Can You Hear Me In The Cans - Volume 5

The Beatles
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Can You Hear Me In The Cans Vol.5 - Front Cover Can You Hear Me In The Cans Vol.5 - Back Cover
Label Picador
Catalogue No. YDCD 005
Country of Origin Italy
Release date Late 90's
Total time 57:57
Comments: A copy of "Unsurpassed Masters Vol.5",
but "Picador" use NO catalogue number, so I`ve used the Yellow Dog marque.
(This volume does have a matrix number though, DLA 1830)

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Octopussy's Garden Take 32 02:50
2 Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight Take 17
Sound fault on this track, sounds like tape wow
3 You Never Give Me You're Money Take 30
Some "Boogie" jam at the end
4 Oh! Darling Take 26 03:25
5 Maxwell's Silver Hammer Take 21 RS13 03:34
6 Something Take 37
Includes 02:26 of a jam at the end
7 A Huge Melody (Part 1)
    You Never Give Me You're Money
    Sun King
    Mean Mister Mustard
    Polythene Pam
    She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
"The Long One/The Huge Medley" was mixed 30th July 1969.
The overall mix is RS2.

Sun King and Mustard are Take 35
The others are Take 40.
Sound fault on this track, sounds over-recorded

8 A Huge Melody (Part 2)
    Golden Slumbers
    Carry That Weight
    The End
Take 17
The End is Take 7 (NO vocals)
Sound fault on this track, sounds over-recorded
9 Her Majesty Take 3
With the "extra" note
10 Stand By Me 24th January 1969 - 24.92
Loose jam version
11 I've Got A Feeling 27th January 1969 - 27.17
"I've got ANOTHER feeling", sings Paul
Ringo at end says, "You're not going already are yer ?"
12 Two Of Us 24th January 1969 - 24.18
Slower version, slight applause at end
13 For You Blue 25th January 1969 - 25.21/25.22
"Track it, put the ??? on, let's go"
This is actually two takes, first breaks down after just 26 seconds
At end George says, "Felt Nice", and someone else says, "Is that it ?"
14 Let It Be 31st January 1969 - 31.39
"Second clap", Paul exclaims at start (?)
And at end says, "Ooooh Yes"

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