The Concert For Bangla Desh

George Harrison
Concert For Bangla Desh - Front cover Concert For Bangla Desh - Rear Cover
Concert For Bangla Desh - Front Cover Concert For Bangla Desh - Rear Cover
Label Apple
Catalogue No. STCX 3385
Release date 7th January 1972
Total time
U.K. Album Chart Detail :
Entry Date :22nd January 1972
Highest Position :1 ... from 29th January 1972 for 1 week.
Weeks in Chart :13
Detail : George Harrison's fourth solo album release, second triple boxed set, and ONLY number one album.

Recorded live at Madison Square Garden, New York on 1st August 1971 where there was an afternoon and evening show. The concerts were recorded using 44 microphones and a 16-track mobile recording facility from The Record Plant, manned by Phil Spector. The finished tapes were edited and mixed by Phil, with the final production being credited to George and Phil.

With millions starving in his home country, Ravi Shankar asked George to assist him in organising a relief concert to raise funds for UNICEF. In very short time, George had got together the "Greatest rock spectacle of the decade" (to quote NME of the edition after the concert) including Ringo, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Leon Russell, and Bob Dylan !
George had invited John, Paul and Ringo. Paul declined, saying that the time wasn't right for a Beatles reunion, Ringo accepted as did John, at first, until he realised the invitation to perform did not extend to Yoko !

The concerts watched by 20,000 attendees immediately raised $243,418:50, and a cheque was sent by Madison Square Garden Center Inc. to UNICEF on 12th August 1971. The merchandising post-concert, the film and the album, potentially raised a further 15 million dollars, but legal problems with some record companies, and the U.S. tax system tied the money up for years, and only a very small amount ever found it's way to Bangle Desh. In fact, George had to write a personal cheque to the Inland Revenue for One Million pounds to satisfy constant tax claims by the British government, who decided that this non-profit, goodwill production should be taxed as a standard commerical release.

On 5th June 1972, George and Ravi were rewarded for there efforts from UNICEF with an award entitled, "The Child Is The Father Of Man".

The three albums are housed in a dark orange coloured box, designed by Barry Feinstein and Tom Wilkes of Camouflage Productions. Photography is by Barry Feinstein, Tom Wilkes and Alan Pariser. Also included is a 64 page booklet, in full-colour it includes photographs taken at the concert.

The whole package cost 5:49 in the shops, which George thought at the time was too expensive.

Side 1

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Introductions by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar
Bangla Duhn Shankar A long raga featuring :
Ravi Shankar - Sitar
Ali Akbar Khan - Sarod
Alla Rakha - Tabla
Kamala Chakravarty - Tamboura

Side 2

Features the "Bangla Desh Band".

George - Guitar
Ringo - Drums
Eric Clapton - Guitar
Jesse Ed Davis - Guitar
Pete Ham - Acoustic guitar
Tom Evans - Acoustic guitar
Joey Molland - Acoustic guitar
Mike Gibbons - Percussion
Billy Preston - Organ
Leon Russell - Piano
Klaus Voorman - Bass guitar
Carl Radle - Bass guitar
Jim Keltner - Drums
Brass section - Jim Horn, Chuck Findley, Ollie Mitchell
Backing Vocals - Alan Beutler, Marlin Greene, Jeanie Greene, Jo Green, Dolores Hall, Jackie Kelso, Claudia Lennear, Lou McCreary, Don Nix, Don Preston.

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Wah-Wah Harrison Lead vocal - George. 3:19
My Sweet Lord Harrison Lead vocal - George. 4:19
Awaiting On You All Harrison Lead vocal - George. 2:36
That's The Way God Planned It Preston Lead vocal - Billy Preston. 4:06

Side 3

Track Composer Recording Information Time
It Don't Come Easy Starr Lead vocal - Ringo. 2:38
Beware Of Darkness Harrison Lead vocal - George, Leon Russell taking over for one verse. 3:26
Introduction of the band by George
While My Guitar Gently Weeps Harrison Lead vocal - George. 4:38

Side 4

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Jumping Jack Flash Jagger-Richard Lead vocal - Leon Russell. 9:08
Youngblood Leiber-Stoller-Pomus Lead vocal - Leon and Don Preston.
Here Comes The Sun Harrison Lead vocal - George. 2:50

Side 5

For all of this side, the main band take a break,
As Bob Dylan takes the stage with three supporting musicians :

Bob Dylan - Acoustic guitar, harmonica
George - Guitar
Ringo - Tambourine
Leon Russell - Bass

Track Composer Recording Information Time
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall Dylan Lead vocal - Dylan 5:14
It Takes A Lot To Laugh/
It Takes A Train To Cry
Dylan Lead vocal - Dylan 2:53
Blowin' In The Wind Dylan Lead vocal - Dylan 3:34
Mr. Tambourine Man Dylan Lead vocal - Dylan 4:10
Just Like A Woman Dylan Lead vocal - Dylan, with George and Leon 4:35

Side 6

The full band return ...

Plus :
Jim Horn - Saxophone on "Bangla Desh"

Track Composer Recording Information Time
Something Harrison Lead vocal - George 3:03
Bangla Desh Harrison Lead vocal - George 4:26

Released Versions

First pressings (1972)
    STCX 3385 - with booklet is worth about 20.


19th August 1991 a double C.D. was first issued on Epic with catalogue number 468835-2 with no bonus tracks.

28th January 2002 a new remastered C.D. edition is promoted.
With no bonus tracks, and with the same catalogue number as the 1991 release.

But this was put on hold until 2005.

Concert For Bangla Desh - Front cover Concert For Bangla Desh - Rear Cover
Concert For Bangla Desh - C.D. Front Cover Concert For Bangla Desh - C.D. Rear Of Booklet

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