Tea For Two

John, Paul, George and Ringo - Separately With Friends
Tea For Two - CD cover Tea For Two - CD back
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Tea For Two - Inside cover Tea For Two - The C.D.
Tea For Two - Inside Cover Tea For Two - The C.D.
Label Banana
Catalogue No. STATB 01
Country of origin England
Release date 1863
Total time 76:23
Comments: Not essential, but a very nice to have collection of duet recordings by John, Paul, George and Ringo with a variety of friends from 1970 onwards.
All songs have been officially released except track 17, which is live.

Another nice touch from the bootleggers, is an "interesting" sleeve, with a tinge of humour. The main logo says "Stamp Out The Beatles", and elsewhere there are references to "piggies", "rutles" and ... well, you buy it, and enjoy the subtleties of the sleeve for yourself !

... and yes, the sleeve does date this recording as being 1863 !

The C.D.

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Act Naturally Ringo    with Buck Owens
              Recorded on 27th March 1989 at Abbey Road.
              Released on Buck's album "Act Naturally" 19/2/90
2 Ferry Across The Mersey Paul      with Gerry Marsden, The Cristians, Holly Johnson, and Stock/Aitken/Waterman
              Charity single, No. 1 for 3 weeks from 20th May 1989 "Hillsborough Aid"
3 "Good Old Clapper" George talking about his close friend Eric Clapton ...
              Interviewer asks, "How did you meet him ?" ...
              "We share the same wife" replies George.
4 Run So Far George with Eric Clapton
              From Eric's album, "Journeyman" released 8/11/89
5 Mildred, Mildred John      with Yoko Ono 03:38
6 My Little Grass Shack Ringo    with Leon Redbone
              Fron Leon's album, "Whistling In The Wind", April 1994
7 New Moon Over Jamaica Paul      with Johnny Cash
              From Johnny's album, "Water From The Wells Of Home", recorded May 1988
8 Distance Makes No Difference With Love George with Carl Perkins
              From Carl's album, "Go Cat Go" released 15/10/96
9 I Saw Her Standing There John      with Elton John and his band
              Live at Madison Square Garden, 28th November 1974
10 Band Of Steel Ringo    with Guthrie Thomas
              From Guthrie's album, "Lies And Alibies" 3/5/76
11 The Girl Is Mine Paul      with Michael Jackson
              Released 29/10/82, see The Girl Is Mine
12 Something Really Important, Theme George with Duane Eddy
              Recorded February 1987
              Released on Duane's album, "His Twangy Guitar And The Rebels" 12/10/87
13 Memphis Tennessee John      with Chuck Berry on the "Mike Douglas" show - 16/2/72.
              John introduces Chuck, then plays with him.
14 Honey Don't Ringo    with Carl Perkins
              From Carl's album, "Go Cat Go" released 15/10/96
15 "On Stevie Wonder" Paul      talking about Stevie Wonder 00:46
16 Ebony And Ivory Paul      with Stevie Wonder live (awful quality !)
              Recorded live 27/11/89 at The Los Angeles Forum
17 Ride Rajbun George with son Dhanni, and Ravi Shankar
              From the cartoon movie, "The Bunburry Tails" 1993
18 Give Peace A Chance John      with Stevie Wonder, Melanie, Elephants Memory and Yoko.
              From the One-to-one concert 30/8/72
Bonus Tracks :
19 Time Will Teach Us All Julian Lennon with Stevie Wonder
              From Dave Clark's musical "Time" 1986
20 Give Peace A Chance Sean Lennon, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty, Yoko and many others 03:23

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