Complete Lost Lennon Tapes - Vol. 19 & 20

John Lennon
Complete LLT - Vol. 19 & 20 - CD cover Complete LLT - Vol. 19 & 20 - Selected picture
Complete Lost Lennon Tapes - Vol. 19 & 20
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Complete Lost Lennon Tapes - Vol. 19 & 20
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Label Walrus
Catalogue No. WALRUS 030/031
Country Of Origin   Holland
Release Date March 1998
Total Time C.D. 1 - 72:41
C.D. 2 - 73:33
(from the sleeve)
This double C.D. brings together all the tracks from the original vinyl bootlegs of the Lost Lennon Tapes, volumes 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35.
Superb Quality and carefully mastered.

All of the tracks remain in the exact order of the original vinyl releases.
Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Thirty-One - tracks 1 to 7 (continued from previous volume).

Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Thirty-two - tracks 8 to 19.

Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Thirty-three - tracks 20-23 of disc 1, then 1 to 10 of disc 2.

Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Thirty-four - tracks 11 to 18 of disc 2.

Lost Lennon Tapes - Volume Thirty-five - tracks 19-21 of disc 2 (continues on next volume).

The last track of disc 1 and the last two of disc two are "bonus" tracks.

For a complete cross reference index of the tracks featured on the Complete Lost Lennon Tapes
and the offical release Anthology click here John Lennon Outtakes Index.

Volume 19

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Tennessee Piano and drum machine home demo 1976 2:26
2 Sally And Billy Piano and drum machine home demo 1976
Same but slightly longer as that on CLLT 6.
3 She Is A Friend Of Dorothy's Final piano demo from 1977
(The title is an expression for a lesbian in New York)
4 The Boat Song Acoustic demo with a nautical theme 2:08
5 Pedro The Fisherman Another acoustic demo with a nautical theme 1:04
6 Many Rivers To Cross Guitar and drum machine instrumental, barely recognisable doodling 1:00
7 My Girl Guitar and drum machine instrumental contines from above, ends into My girl riff over which John does sing a line. 1:24
8 Unknown Instrumental 1979 Acoustic and drum machine demo 1:02
9 I'm Stepping Out Incomplete take from Double Fantasy sessions August 1980
At break John says, "Stop, stop, stop, somebody's talking"
This is taken from complete session tape 1 found on CLLT 21
10 Dear Yoko Studio discussion before and after another incomplete take as John breaks a string.
At start John says, "Without me and Hugh. Then me and Hugh will come in when we feel like"
At end John says, "Stop, I bust a string"
11 Woman Rehearsal Stage, studio talk includes talk of Expresso 4:28
12 Woman John recording his vocals 2:24
13 Woman Vocal booth vocals 1:46
14 Cleanup Time Rehearsal
At start John shouts, "Let's have some FUN !"
At the end is a brief discussion whether they did have fun.
15 Nobody Told Me Different take (earlier than that found on CLLT 7)
At end John says, "Stop it, if I'm going to do that I want to be louder"
16 Watching The Wheels Rehearsal take preceded by a brief parody of "I Am The Walrus"
At end John says, "We'd like to change the tempo now and do a little foxtrot for Mrs. Higgins of Durban, Australia"
Also listen to Volume 20 track 20 as that piece also includes the Walrus outtake as heard here ... but the pieces around it are different !?
17 Woman Instrumental - acoustic guitar overdub 2:26
18 Woman Great alternate take with interesting backing vocals.
This is the only version in this series that has the "Well, well" in the doo-doo's after the verses.
19 Borrowed Time Early take 4:21
20 I'm Losing You Alternate take, followed by some studio talk 4:15
21 Imagine Take 2 - Alternate vocals 2:57
22 How Do You Sleep ? Take 3 - Rehearsal breakdown take
At end John says, "No, no, you're emphasising there and you're putting everyone off. Start again."
23 J. J. Acoustic demo of a song that becomes "Angela".
St. Regis Hotel, September 1971
24 Medley:
    Rock Island Line
    Maybe Baby
    Peggy Sue
An acoustic medley.
From the raw footage for ABC-TV Channel 7's "Eyewitness News" with Geraldo Rivera, recorded 5th August 1972
25 All You Need Is Love "I'm ready to sing for the world if you just give me some backing"
Paul can be heard too in this snatch of dialogue prior to the Our World broadcast.

Volume 20

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 Out The Blue Rough mix 3:16
2 Old Dirt Road Alternate Take 4:52
3 Steel And Glass Alternate Take 4:15
4 Whatever Gets You Through The Night Rough mix without Elton John's backing vocal 3:30
5 Rock 'n' Roll Radio Spot Radio ad for the Rock 'n' Roll Album 1:00
6 Stand By Me Old Grey Whistle Test broadcast 18th April 1975 on BBC2
At end John says, "I'd like to hear a little more voice in the phones"
7 Serve Yourself Piano demo
At end John says, "The first time I ever saw her face, I fell flat on my arse"
8 Everybody Demo #1 - Piano and drum machine
Early "Nobody Told Me"
This is the same as the demo on CLLT 7, but longer.
9 Everybody/Nobody Told Me Demo #2 - Is demo #1 with Acoustic and vocal overdubs
John actually sings the "Nobody Told Me" chorus directly over the top of the demo above.
10 Nobody Told Me Demo #4 - Acoustic and drum machine
Same basic demo as on CLLT 15, but slightly different and longer (an overdub?)
At start John says, "This one's probably for Mr. Richard Starkey late of The Beatles. Doh. This one's gotta be for Ringo."
11 Falling In Love Again Acoustic outtake, sung in German 1:25
12 Cathy's Clown Piano demo 1:12
13 You Send Me Piano demo 2:12
14 Real Love Piano and tambourine double-tracked demo 4:20
15 My Life "Starting Over" - Piano demo (Take 2)
Takes 1 & 3 of the "My Life" piano demos are on CLLT 3.
16 My Life "Starting Over" - Acoustic demo 2:44
17 Dear Yoko Acoustic demo - Takes 2 (0:52) & Take 3 (4:15)
Same as on Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 20
At first breakdown John says (in posh voice), "Bugger your lugs you idiot. Acting like a bloody ar$ehole again"
18 I'm Stepping Out Demo 4 - Acoustic and drum machine
At start John says, "Take 1, overdubs, Stepping Out"
19 I Don't Wanna Face It Rough mix - Good heavy sound
At start John says, "eins, zwei, hickle"
20 Watching The Wheels Composing session tape, very raw, piano and drum with John's vocal way upfront.
This piece also includes the Walrus outtake as heard on CLLT 19 ... but the pieces around it are different !?
At start John says, "un, deux, schweinhund"
After 3 1/2 minutes he says, "Yeah, it's getting there, it's still a bit hard and you're a bit frantic. Just relax a little. We only wait when we get to the chorus"
Then they discuss Strawberry Fields.
With 1:47 left, the I am The Walrus piece appears ....
21 Beautiful Boy Demo 7 - Acoustic, John's vocal is way upfront.
He does the whispered Sean "Goodnight" at the end.
22 Jesus Apology Interview John's public apology for "More popular than Jesus" quote
Originally printed in The London Evening Standard on 4th March 1966, it was taken from an interview with John by his friend Maureen Cleave. John's actual quote: "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that. I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now. I don't know which will go first - rock'n'roll or Christianity. Jesus was alright but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me." His words upset no one in Great Britain but when they were reprinted in the US, Christian fundamentalists reacted with hate and outrage.
23 BBC Interview 30/03/64 BBC Radio - "From Us To You"
Alan Freeman mention's John's book as he is interviewing him.
Other Beatles can be heard.
(It would be a perfect introduction for "You Can't Do That", but is not used at that point.)


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