The Beatles Play (With) Dylan - Vol. 2

The Beatles
The Beatles Play (With) Dylan - Vol. 2 - CD cover
The Beatles Play (With) Dylan - Vol. 2 - Front Cover
Label Columbus
Catalogue No. STATB 13
Country Of Origin   ?
Release Date 2004
Total Time 79:43
Rear Cover Headings:

The Beatles and Bob Dylan - Vol. 2

Second Long And Winding Ride On Highway 61

Volume Two: The Seventies Part 1 (1970)

"If Not For You Blue"

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Comments Time
1 John's Intro "All new mornings must pass"
Then seque of Beatles and Dylan records with the word "morning".
George plays with Dylan
Dylan/Harrison - New Morning Sessions May 1970
The Ballad Of George And Bob Part 2
2 Ghost Riders In The Sky George playing and jamming with Bob Dylan on his "New Morning" album rehearsals on 1st May 1970 and the morning of the 2nd.

George on Electric Guitar, Charlie E, Daniels on Bass, Russ Kunkel on drums and Bob Johnston on piano who also serves as producer.
(George is not logged on the CBS studio recording contracts so as not to upset Apple)

The missing tracks that have yet to see the light of day are "Sign On The Window", "Time Passes Slowly", and "It Ain't Me Babe".
Reports about this session appeared in many music papers around the world at the time and an album consisting of that material was announced by the press.

Six months later the next Harrison album "All Things Must Pass" did not feature a single Dylan appearance, but one track (track 22 below) from these sessions was released as late as 1991 on Dylan's "The Bootleg Series".
The second half of the session tape exists as a Columbia acetate.

This is the best available quality release thus far and a real highlight has to be Dylan's rendition of Paul's "Yesterday".
"Put some cellos on".

3 Cupid 3:45
4 All I Have To Do Is Dream 2:44
5 Gates Of Eden 4:19
6 I Threw It All Away 2:31
7 I Don't Believe You 3:14
8 Matchbox 3:35
9 Your True Love 1:36
10 Telephone Line (Fishin' Blues) 2:22
11 Honey Allow Me One More Chance 2:04
12 Rainy Day Women Nos 12 & 35 1:30
13 Song To Woody 4:39
14 Mama, You' Been On My Mind 2:55
15 Don't Think Twice/It's All Right/Corrina, Corrina 1:45
16 Yesterday 3:15
17 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 3:59
18 Da Do Ron Ron 3:06
19 One Too Many Mornings #1 2:16
20 One Too Many Mornings #2 3:44
21 Working On A Guru 3:38
Released track from the sessions of May 1970
The evolution of "If Not For You"
The one and only Dylan/Harrison version ...
22 If Not For You From the session above. 3:32
George's All Things Must Pass demo tape 1970
23 If Not For You Acoustic demo from a tape made for Phil Spector early 1970. 1:50
George's version without Bob from his All Things Must Pass album 11/70
24 If Not For You U.S. 1988 c.d. mix 3:28
Bob's version without George from his New Morning album 10/70
25 If Not For You Dylan 2:40
Bonus track (Final perfection ?) - The hit single version of 1971
Pye 7N25543 - Enters the U.K. chart 20th March 1971. It reached number 7.
26 If Not For You Olivia Newton-John 2:53
27 George's Outro "I like Bob Dylan's better." 0:03
George's All Things Must Pass sessions 1970
28 Mama, You Been On My Mind George remembers some Dylan chords whilst rehearsing "Apple Scruffs". 0:48
The Beatles sing more Dylan during the Get Back sessions January 1969
29 Rainy Day Women Nos 12 & 35 27.15 1:03
30 Yodel Outro Bob and George in sequed snippets.
At end John says, "I expect more from people."

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