds better for it.
9 Yes It Is Take 1 (2:37) & Take 14 (2:41)
All previous issues of these takes feature omissions from the start of the first take,
and then from the end of the master recording, Take 14.
The version of Take 1 here includes a brief extract of John singing Georgie Fame's "Yeah Yeah",
plus a slate call from Norman Smith all missing from all earlier releases.
Take 14 includes a truncated comment from George Martin after the fade, regarding
the way they sing the words, "Please don't" ....
10 Help ! Take 1 (0:13), Take 2 (0:16), & Take 3 (0:55)
A minor upgrade - all previous releases began with the first bass note,
this version has a fragment of studio noise at the very beginning
11 That Means A Lot Take 1 (2:47)
An upgrade in sound quality to all previous releases and
also the complete ending rather than a fade-out.
12 Strawberry Fields Forever Take 7 (3:06)
Takes 5 and 6 were recorded on 29th November 1966, the latter featuring a Lennon guide vocal.
The take included here is a stereo mixdown of Take 6 with ADT applied to the vocal track and
overdubbing of more instruments. This was considered "best" and three mono remixes were made,
the last of which is featured here.
This version of Take 7 includes some extra piano and brief sound effects after the song has concluded.
Sounds missed off virtually all other issues.
13 Strawberry Fields Forever RM3 (3:01)
The best sound quality to date that also includes George Martin's
announcement at the start which is often overlooked.
14 Strawberry Fields Forever Take 25 (3:27)
Claimed to be different to any other previous issue.
Take 25 here features a completely different mix with a layer of overdubs missing from all other versions.
A few seconds after the slate call that have been unavailable before.
Extra Mellotron and guitar track at the end heard clearly for the first time.
Plus a few extra seconds of psychedelia at the end which actually obscures John telling
Ringo to calm down which was clearly heard on previous issues.
15 Strawberry Fields Forever Take 26 (3:21)
The unedited tape with slate call and a few extra seconds at the start.
16 When I'm 64 Take 3 (2:42) .... almost
"Take 3 a copy of Take 2"
The slate call is 100% genuine, but, the version on this tape was missing the bulk of the song.
So, on this version a "Take 3" has been re-created from the MOGGs and some 5.1 extraction.
17 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Take 1
Included here is the count-in from George and George's comment at the end.
"Let's hear that back"
And the whole thing in stunning quality, with no fake stereo or added echo.
18 Hey Jude Unknown Takes and Rehearsals
Hey Jude run through (5:02)
Las Vegas Jude (0:15)
Hey Jude section (0:18)
Hey Jude section (0:56)
Sound of a tape rewinding, St.Louis (0:27)
Whilst the bulk of this track will be familiar and is otfen identified as Take 10,
there are some previously unreleased fragments appearing here for the first time.
The song cuts into "Las Vegas Jude" improv then Paul starts the first new fragment of
just a few seconds which features some first lines of the song, before he stops to clear his throat.
Paul starts again and about a minute of another new performance begins.
Unfortunately, this cuts short and the tape jumps to the familiar "St. Louis Blues".
However there is one tiny fragment included here as John says "boys" right at the very end.
For unknown reasons trimmed off all previous issues.
19 Not Guilty Take 102 (4:16)
Unedited complete version with count-in and no fade out.
In the best sound quality to date.
Bonus Track
20 How Do You Do It (Original demo) - NOT the Beatles version, nor Gerry's.
Performed by Barry Mason and backing from some members of the Dave Clark Five.
The original songwriting demo acetate presented to Ron Richards by Mitch Murray that
was stored in a drawer until they decided what to do with it.

C.D. Two

No Tracklisting Time
Sgt. Pepper replicating the Mono mix in Stereo - by MasterJedi
1 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 2:01
2 With A Little Help From My Friends 2:43
3 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 3:26
4 Getting Better 2:46
5 Fixing A Hole 2:37
6 She's Leaving Home 3:22
7 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite 2:35
8 Within You Without You 5:05
9 When I'm 64 2:37
10 Lovely Rita 2:42
11 Good Morning, Good Morning 2:36
12 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
13 A Day In The Life 5:03
14 "Runout Groove" 0:10
The Beatles Story - Part 8: The Psychedelic Chapter
15 1. Introduction 0:47
16 2. John - Sgt.Pepper 13:41
17 3. Paul - Sgt. Pepper 10:52

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