Quelque Chose De Nouveau

The Beatles

Quelque Chose De Nouveau - Box Cover Quelque Chose De Nouveau - Box Back
Quelque Chose De Nouveau - Box Front Cover Quelque Chose De Nouveau - Box Back Cover
Quelque Chose De Nouveau - Booklet Cover
Quelque Chose De Nouveau - Booklet Front Cover
Label Blackhead Walrus
Catalogue No. STATB 05-09
Country Of Origin   Guadaloupe
Release date 2003
Total time C.D. 1 - 79:02
C.D. 2 - 78:24
C.D. 3 - 76:17
C.D. 4 - 79:48
C.D. 5 - 78:43
.... over six and a half hours of Beatles music !
(from the sleeve)
No BBC Live Tracks
No Anthology Tracks.

My Comments :
A super C.D. boxset from the "Stamp Out The Beatles" people, containing five excellent C.D.'s.

Each C.D. collects together a lot of fine outtakes from the appropriate era, including studio alternate takes, BBC sessions, live performances and even some songs of the period as briefly appeared in The Let It Be sessions.
It also pulls together some of the official stereo or mono mixes that were less common

The box also contains a 16-page full colour booklet and a large fold-out colour poster (22" x 14.5").

It has little humour touches within the packaging, such as Produced by George Martinique (sic) .... the others you'll have to appreciate for yourself.

Yes, I know we already have these pieces, but, nicely presented and nicely collected together makes it worth having them again.

The C.D.'s are :

                The Alternate Please Please Me

                The Alternate With The Beatles

                The Alternate A Hard Day's Night

                The Alternate Beatles For Sale

                The Alternate Help !

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