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Label Copy Cat Chronicle
Catalogue No.   CCC 007
Release Date August 2018
Total Time Disc 1 - 77:48
Disc 2 - 69:37
Comments:   This double c.d. collects together outtakes for The White Album and attempts to produce a live outing for the same.

Much of the legendary Peter Sellers tape makes up the outtakes, which are filled out with various bits and pieces.
Although, one track from the Peter Sellers Tape is missing here, as it was not used on The White Album ... Not Guilty.

Copy Cat Chronicle is just that and very much so imitates the HMC "TMOQ Gazette" style.
A solid card DVD-sized booklet with 16 pages, but in this case, not much in the way of track description.
The booklet includes:
     A description of The White Album.
     A ten part examination of what made Peter Sellers who he was, especially in relation to The Beatles.
     Details of the Peter Sellers Tape
     Paul's opinions of the White Album from Radio Luxembourg in November 1968
     And a few nice photographs and adverts in the HMC style.

C.D. One

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50 Years: White Album Studio Tracks
1 Back In The U.S.S.R. From the Peter Sellers Tape (Ambient Stereo)
Take 6 RM1
Jet noise at the end is longer without any segue into Dear Prudence
2 Dear Prudence Alternate Stereo Mix
Some strange tape hiss at the start
This is quite different with extended backing vocals
Strange fade at end, tape rewind, then John says, "Swinging, Swinging"
3 Glass Onion Demo Sessions at "Kinfauns" Esher
At end John says, "by courtesy of the committee council"
4 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da From the Peter Sellers Tape (Ambient Stereo)
Take 23 RM21
Odd sounds and extra piano burst before start, false start maybe
Different mix of the released mono version with hand claps heard on the intro.
Slightly longer ending: At end, after the "Thank you", and extra pause, then "damn sure".
5 Wild Honey Pie From the Peter Sellers Tape (Ambient Stereo)
Take 1 RM6
At start, "This is RM6"
Released version, with slate at the start and a fragment extra at the end.
6 The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill Demo Sessions at "Kinfauns" Esher 2:26
7 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Intro & Mix without piano
At start, "Hold it Harry", George, "I tried to do a Smokie and I just aren't Smokie"
8 Happiness Is A Warm Gun 2017 Stereo Remix 2:41
9 Martha My Dear Let It Be Sessions: 14th January 1969
DDSI 14.03
10 I'm So Tired Let It Be Sessions: 3rd January 1969
Paul on lead vocals (DDSI 3.38)
11 Blackbird Outtake
Stop/start run throughs, with little laugh from Paul at end.
Remastered from "Gone Tomorrow, Here Today"
12 Piggies A Cedar Software Experiment
Previously unreleased
Count-in, then mostly instrumental, but includes piggie sound-effects
No idea where this originates, but it sounds pretty good.
13 Rocky Raccoon From the Peter Sellers Tape (Ambient Stereo)
Take 10 - RM1
Control room whisper at start, "Rocky Raccoon, this is RM1"
Slight bit of studio chat at start
14 Don't Pass Me By From the Peter Sellers Tape (Ambient Stereo)
Take 7 (with edit piece 4) RM4
Contains repeat of the first verse (removed for the release)
15 I Will Outtake
Almost a count-in, then a very bare early version
16 Julia Lifted from Revolution - Take ... your knickers off ! 2:53
17 Birthday Paul's voice double-tracked stereo mix
George, "Is this mike on ?"
Not a proper mix at all, just some double tracking causing phasing
18 Yer Blues From the Peter Sellers Tape (Ambient Stereo)
Take 16/17 (with Edit Piece 1) RM3
Ringo's count-in (an edit peice recorded on 20th August 1968) edited onto Take 17 (the first 3:16)
with Take 16 (the rest of the track) from 13/14th August.
19 Mother Nature's Son From the Peter Sellers Tape (Ambient Stereo)
Take 26 - "RM8"
Identical to the released version
20 Everybody's Got Something To Hide
Except For Me And My Monkey
From the Peter Sellers Tape (Ambient Stereo)
Take 12 and a slightly different, more manic sounding mix when
compared to the released version which was RM5
21 Sexy Sadie From the Peter Sellers Tape (Ambient Stereo)
Take 117 RM5
Extended ending version before being edited down for the album
22 Long, Long, Long 2009 Remix
Previously unreleased
23 Revolution 1 Unedited mono mix
Cropped down from the lo-o-ong version
24 Honey Pie Demo Sessions at "Kinfauns" Esher 1:58
25 Savoy Truffle 2009 Remix
Previously unreleased
26 Cry Baby Cry John's piano demo 2:18
27 Goodnight From the Peter Sellers Tape (Ambient Stereo)
Take 34 RM6
A different shorter edit of the released version
(a section has been cut out after the second verse just before Ringo's humming)
and the voices of children can be heard at the end as Ringo wishes everyone Good Night.

C.D. Two

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50 Years: White Album Live !
1 Back In The U.S.S.R. Paul + Dave Grohl
1st June 2008 - Liverpool Sound Concert, Anfield
2 Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Paul
8th October 2016 - Desert Trip, Indio, California
3 While My Guitar Gently Weeps George + Ringo
Prince's Trust 1987
4 Blackbird Solo
12th December 2012 - during the Concert For Sandy
5 Don't Pass Me By Ringo and the Roundheads
25th August 2005 - Waukegan, Illinois
6 Why Don't We Do It In The Road Paul + Neil Young
8th October 2016 - Empire Polo Club, Indio, California - A Dessert Trip
7 I Will Paul
2005 Live
8 Birthday Paul + Ringo
2010 - Ringo's birthday bash
9 Yer Blues John
1969 Toronto
10 Mother Nature's Son Paul
May 2002 - Reunion Arena, Dallas
11 Helter Skelter Paul
1st November 2003 - Pepsi Centre, Denver
12 Savoy Truffle Dhani Harrison (Why ?! ... cos he sounds like his father)
Bonus Tracks
13 Blackbird From the Peter Sellers Tape (Ambient Stereo)
Take 32 RM6
Undubbed version without bird noises of the released mono mix.
Longer intro that was trimmed for the album and a touch of echo on the vocal
14 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Paul + Eric Clapton
3rd June 2002 - Party At The Palace, Buckingham Palace Garden
15 Hey Jude Paul
22rd October 2007 - Olympia, Paris
16 While My Guitar Gently Weeps/Smiles George
12th November 1974 - The Forum, Los Angeles
17 Yer Blues John
Dirty Mac at The Rolling Stones Rock 'n' Roll Circus

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