Oobu Joobu Part 12
"Yesterday" 30th Anniversary Special

Paul McCartney
Oobu Joobu Part 12 - CD cover Oobu Joobu Part 12 - CD back
Oobu Joobu Part 12 - Front Cover Oobu Joobu Part 12 - Back Cover
Label Yellow Cat
Catalogue No. YC 056
CD Matrix No. 95255212
Country Of Origin   "Made in Israel"
Release date 1995
Total time 55:27
Comments: Oobu Joobu is a radio program created, directed and presented by Deejay Paul McCartney.

A Westwood One Radio Show, that was a series of 13 one hour programs running from Memorial Day to Labour Day in the U.S. Remarkably, the short-sighted radio producers of this country did not take up the offer to broadcast the show.

This edition was broadcast 31st July 1995 and was a special edition to celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Yesterday".

All Oobu Joobu releases are taken from the C.D.'s that were used to distribute the show and are therefore in pure C.D. quality. As these shows are made for radio, one can hear pauses where the show lets the advertisers have a turn. Each of these breaks is preceded and follwed with an Oobu Joobu jingle. I have marked where the ad breaks occur.

The packaging is also very nice with a booklet containing excellent pictures and a full Yellow Cat catalogue.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Introduction/Oobu Joobu/Yesterday Paul's introduction and radio jingle, and mock Mel Blanc version 2:44
2 Matchbox Rehearsal 3:06
3 Blue Suede Shoes Rehearsal 2:10
4 Yesterday Rehearsal (mock version) 1:08
5 Oobu Joobu Jingle 0:19
Ad Break
6 Christmas Parade Unknown artist, Jamaica 3:42
7 Yesterday Boyz II Men (partial, with commentaries, includes comments by Chazz Palmiteri the co-star of Woody Allen's "Bullets Over Broadway", and Clarence Clemence) 3:05
8 Ballroom Dancing Filmtake, originally from "Tug Of War" 4:31
9 Ready Teddy/About Yesterday Little Richard 3:32
Ad Break
10 Rockestra Theme With commentary 2:56
11 Yesterday Taped by Duane Eddie 2:05
12 Cook Of The House Linda's recipe spot - Frozen vanilla mouse 1:25
13 Garlic American comedy sketch 1:20
14 Little Daisy Root Unreleased song 2:08
15 Comments on Beatles & Yesterday Comments by Christopher Reeve, Kevin Kline and John Carpenter 2:09
16 Yesterday Parody singing "Eddie Kline" 0:43
Ad Break
17 More comments on Beatles & Yesterday/Human Speech / Human League, includes comments by Meg Ryan, Human League and Ringo Starr 2:11
18 Your True Love Paul with Carl Perkins 2:06
19 Get It Paul with Carl Perkins 2:42
20 Paul & George Martin about Yesterday Speech 2:08
21 Yesterday Paul Live 1:53
22 Oobu Joobu Outro Jingle 0:18
23 Yesterday Parody in chirpy cockney style 1:09
Bonus Tracks :
24 Proud Mum From an acetate (An outtake from Nashville sessions 1974) 2:02
25 Tomorrow From an acetate, reggae instrumental version of the "Wild Life" track. 3:33

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