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Label VigOtone
Catalogue No. VIGO 138-145
Country Of Origin   U.S.A.
Release Date December 1995
Total Time C.D. 1 - 73:39
C.D. 2 - 70:48
C.D. 3 - 73:06
C.D. 4 - 70:59
C.D. 5 - 70:37
C.D. 6 - 71:23
C.D. 7 - 72:50
C.D. 8 - 72:15
(from the sleeve)


(The Twickenham Sessions)


From January 2nd to January 15th, 1969, The Beatles convened at Twickenham Studios in London for their first live performance in over two years. These rehearsals were extensively filmed and recorded, with nearly sixty hours of audio tape resulting. A mere twenty-three minutes were utilized in the film "Let It Be", and less than ten seconds appeared on the album of the same name.

Over the past twenty years, portions of the unused recordings have showed up with varying regularity. While showcasing some unique performances and candid dialog, these releases were most often haphazardly put together, with little regard to completeness or chronological order.
This set contains more than nine hours of Twickenham rehearsals (two of them previously unheard), presented in their original context and chronological order.

The booklet serves as a complete guide to all the available Twickenham performances and where they can be located. Everything is cross-referenced to the identification numbers assigned in the book "Drugs, Divorce and a Slipping Image" (which serves as the ultimate authority on all the "Get Back" sessions, Twickenham as well as Apple).


This set is a complement to Vigotone's 8CD set "The Get Back Journals". It seldom duplicates material found on that set, but has been designed to replace many of the "Get Back" session C.D.s out there, many of which are now out of print and hard to find. In compiling this set, we have tried to keep this in mind, and have omitted material which is widely and currently available elsewhere (for example, on Yellow Dog's "Ultimate Collection" set).
What this set isn't is definitive. All of the material logged in "Drugs, Divorce and a Slipping Image" is not available to us, and dozens of more hours exist beyond that. Nor have we included every second of material we do have - for example, in keeping this to an 8 CD set we had to trim dialogue here and there - we felt it was more important to include as much music as possible. Another thing this set isn't is "Apple". In other words, Journals only goes as far as the end of the Twickenham sessions on January 15th, 1969. The Apple sessions will have to wait until "Journals 3".

My Comments :
This lovely looking 11" boxset contains 4 double CDs in a white cardbox, all inside a heavy colour cardbox slipcase.
It includes a terrific quality 28 page big 9 and 1/2 inch square book with many colour and b/w pictures.
There is also an overview of the available material of the Twickenham sessions which includes a history of Get Back bootlegs.
The whole set is in a plastic bag with a sticker on the front which describes the set.

There are European copies around which have faulty discs, whereby certain tracks end early and may have a huge sections missing, they tick over the time but play blank. Unfortunately mine is one of these sets. BUT, in saying that, it is only 8 tracks out of 282, so to enjoy the rest of the set, and if one can't get an original, then one must put up with this fact. These are the tracks that are affected: Disc One - 25, 33, 35, 36, 37; Disc Two - 19; Disc Three - 15; Disc Five - 41.
The "fake" packaging is equal to the original and is very good quality with the box, the book and all it should have within.
To identify the genuine article from this copy go to The VigOtone site.

The Get Back Journals II - Eight Volume Set

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