Je Suis Le Plus Mieux - The Last Reunion

The Beatles
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Label  Jazz Series
Catalogue No. SD 6757
Country of origin  
Release date 1973
Total time
Comments: 12" 45rpm Single

Side 1

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Boogaloo At Thirty-Two Version 1 03:46


Side 2

No Tracklisting Notes Time
1 Boogaloo At Thirty-Two Version 2 03:54

Comments (from Sleeve)
This session took place in 1973, some twelve years and nine thousand miles south west of the Reeperbahn.
The old friends ... their creative juices flowing ... smiled as they worked out the fine points for a new tune to
be sung by the world's most lovable drummer.  On bass: the German born artist that had first met the
original group in Hamburg more than a decade before.  On keyboards: another friend from the Hamburg days,
master of "the most exciting organ ever."  And, of course, three-quarters of "the world's most popular foursome."
Eventually, the song they were recording turned up as the infectious opening track for one of their most popular
post break-up solo albums.  But, before everything fell into place, there were the necessary rehearsals ..
with Dr. Winston O'Boogie himself at the piano doing the lead vocals.  From the first notes, everyone could
see that there was magic in the air again, just like in the old days.
Now, from these sessions, here at long last is the song done by the man who wrote it.
Truly, the greatest ...

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