The Beatles Play (With) Dylan - Vol. 3

The Beatles
The Beatles Play (With) Dylan - Vol. 3 - CD cover
The Beatles Play (With) Dylan - Vol. 3 - Front Cover
Label Columbus
Catalogue No. STATB 14
Country Of Origin   ?
Release Date 2004
Total Time 79:35
Rear Cover Headings:

The Beatles and Bob Dylan - Vol. 3

Third Long And Winding Ride On Highway 61

Volume Three: The Seventies Part 2 (1970/71)

The C.D.

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1 John's Intro John compares Dylans latest songs to McCartney's
Sequed snippets of Let It Be and Let It Be Me.
Bob plays with George on his New Morning album 10/70
2 Went To See The Gypsy   2:48
George sings Dylan and about Dylan without Dylan
on his All Things Must Pass album 11/70
3 I'd Have You Anytime 1988 U.S. c.d. mix 2:53
4 Behind That Locked Door 1988 U.S. c.d. mix 3:03
John on Dylan's New Morning album 11/70 - The Ballad of John and Bob Part 2.
5 "It doesn't mean a thing" Interview with John ("I expect more") 1:09
George sings Dylan with Phil Spector - probably 11/71
6 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Singalong 1:06
John on meeting Dylan and his music 11/70
7 "Always too paranoid/The Sound Counts" Interview John 1:55
Dylan on meeting John, Instant Karma, and Working Class Hero - 1992
8 "He never gave me that impression" Interview with Bob 0:28
9 "Very sharp"/"An amazing sense of melody" Interview with Bob 1:26
John plays like Dylan on his Plastic Ono Band album - 12/1970
10 Working Class Hero Censored version (the rude words literally chopped out !) 3:50
11 "Working Class Hero sounds like early Dylan" Interview with John 0:55
John quotes Zimmerman on his Plastic Ono Band album - 12/1970
12 God Official version (2000 c.d. remaster) 4:09
13 "Dylan is bullshit" Interview with John on God 1:09
Bob on his favourite Lennon song 1992
14 "Don't ask me why, it's Mother" Interview with Bob 0:42
Bob with George and Ringo at the Concert For Bangla Desh 1st August 1971
The Ballad Of George And Bob Part 3.
15 If Not For You Rehearsal and Interview with George 0:41
Phil Spector introduces unreleased Dylan tracks from the afternoon show (From the radio 1972)
16 "Just Absolute Dylan" Interview with Phil Spector 0:22
17 Love Minus Zero/No Limit Dylan 4:20
18 "Just Absolute Dylan" Interview with Phil Spector 0:21
19 A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall Dylan 5:31
20 "Just Absolute Dylan" Interview with Phil Spector 0:40
George on Bob's personality and music - 1971
21 "It was touch and go" Interview with George 2:09
22 "He's a happy person" Interview with George 1:15
Released Dylan tracks from the evening show (Apple acetate 12/1971)
23 A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall Dylan 6:23
24 It Takes A Lot To Laugh Dylan 3:11
25 Blowing In The Wind Dylan 4:41
26 Mr. Tambourine Man Dylan 4:59
27 Just Like A Woman Dylan 5:03
George on Dylan's participation - 1997
28 "How did you manage to get Bob Dylan" Interview with George 2:03
John plays like Dylan on his Imagine album 10/1971 - The Lennon/McCartney feud inspired by Like A Rolling Stone
The Ballad Of John And Bob Part Three.
29 "Like Dylan Does"/How Do You Sleep Interview with John 1980 + Excerpts of "How" 2:06
John's birthday party tape with Yoko, Ringo, Phil Spector, Allen Ginsberg and Nilsson - 9/1971
30 Like A Rolling Stone Singalong 1:00
Bob writes a song with Allen Ginsberg at John's request/Unreleased Apple album track - 11/71
31 Going To San Diego Ginsberg/Dylan 4:12
32 George's Outro/Take Me As I Am   0:09
The Beatles sing more Dylan during the Get Back Sessions - January 1969
John quotes "Rolling Stone" with The Beatles - 1969
33 "Like A Rolling Stone" (Excerpt from Dig It)
Like A Rolling Stone - Dylan
Cry Outro by Heather, John and Bob
Sequed snippets all from Get Back sessions. 3:15

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