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Label Unicorn
Catalogue No. UC S013/S014
Matrix No.'s C.D. 1 - 3207017
C.D. 2 - 3207018
Country Of Origin   England
Release Date 2002
Total Time C.D. 1 - 65:20
C.D. 2 - 65:00
Comments: Exactly what it says on the label, it is the complete recorded sound during the "Let It Be" sessions of January 1969 as recorded by Camera B. For a brief explanation of how these recordings were made, see The Box Set Main Page

This is Volume 7 all being from January 28th 1969.
Mostly the first disc in this volume (Disc 13) is not a good one from the box set, being fairly mundane, but it does have a couple of real highlights.
The first is that Paul has to go to a meeting and John takes over the "I've Got A Feeling" lead.
This is quite a revealing segment, the practice clearly suffers as they each add their own interpretation and one can sense that the shackles are off and while Paul is away the strict rigidity of the song as he wants it, disappears.
Secondly, right at the end of track 4 John enthuses about Allen Klein vociferously and at length.

The timings I give for each recorded titled musical piece are for the actual musical content. If there are any discussions, tunings or comments that accompany the piece, they can be spotted by the start time given of the next titled entry.
(I hope you can follow that !)

The collection comes in a nice solid box, housing 12 double c.d.'s in picture sleeves, therefore a total of TWENTY-FOUR c.d.'s !

Note: For an explanation of "DDSI" numbers see DDSI - An explanation (The numbers listed here are the 2007 edition)

C.D. 13

No. Full Detail
(preceded by Start Time, ending with track timing)
Roll 1116b Slate 401 contd.
0:00 Tuning/Dialogue
      General tuning noises, and at one time Paul welcomes "Ken" (Ken Mansfield)
      After five minutes of general hubbub, Paul says,
      "Right, I've Got A Feeling, and if anyone makes a mistake, just stop."
6:39 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 28.5)
      Lightly sung, and a lot of errors, clearly this is mainly a runthru for the instrumentation.
      George's descendant slide is spot on.
      There is some amusing interplay between John and Paul.
10:23 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 28.6)
      Practice only, in particular one phrase over and over and ...
Roll 1117b Slate 401
0:00 I've Got A feeling (DDSI no. 28.6 contd.)
      Practice continues from above.
9:49 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 28.7)
      "Do a verse then" ... so, they do.
11:46 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 28.8)
      More practice to the end.
      Paul, "1:30, it's that meeting." (with Ken Mansfield - from Apple U.S.)
            "Can you sing this song, I've got to go to a meeting".
      The remainder of this disc is without Paul.
Roll 1118b Slate 401
0:00 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 28.9/10/11/12/13/14/15)
      John is on lead vocal for all this reel.
      First run through breaks down after 1:46,
      after that there are numerous break downs.
15:05 The Inner Light (DDSI no. 28.16)
      John plays a note that clearly reminds him of an
      Indian musical sound as he briefly goes into The Inner Light.
15:34 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 28.17)
      More practice to end of reel.
Roll 1119b Slate 402
0:00 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 28.17 contd.)
      Continued from previous reel.
      Paul still at meeting, John still on lead vocal.
      at end, John, "I'm not sure about that synchopation bit, we'll just leave that to Paul."
2:52 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 28.19)
      Practice and tuning.
9:32 Can You Dig It (DDSI no. 28.20)
      John sidetracks to this piece.
10:53 Dialogue (Very Interesting - and sadly prophetic)
      John, "Do you want to carry on with this ?"
      George, "What time is it ?"
      John, "Paul will call us when he's ready."
      Then John talks about Allen Klein at length, and really enthuses about him,
      "Incredible Guy ...".
      John also says that the Stones get much better royalties,
      "How ever much we sell, they cop more..."
      Then talks about the music business raising money through music for Biafra,
      "Presley wouldn't do it, Dylan wouldn't ...."

C.D. 14

No. Full Detail
(preceded by Start Time, ending with track timing)
Roll 1120b Slate 402 contd.
0:00 Dialogue
      Continued from previous reel, John still talking about Biafra-Aid.
      Then getting back to the music, John says,
      "Do you want to do this one more time, cos I'd like
       to learn 'On The Road To Marakesh' or 'Mr. Mustard'."
1:04 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 28.21)
      John really not doing it properly, it breaks down and pauses 0:50 in.
      "Slate 404"
      Song cuts off abrubtly (tape paused) ... after this point Paul has returned.
4:58 Dig A Pony (DDSI no. 28.25)
      An average pass, which has already begun as the tape is re-started.
7:17 Dig A Pony (DDSI no. 28.26)
      Practice, during which Paul does a version made up of breathing noises.
11:27 Dig A Pony (DDSI no. 28.27)
      A passable effort with just a slight pause before final refrain.
      Glyn obviously likes it as he says, "Let's go for one."
      Paul, "Why not."
      John, "Why not."
      Paul, "Just take it easy on those top bits."
Roll 1121b Slate 403
0:00 Dig A Pony (DDSI no. 28.29)
      Excellent take ... until John loses concentration.
      John, "I was thinking, sorry".
3:01 Dig A Pony (DDSI no. 28.30)
      Another quite good take, but by no means perfect.
9:22 Dig A Pony (DDSI no. 28.31/32/33/34)
      Four break downs starting at 9:22, 10:11, 12:50 and 15:37.
      The third has feedback, and the fourth has miking problems.
      "Slate 406" is heard during this segment.
Roll 1122b Slate 406
0:00 Dig A Pony (DDSI no. 28.37)
      Performance already begun before this reel was started.
      A reasonable take, except the start is missing.
      At the end, in a high voice, John sings,
      "I think the other one was much better, let's do Get Back."
3:39 Get Back (DDSI no. 28.38)
      Clearly the lads are familiar with Get Back now as this
      is a very interesting nice live take with extended ending.
      George, "We already have a good take of this yesterday."
      John. "Yeah, but say we get a re-e-ally good one."
      George, "Yeah, but say we get a really good one of Love Me Do."
10:10 Love Me Do (DDSI no. 28.40)
      After this nostalgic piece, Paul offers them to do,
      "Two Of Us, or Long and Winding Road or Let It Be".
12:39 Come On Get It Together
      Paul sings this line a few times to John.
13:17 Get Back (DDSI no. 28.43)
      Another interesting take, but unfortunately the reel runs out.
Roll 1123b Slate 406
0:00 Get Back (DDSI no. 28.43 contd.)
      Back-end of previous take.
      At end John breaks into this song:
      "Shoot me when I'm evil,
       Shoot me when I'm good,
       Shoot me when I'm hungry .... ",
then says,
      "Oh we're going for something are we ?"
      Glyn, "That was it."
And it was. The coda from this take was edited onto the end of 27.63 to create the single.
3:16 Don't Let Me Down (DDSI no. 28.45)
      Again, a very decent take from which the single version was created (with overdubs).
This is the same as the one released on the b-side of the Get Back single.
6:51 I've Got A Feeling (DDSI no. 28.46)
      Excellent, with powerful vocal from Paul.
      "Slate 407".
14:03 Don't Let Me Down
      Some off notes on bass, but the tape runs out anyway.

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