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Label Vigotone
Catalogue No. VT 182
Country of origin U.S.A.
Release date 1999
Total time 54:32
Comments: (From The Rear Sleeve)
Vigotone is proud to present the final Glyn Johns compilation of the legendary unissued Get Back LP. Uncirculated before now, and assembled just one day after the last official Beatles recording session in January 1970, this lineup features notable differences from the more common Spring 1969 compilation on As Nature Intended. Also included are two bonus, previously unheard versions of "Teddy Boy", and informative liner notes and relevant photos.

(My Comments)
As stated above this is the second attempt by Glyn to present an album the Beatles would be happy with.
It features the same basic line-up as Glyn's early 1969 version, but adds "I Me Mine" and "Across The Universe", and removes "Teddy Boy" (hence the bonus inclusion here). He also ignored the new overdubs done for "Let It Be" just the day before but instead chose the mix featuring the 30th April 1969 overdubs.
This second version met the same fate and was rejected by the band.

The booklet enclosed with this set is very informative, comprising 32 pages, detailing recording notes and the full life of the recordings for Get Back, the finished Let It Be album, and the bootlegs (vinyl and CD) by Vigotone which have traced the full evolvement.
The package is wonderfully produced, as you would expect, with all the recordings clearly reproduced.

The C.D.

GET BACK(Version Two): Final tape banding and compilation performed by Glyn Johns at
Olympic Studios, Studio One, 117 Church Road, Barnes, London SW13, on January 5th 1970.

Note: For explanation of "DDSI" numbers see DDSI - An explanation (The numbers below are from the 2007 edition)

No Tracklisting DDSI Numbers and Notes Time
1 One After 909 DDSI no. 30.8 +
DDSI no. 30.9 ("Oh Danny Boy")
The only track from the Get Back album which used a recording from the "Rooftop Concert"
2 Rocker DDSI no. 22.58
A rock 'n' roll jam instrumental, that Paul bestowed this title on after ploughing through a
number of tapes in order to catalogue the large number of unlabelled tape boxes.
3 Save The Last Dance For Me DDSI no. 22.59
This was left on the album to maintain the "fun atmosphere of the whole session".
4 Don't Let Me Down DDSI no. 22.80 3:46
5 Dig A Pony DDSI no. 23.70 4:04
6 I've Got A Feeling DDSI no. 22:71 2:54
7 Get Back DDSI no. 27.63 & 28.43 3:10
8 Let It Be DDSI no. 31.64 with April '69 guitar overdub 4:05
9 For You Blue DDSI no. 25.47 2:53
10 Two Of Us DDSI no. 24.69 3:24
11 Maggie Mae DDSI no. 24.49 0:42
12 Dig It DDSI no. 24.85 (edited part thereof) +
DDSI no. 24.85 ("That was Georgie Wood")
13 Long And Winding Road DDSI no. 26.91 3:39
14 I Me Mine Take 16, 3rd Jan. 1970 - "Are you ready, Ringo" 1:46
15 Across The Universe Take 7, 4th Feb. 1968 - "Y'alright Ritchie ?" 3:29
16 Get Back DDSI no. 28.43 - "Laughter" version - taken from the end of the film 0:45
Bonus Tracks :
17 Teddy Boy DDSI no. 24.33 - Glyn Johns Remix March 1969 5:45
18 Teddy Boy DDSI no. 24.33 - Phil Spector's Stereo Remix 1 4:27

From The Booklet :
"I cannot bring myself to listen to the Phil Spector version of the album -
  I heard a few bars of it once, and was totally disgusted, and think it's an absolute load of garbage."
Glyn Johns.

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