Beware of ABKCO !

George Harrison
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Beware of ABKCO - Front Cover Beware of ABKCO - Back Cover

Label  Strawberry
Catalogue No. STR 001
Release date 1998
Total time 52:12
Comments: Demo's and outtakes for "All Things Must Pass".

There are significant pauses between the tracks, so the timings are
the full CD track, as sometimes there is faint chat to be heard, and
with the odd strummings, it's not always clear where the song starts/ends.

George is demo'ing the songs to Phil Spector and you can clearly hear George mention his name as they discuss the tracks.

The "Beware" bootleg is from the demo sessions George had with Phil so that they could chose songs and prepare for the recording of the "All Things Must Pass" album.
What is good to hear on this c.d. is that it gives us a glimpse of the songs in their raw state, plus several of these demos were left out of the later studio sessions for "All Things" and never made it onto an official release.

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Run Of The Mill Acoustic version - Take 1 02:10
2 Art Of Dying Acoustic version - Take 1 03:30
3 Everybody, Nobody Acoustic version 04:03
4 Wah-Wah On Electric Guitar 04:44
5 Window, Window Acoustic version
George says, "It's a bit silly"
6 Beautiful Girl Acoustic version 03:50
7 Beware Of Darkness Acoustic version 03:59
8 Let It Down Acoustic version 04:16
9 Tell Me What Happened To You Acoustic version 03:18
10 Hear Me Lord On Electric Guitar 05:17
11 Nowhere To Go On Electric Guitar 03:08
12 Cosmic Empire Acoustic version
"This is just full of chorus voices ... and stuff"
13 Mother Divine Acoustic version 03:04
14 I Don't Wanna Do It Acoustic version 02:25
15 If Not For You Acoustic version 01:52

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