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Label Unicorn
Catalogue No. UC S017/S018
Matrix No.'s C.D. 1 - 3207021
C.D. 2 - 3207022
Country Of Origin   England
Release Date 2002
Total Time C.D. 1 - 64.52
C.D. 2 - 65:21
Comments: Exactly what it says on the label, it is the complete recorded sound during the "Let It Be" sessions of January 1969 as recorded by Camera B. For a brief explanation of how these recordings were made, see The Box Set Main Page

This is Volume 9, all being from January 29th 1969.
At the end of volume 8 we heard the start of January 29th with just John and Ringo strumming together. Here on the first disc of this volume we hear that Paul has arrived and he is keen to identify exactly what is the purpose of the past month's work.
In a very long dialogue section we clearly hear Paul's views, and in general the apathy of the other three. This is great to hear with our own ears pseudo-live. Then once they confirm that they need to be sure what songs they have ready, they list them down and try to launch into each of them without practice, or re-takes. A couple of times Paul (ever the perfectionist) does try to re-run a part he is not happy with, but one can clearly hear John chiding Paul, reminding him that these are not takes.
These run-throughs are all half-hearted vocally, but clearly they DO know the songs, and as Paul says during his opening speech, they "are at their best when their backs are against the wall" and when push comes to shove they will be able to do the business ... and as we know with the benefit of hindsight ... they did.
It's all amazing stuff.

The timings I give for each recorded titled musical piece are for the actual musical content. If there are any discussions, tunings or comments that accompany the piece, they can be spotted by the start time given of the next titled entry.
(I hope you can follow that !)

The collection comes in a nice solid box, housing 12 double c.d.'s in picture sleeves, therefore a total of TWENTY-FOUR c.d.'s !

Note: For an explanation of "DDSI" numbers see DDSI - An explanation (The numbers listed here are the 2007 edition)

C.D. 17

No. Full Detail
(preceded by Start Time, ending with track timing)
Roll 1132b (No slate)
0:00 Singing The Blues (DDSI no. 29.2)
      A brief remnant of John and Ringo's strumming continued from previous reel.
      John, "Could I have a honey and lemon ?"
      John and Ringo continue tinkering, as John explains to him that
      you only need three chords for many basic oldies, he lists a few.
      John and Yoko then discuss the ways of describing notes and the
      sonic scale in English (Do-re-mi), Japanese and an Indian music.
6:19 Rule Britannia (DDSI no. 29.3)
      John sings a bit of the above.
      John's fingers are still sore and he discusses ways to soak them.
      He then talks about cameras, asks what the best motorised camera is,
      and asks whoever he is talking to to get him one.
      Various bluegrass and country style strummings are heard.
10:21 I Walk The Line (DDSI no. 29.4)
      "Slate 421" is called (first slate call of the day).
      Paul is then heard for the first time, discussing tomorrow's concert.
      During this very interesting exchange, Paul makes one saliant point that they agree,
      Paul, "We are best when our backs are against the wall."
Roll 1133b Slate 421
0:00 Dialogue
      This exchange is almost all Paul in a diatribe expressing his views on what he thought they were doing.
      Paul bemoans that all they are doing here is for an album, not a visual thing.
      John, "Albums is what we do."
      Paul gets quite vociferous about what they are doing and what they should be doing.
      A very interesting conversation.

      At 11:36 in on this track, "Morning George".   George completes the four.

      They discuss how many songs they've actually got available to do now.
      Paul, "The only people who need to agree on what it is we are doing is the four of us,
                and we are the only ones who have never talked about it."
                "We had the meeting before all this and said this is
                 for a T.V. show ... but it's an album."
                "It's a film of us making an album."

Roll 1134b Slate 421
0:00 Dialogue
      Continued from above, but by now they are all talking at once.
      "Slate 425"
      At 4:35 Paul says;
      "All I want to do now, they've got the film, I just want to get out."
      And in a very telling statement, Paul makes this statement;
      "I really feel like I am trying to produce The Beatles and I know it's hopeless.
       I just can't do it. No one can do it. Four individuals that are too strong individually."

      They then talk through what songs they've got on the list.
      Paul counts them up and reckons that there are 13 they can do,
      "I've Got A Feeling, Don't Let Me Down, Get Back, Long and Winding Road,
       Let It Be, Because You're Sweet and Lovely, Two Of Us, All I Want Is You,
       Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Bathroom Window, Teddy Boy, One After 909,
       and All Things Must Pass."

      11 minutes into this track, they then argue about the roof, seemingly against it,
      and then Ringo says, "I want to do the roof".
      A bit of further discussion and tuning and then they go through the numbers ...
15:45 Dig A Pony (DDSI no. 29.7)
      John counts in, the opening refrain starts then the tape runs out.
Roll 1135b Slate 425
0:00 Dig A Pony (DDSI no. 29.7 contd.)
      Continued from previous reel, quietish vocal from John.
      At end Paul then repeats one bit over and over as though he wants to rehearse it.
      John, with a sigh, "You see, now you're adding a little more paint."
      Paul, accepting his criticism, "It's alright, yeah, that's good that one."
      John, "OK, tick it."
      Paul, "I love that one"
      John, "Thank you, I enjoy it too ... sometimes."
4:14 I Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 29.8)
      Paul, "Great ... it's nice doing them quiet like this."
9:06 Don't Let Me Down (DDSI no. 29.9)
      On this one Paul does get his way, stops the performance and rehearses a line.
      44 seconds in to it, Paul halts proceedings and says,
      "I tell you what, just stop it there, I'd just like to get the whole of that line in harmony."
      They go over the line, "And if somebody loved me like she does" until it's spot on.
      At the organ break Paul says, "Go Bill" ... but Billy isn't there.
      After the song they start to decide what to do next ....
      John, "Do all the electric ones first, save all that swapping about."
      Paul, "Get Back"

C.D. 18

No. Full Detail
(preceded by Start Time, ending with track timing)
Roll 1136b Slate 425 contd.
0:00 Get Back (DDSI no. 29.10)
      Already started during change of reels.
3:27 One After 909 (DDSI no. 29.11)
      A false start, followed by a terrible start but second time they keep going.
      It doesn't get any better though.
      Glyn, "It's nice without keyboard."
      Paul, "Yeah, what Bill was doing yesterday didn't really do much."
      George, "It was his first time."
      Glyn, "Yes, but it's nice to do a number without piano."
8:27 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (DDSI no. 29.12/13/14)
      A false start but then they get through it.
      After the run through they do practice a bit of it.
      Then Paul calls for an acoustic and plays some more of it to the end of the reel.
Roll 1136b Slate 425
0:00 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (DDSI no. 29.14 contd.)
      Continuation of Paul's acoustic practice.
1:12 Two Of Us (DDSI no. 29.15)
      Out of some tuning they go into a weak attempt,
      although it does include some excellent drumming from Ringo and
      the whistling ending which goes into "Scots Porage Oats".
      John, "OK, let's do 'Also' now."
4:58 Also (DDSI no. 29.16)
      A song called "Also", with not many other words ... made up on the spot ?
      At end John says, "OK, next song on the vagina."
8:02 Let It Be (DDSI no. 29.17)
      Very casual run through, even Paul forgets many words.
12:56 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 29.18)
      First attempt at run through, which breaks down.
      Paul, "We never did rehearse these."    (is he kidding ?)
      John, "Oh come on, we did them for two days !!"
13:54 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 29.18 contd.)
      Awful version, to end of reel.
Roll 1138b Slate 427
0:00 Dialogue
      Talking about "Long And Winding Road".
1:12 The Long And Winding Road (DDSI no. 29.19)
      Subdued version, but nice.
      John, "It's alright you know, just like that"
      Paul, "Just like that, yeah."
      John, "Between you two, you are doing all the bits that's needed"
      Paul, "So what else is on the list then, we've done nearly all of them ?"
      John, "Actually, what about 'For You Blue' ?"
      Paul, "Yeah, oh yeah, that's it, let's do that."
      "Slate 429"
6:16 Tuning and Preparation (DDSI no. 29.20/21)
      A lot of tuning and preparation such as mikes being moved and
      John getting ready on slide for "For You Blue" to end of reel.
Roll 1139b Slate 429
0:00 For You Blue (DDSI no. 29.22)
      A laid-back run through, George's vocal is quite feint.
      George, "That's an easy one."
      John, "Next one."
      Various doodlings, including a mention of "Something". (DDSI no. 29.23)
      Billy Preston is present here as he is spoken to.
6:06 All Things Must Pass (DDSI no. 29.24)
      Half-hearted effort
7:32 All Things Must Pass (DDSI no. 29.25)
      Feeble run through, with breaks .. but, it does pick up during it's course.
11:02 All Things Must Pass (DDSI no. 29.26)
      Instrumentally better, but George's vocal is still distant.
14:34 All Things Must Pass (DDSI no. 29.27)
      Another similar run through to end of reel.
      "Slate 431"

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